Links to related organisations

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LETS Groups: There are hundreds of independent LETS, timebanks and mutual trading schemes. These work similarly to CamLETS, namely through alternative currencies to the pound and allow individuals, groups and small businesses to exchange goods and services within their local community without the need for money. More information and listings of some local schemes from LETSLINK UK or Community Exchange System.

Other useful national sources include:

  • The New Economics Foundation, a radical think-tank bringing together the ideas, people, resources and influence to challenge business-as-usual
  • Positive Money, campaign for a money and banking system that enables a fair, sustainable and democratic economy.
  • GreenChoices, a portal site for sustainable living, with a special section on ethical money.

Closer to home, the following organisations in the Cambridge area provide useful information:

  • Cambridge Doughnut, The Cambridge Doughnut Economics Action Group (CamDEAG) envisions a socially just world in which the essentials of life, like access to nutritious food and decent housing, are afforded to all. Read more about Doughnut Economics
  • The Cambridge Commons, A collective of local volunteers motivated to do something positive about inequality and its impacts. They take inspiration from The Spirit Level and are the local affiliate of The Equality Trust.
  • Transition Cambridge, moving towards a resilient city.