Wanted Listings

Administration: Business

Help wrapping mail orders Expecting a deluge of mail orders this week. Is anyone available to come to the shop and help wrap them for prompt dispatch. Training given. (10 cams cams)
Selling over Facebook I am selling some books and other items over Facebook marketplace, and other online sales outlets. I need between two and four hours help to photo the items and create the adverts. (10 per hour cams)
XCEL DOCUMENT TYPING I'm seeking someone please to help me type about 25 XCEL forms, together, me saying details, you typing...I am an XCEL dunce! Thanks... (10 cams)

Arts & Crafts: knitting/sewing

Cotton or linen I need some material to make a hat. I like white or pastel shades, blue or pink.
Machine quilting Can anyone machine quilt a king size quilt for me? It would need a quilting machine as it is so big.
Sewing Machine lessons/mending - Ceri I have a new all singing all dancing sewing machine and need someone to help me learn the steps from thw slow waltz of mending and taking up hems to the Tango of creating my own clothes, either from scratch or by recycling old garments. (10 Cams cams)

Arts & Crafts: other

Basic Book-binding I have a number of paper-bound books (vocal scores) which need basic 'repair' - ie strip off old spine cover, re-glue spine and attach new soft cover - using thick paper. It's not really book-binding, more just DIY. (10C cams)
Jewellery mending I’ve got a chain bracelet that needs mending. Can anyone help?
Restoring wooden trays (10 per hour cams)
Stone setting lesson I'd like to learn how to set cut gemstones in a claw setting in gold/silver. Does anyone have the tools and knowledge to do this, and if so would you be able to teach me? (10 cams)
Wax carving I'd like to learn the basics of wax carving for jewellery making. Does anyone know how to carve in wax for casting into silver, and would you be able to teach me? (10 cams)

Building & DIY: equipment

Moving bulky items. Sometimes we have items that need moving that are not straightforward for us. E.G. Currently we have an IBC that needs to be moved to the back garden from the front of the house. (10 Cams cams)
WHITE BIDET Does anyone have an old white bidet? They're not made anymore! Please ring Yolanda on 07415765026

Building & DIY: help

building plastering in small cupboard, artex bathroom ceiling, moving light switch 3'please (10 cams cams)
Building We have been planning our new kitchen for longer than I like to think about! Also, from time to time building projects in the garden. (10 cams)
DIY assistance various (10/hr cams)
door varnishing 0739 I am looking for someone who could sand and varnish some window and door frames for my 87 year old mum....before she tries to do it herself!....my arthritis is too bad to do it but happy to help! Thank you (10 cams/hr negotiable! cams)
Electrician Are there any electricians out there that could help please. My tv works but my arial doesent. Wanted advice on what to do or if they can fix arial for me please? Need to be qualified though!!!!!
Experienced Painter required Experienced painter needed to paint my living room. (10p/h or agreed amount cams)
Firm Double Mattress Pocket Spring (Negotiable cams)
Help with oragnising garden shed and put up shelves Help with sorting out garden and putting up shelves (10 cams)
Install a new shower I need to have a new shower installed in my council flat which means whomever does it has to be a member of the Electrical Contractors Association or the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting and a member of the Domestic Installer Scheme. Is this you? Are you able to help me? Happy to pay a combination of sterling and cams. (10 cams)
Installing Fencing I need help installing some stock fencing so I can keep alpacas! (10 cams per hour cams)
Lock changing I need to change two locks on my garage door handles as someone stole the keys from my van!Haven't been able to get anything in or out for 2 years!!! Help would be much appreciated xx (10 cams/hr negotiable! cams)
Needs small Electrical jobs around the house, Electrician needed for small jobs around the house
plumbing Small plumbing jobs
Restoring 2 wooden trays (10 per hour cams)
Rosie McMurray 0739 I need to change two locks on my garage door handles as someone stole the keys from my van!Haven't been able to get anything in or out for 2 years!!! Help would be much appreciated xx (10 cams/hr negotiable! cams)

Children & Childcare

Babysitting Occasional evening babysitting for my two boys in CB3. Looking for a few more local people to add to my list. (10/hr cams)
Childminding I am looking for a sitter / childminder for my son for a few hours now and then at the weekend. We live in Waterbeach.


