About CamLETS

Cambridge (UK) has had a thriving LETS since 1993. CamLETS enables members to exchange skills by means of a sophisticated barter system. You get things done for yourself by doing things for other people. We welcome members from all over the Cambridgeshire area and all kinds of skills are both valued and needed. Trading events that are open to prospective members are normally held the first Sunday of each month. Occasionally there are larger trading events that are open to the public. Click on the links below for further information.

LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading System. It is a way a community can trade skills, services or goods without needing or using real money. It's a bit like a barter system, but you don't have to do a direct swap - instead you use a local Complementary Currency. We trade using a currency called CAMS.

Why have a Local, Complementary Currency?
* Enhance Your Prosperity
* Build a Sustainable Community
* Utilise Your Talents
* Nurture the Unique Quality of Your Neighbourhood
* Have Fun

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