Editing (online) Someone needed to edit a large number of short (template) adverts on amazon in English. These are for lovely plants and bulbs so you won't get bored but you do need to be quick because there are so many. Work from home. It's a simple log in process then work from an 'editing' page. Software is very user-friendly. Insight into marketing useful. Training given. (10 cams)


Use of Cassette Player I need to transfer a 90min cassette recording to digital. I could borrow your cassette player, or bring a digitiser to you. Thanks! (5C cams)

Food & Cooking

Bread maker
Jams and Chutneys, frozen fruit Blackberry, bramble jelly, Blackcurrent, Strawberry jam Apple Chutney, Nellies Harvest Chutney Apple sauce (jar) (5 cams cams)
Juicer wanted Does anyone have a juicer they would like to find a new home for?... or perhaps you're willing to loan one for a couple of months? I have a nutribullet but would like to make vegetable juices and I find a juicer is better for this.
organic vegetables All kind of organic vegetables and fruits (negotiable cams)

Gardening & Plants

Bamboo cuttings I'd like some bamboo cuttings or other tall grass (ideally 2m tall) to grow in large pots to act as screen (neg cams)
Compost and topsoil I need some weed free compost and topsoil for vegetable gardening, thanks in advance
Coriander Plants Wanting coriander plant/s for planting outside. Something fairly well established and able to be used in cooking asap. Thanks.
flower seeds Does anyone have any flower seeds, anything considered (except sweet pea which I have). Also I need compost/manure David
Garden assistance various (10/hr cams)
Garden landscaping & planning.
Gardening Is anyone available to help with maintaining my garden? General weeding and tidying. Grass cutting. Also pruning fruit bushes and trees. Even if you can only help with one of the above, please let me know!
Gardening help After the builders have left, I need some help to put extra soil in bags to take to the tip and move a raised bed. Quite heavy work (10 cams)
Gardening help I am desperate to get some help to keep my garden tidy. Is there anyone who is willing to spend a couple of hours cutting, weeding, digging etc. I live in Great Shelford.
Gardening help Hiya, I always need a hand with my garden, I love and enjoy it very much but my knowledge about how to look after it is unfortunately not very good. I would love to share it with someone, it needs some pruning and sowing, but also thinking and a lot of love. Do you have some to share?
Help with Weeding/ coppicing. As we do not use chemicals on our soil weeding is a necessary part of our allotment work. In winter there is some coppicing in the garden and will be on the allotment. (10 cams)
Kate Grillet I would like regular gardening help. Massage. Pilates. Remedial Yoga (10 Cams an hour cams)
Occasional plant watering If you live in the Milton Road/Chesterton Road area and are up for "greenhouse duty" at times when we are away (rarely!), we'd love to hear from you. (per hour, 10 cams)
veg garden harvest care We need someone to tend a very small veg patch in CB42HB Roseford Road once(or twice) a week mainly to pick spiniach and kale, wash and freeze it until mid -July.because or corona we cant ask you into the house ( we have a lodger) and you'd have to wash and freeze at your home. The quantities would not be large. (10 cams)
Willow wands We would like some willow wands we can use for weaving. We can soak dry ones. Thank you (As required cams)

Gardening: advice/equipment

Compost tumbler wanted Does anyone have a compost tumbler they are not using that we could have on loan or buy? Thank you
Garden Bench I need a garden bench with straight back
garden rotivator I need a rotivator for v. short period. Can collect
Help and advice General advice and light help in our garden (per hour 6 cams)
Lawnmower service Can anyone help with servicing my petrol lawnmower? I've been told it needs a carburetor service. It starts but won't stay running.
Mrs I need some terracotta plant pots for outdoor plants. The diameter should be around 40CM. (3 cams cams)
SET UP A WATER HARVESTING SYSTEM I need help in setting up a water harvesting system, I think I have everything need just need help of someone who has done it before and can offer their knowledge, experience. (Negottiable, cams)
WHEELBARROW needed Wheelbarrow required. My wheelbarrow is coming apart so I need to replace it, Please let me know if you have a used wheelbarrow in good condition please. Cams negotiable (15 cams cams)

Goods: Books & Magazines

Quality Hardback Recipe Books Suitable as presents email for picture Seafood (Rick Stein) Preserves (3 cams)

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

Plastic topped glass jars Could camlets members collect plastic topped glass jars for me, please? And perhaps, contact me when they have 10, ideally of the same type. e.g. 100g coffee jars, small peanut butter jars, etc. Will agree cams with members? Please call (mornings only). (1 cams)
SOS! Plastic Carrier Bags! Please bring in your used carriers bags asap if you are passing. We have run out!!! (0.05 cams)

Goods: Furniture

Bedroom chest White bedside chests – made by MFI about 20-30 years ago, three drawers with one brass coloured knob on each drawer.
Storage space I may be in need of storage space for some furnniture. I', mot sure how much or for how long but fairly long term ( a year) for a small roomful of furniture. Perhaps someone has space in a barn or somewhere unused?

Goods: Household

Clothes dryer hanger “Tidy Dry” retractable ceiling clothes dryer, four line type.
Hat stand Hat stand, preferably white metal.
Somone to Visit Repair Shop Transition Cambridge I need someone to take a radio for repair on Saturday 15 February: Cambridge Repair Cafe at the Arbury Swap, Collect and Fix-Fest 11:00-14:00, Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Road CB4 2LD. We'll be away so means picking up a radio from our Arbury-Chesterton home and taking it to Arbury. Thank you!

Goods: TV/DVDs/videos/CDs

home videos to DVD converting Can you help me convert our family VHS videos to DVD? Before xmas please!

Household: equipment

basic electrical repair We need someone who can tune, connect, test and possibly repair various electrical items.We can bring the items to you. (10 cams / hour cams)
Clothes steamer
Dust buster

Household: help

Decluttering After Andy's sad death last year I am left with various 'hoards', eg. a collection of fantasy adventure books and another of mini figures, and a lot of niche CDs. I need them to go to good homes, and they are too specialist for charity shops. It may have to be eBay. Would you feel able to help me decide and move them on? If so please get in touch.. (10 cams)
Help with coping at home Need occasional help with basic tasks, such as vacuuming and carrying things upstairs. (10 cams)
Help with EBAY selling Can anyone help show me how to place items on eBay please ? Would like you to come to my house so we can take photos of the items. I have tried to do this but am obviously going wrong somewhere !
House reparations Again, always in need of help to solve the usual problems at home. Small reparations, fixing curtains, the tap that leaks, oven cleaning, .... Also small decoration projects as painting a room or fiting pictures,... I am not in Cambridge but offer a room (see cams) so you could maybe spend sometime in Norfolk at the same time that you help me with my maintenance problems. It would be really terrific for me!
household help wanted i am looking for someone who can help me clean the house etc please let me know if you can help i will also reinburse your transport cost on top of/plus 10 cam per hour thanks peter chang/waterbeach (10 cam per hour cams)
Housework Because of the amount of other things we take on, housework suffers from time to time so help with this much appreciated! (10 Cams cams)

Personal: Beauty Care

Men's Haircut Anyone care to cut my hair, once every few months? I offer good conversation, too! (10 cams)

Personal: Companionship

Being Read to - Ceri This makes some things much easier for a dyslexic. (10 Cams cams)

Personal: Health

Fabric reusable I'd love to have a couple of washable cotton facemasks that has a pocket for taking a filter, for going shopping and such. Dark colours preferred. Anyone making them? (negotiable cams)
Massage. (10-15 cams)

Personal: Spiritual

Angel Card Readings
EFT (Tapping)
Interested in psychic phenomenon
meditation (10 cams cams)
Meditation in France Join our Mindfulness retreat in the French countryside for deep relaxation, health and creativity. Led by an experienced and inspiring teacher. Cams/cash (tbc cams)
Would like to learn yoga & relaxation techniques

Sports & Recreation

horse riding My 8 year old would love to have a go at horse riding. Myself and the 10 year old would love to join in if possible. Can anyone help?
Red roller skates I put out a pair of red roller skates at the November social & trading meeting & they went but the trade wasn’t recorded. Please can whoever took them contact me.

Technical: Computer/phone help

COMPUTER HELP Help needed with new office, and other web sits. (negotible cams)
Computer security Need of occasional guidance with my computer. OK with basics, such as word processing and searching the web, but hopeless at solving technical problems. (10 cams)
Help with Website Design; Weebly, Wix etc I'm new to modern website design software - has anyone done this before? Happy to learn HTML etc. I would appreciate a leg-up to begin with, I'm a former computer programmer (in the 1980s) (15C cams)
Linux help (mutual support?) I have a number of issues submitting bug reports, installing hardware drivers etc, that would benefit from somebody who's "been there before" (10c cams)
RADIO SPEAKER MENDING ANYONE? A DAB radio Roberts ECOLOGIC4 I camletted has a faulty speaker - it sounds as if the sound is warbling up from the bottom of a river! Has anyone any experience of fixing this kind of speaker please? Thanks : ) (10 cams)
Wanted. Computer help.
Wordpress basic I'm new to Wordpress and would like help getting started

Transport: Bike Repair & Loan

Cycle repair. Bike repair and possibly second hand parts.

Transport: Lifts & Deliveries

Car trip to recycling/charity shop Collect my unwanted stuff from Trumpington and take it to HWRC (Thriplow or Milton) and/or charity shop. (10 +£ cams)
Lifts to Cambridge station We often require a lift to/from Cambridge rail or bus station for cams and petrol money. Next lift wanted 28 Jan (11 AM) and 12 Feb (8 PM) (10 cams / hour cams)
Repair cafe We need someone to collect a radio from Roseford road and take it to the Arbury Repair Café on 15 Feb. Maybe you have something to repair too?

Tuition: Languages

English lessons English, advanced lessons needed, conversation, grammar, CAE preparation (10 cams)

Tuition: Other

Creative Writing Experienced feedback and guidance on your creative writing (memoir, poetry, short story, novel or stage play).
Microscope tuition I would like to learn how to analyse soil using a microscope. I have my own, it's basic, but hopefully does the job.


Cams needed Would anyone like to donate a few cams to my account in support of the Green Party ? My account no 48 has become rather negative as I have paid out 150 cans in the past year for Green Party Leafletting. One member has already donated very generously to support the GP!
car wanted i am car hunting so if anyone is selling a can in good condition i will pay sterling to buy it if i like the car and the price thanks peter chang
carpet fitter i bought some new carpet and underlayer for a one bedroom bunglow if you know how to fit the carpet i can help you fit it you can text me asap i don't have internet at home peter/07738294768
COLLECTION OF ITEMS LEFT BEHIND AT EVENT A book 'Proof Of Heaven' & a black ladle were left behind at the May social & trading. Please collect if they belong to you
Gazebo can anyone loan me a small strong gazebo for an outdoor project lasting the month of October Can collect and return (open to offer cams)
General help Wanted someone to come to Burwell to do a variety of odd jobs such as moving furniture, clearing some cupboards at ground level., sorting papers. Usual rate of 10 cams per hour.
Help to check domestic electricity consumption I have solar panels, and want to check how much energy they are saving me, how much electricity I am using, whether I can reduce, etc. (negotiable cams)
HI-fi help I have various items of old hi-fi equipment: tuner amps, radio/cassette/CD players, record decks. I need someone to look at them all and work out which combination of bits of equipment will give the best results (not necessarily very hi-fi - the stuff is old) and make sure it is all correctly connected.
Rubik's Cube Anyone would like to give away/sell/lend a Rubik's Cube?!
Sound Recording / Video / Photo help I need someone to help with recording the concerts I perform in, and / or taking publicity photos. I have audio / video recording equipment, but am looking for someone with a quality camera :-) Ongoing requirement throughout the year (Any suggestions for a good category to put this in welcomed!) (10C cams)


Phone number change Spike Jackson and Sara Hennessy (no.137) wish to inform members that they are no longer using their landline. To contact them for trading, please use the mobile phone numbers listed in their profile. Thank you.