Offered Listings

Accommodation & storage

A quiet double room We can accommodate 1/2 people in a double room for up to a week, though it could be negotiable. Very quiet and beautiful area, with plenty walks around, close to Shandrigham and the beautiful beaches at the Wash Natural Reserve. But you can just walk from the house through plenty walks inside the country side. Private toilet but shared bathroom, parking space for two cars if necessary; access to the kitchen, small private sitting room or the communal one, and beautiful garden. For up to 1 week, . 30 cams if one person, 45 if two, per night. Breakfast is a possibility, varible cams?. Also you could use your stay to have a therapeutic craniosacral session or a life coaching sesion to help you to manage your stress level, to learn techniques to be more present in your life or simply to enjoy yourself. (Check cams in my other offers) You could also have some Spanish lessons or even a Spanish inmersion as we just live as in Spanin, at home. Also possible to exchange if you would like to help me with any of our needs during your stay.
ACCOMMODATION 4 PERSON, JESUS GREE/MIDSUMMER COMMON , Friends and family offered, can accommodate 4 people in two double rooms I bathroom and parking space, for up to 1 week, next to Jesus green/Midsummer common and river, perfect for walking everywhere. 50 cams, per night (50 cams)
Accommodation for single visitor Occasionally available front bedroom (20 cams)
Accommodation in City Centre I have a single airbed and sheet, blankets etc in the City Centre right next to the Grafton. Your welcome to use all facilities. I will also be here with you in a separate bedroom. The one on offer is in my Living room. It is Living room/ Dinning Room/ Kitchen all open plan where I use Kitchen occasionally for cooking, washing etc. (24 cams a night cams)
Accomodation - space For meetings: my conservatory 2.5m x 6m and my sitting room with a piano are ideal spaces, plus use of the kitchen for making teas / coffees. Contact Elspeth (10/hr cams)
Cottage in Cape Town sleeps 6 Fishermans cottage by the sea on Cape Town's peninsula in Simon's Town the naval base on the way to Cape Point. Boulders Beach penguin nature reserve 10 mins walk. See Contact me CB4 (cash/cams, variable for season cams)
Holiday Accommodation and Retreat Holiday gite in Dordogne France. The Piggery sleeps 2 / 4. Le Verger (sleeps 8). Cams / Cash. (Variable cams)
House-sitting Does anyone want a cat/house sitter for up to a week over the Christmas period? Would be good to have a few cams but not vital!
Rooms in Babraham We live in a beautiful old farmhouse in Babraham, next to the pub, and are keen to share! We have two spare double bedrooms, 20 cams/night, and a room for meetings, band practice, table tennis practice, etc., 10 cams/hour. (Rates negotiable) We also have a holiday cottage next to the house - see - available for a mix of cams/cash

Administration: Business

Admin/Secretary Filing (physical or digital), typing (digital), correspondence. Tuesday to Friday after 5pm. (Rate per hour: 10 cams)
Administration Can offer help with any Administration tasks that people need. I am qualified in ECDL, New Clait and ILEX Paralegal Level 3. AAT Level 1. Therefore, I can help in any of those areas. Kathryn
All your papers organised/filed Retired extax inspector and taxation technician in Cambridge background (10 cams)
Assistance with applying for probate Applying for probate is often relatively easy. I completed this with regard to my late father's estate. I am now in a position to help others. (By negotiation cams)
Background Support Specialising in software for managing the LETS, contact me if anything isn't working, or if you need support to use the system
Bibliography/Reference Clasifying, indexing, citation management, information sourcing. (Negotiable rate, but in cams)
Bookkeeping and accounts Advise on how to keep books of account and prepare accounts (10 cams per hour cams)
business/admin support I work in a dynamic business, and utilize computers, MS office suite, and Client relationship management databases on regular basis. I'm happy to help with office tasks/admin support as needed. Please call to discuss your requirements. (10 Cams/hr cams)
Excel help I can help with excel basics. How to organise your expenses/financial life in a spreadsheet.
Form filling I love filling in forms! Just ask! -
Help with forms I can help with filling out official forms or writing letters, or general issues with dealing with officialdom
Office help Filing system set up, filing sorted, office type work, etc.( Not typing.)Decluttering home, shed, garage, glory holes, etc. (per hour, 10 cams)
Papers organised (10 cams)
Prearing to meet your financial adviser I can help prior to a meeting with a financial adviser. Help with asking the right questions and understanding how a professional adviser should work. I do not necessarily need to know anything about your financial circumstances. (by negotiation cams)
STATIONARY I have lots of paper, files/folders, envelopes etc
Translation from French & German (10 cams)
Translation from Swedish, French, German, Italian Translation from and into Swedish Compost Looking after plants Looking after cat Lifts by car (10 cams)
Translations into Swedish and Italian (10 cams)
Typing (10 cams)
Typing/Word Processing Typing of letters, short manuscripts, including minor editing, correction of spelling and grammar. Printing hard copy or to your memory stick. (10 cams)
Word processing (10 cams)
Writing Official/Business Letters Help with expressing yourself appropriately and clearly plus use of computer and print out
Writing press releases (10 cams)

Arts & Crafts: knitting/sewing

General sewing and alterations, hand sewing and machine (10 cams)
Knitting: repairs, alterations, lessons, commissions (10 cams)
Loan of electrical sewing machine
Mending and darning of clothes: hems and cuffs taken up (10 cams)
Crochet and knitting teaching how to crochet and/or knitting. I will take commissions. Sterling for costs (10 cams)
Curtains made and altered (10 cams)
Dress making and designing I Was aprofessional dressmaker and clothes designer for many years. I can tackle anything from a major wedding dresses and ball gowns to copying your favourite item of clothing or designing something using a favourite piece of fabric. Sterling costs (10 cams)
Face Masks with filters (5 cams)
Flat purses and pencil/toiletry cases. I can email pictures on request. Small flat purses - 4 cams each. Long flat purses - 6 cams each. Cases - 10 cams each.
handmade shopping bags reusable cloth tote bags (negotioable cams)
handmade socks I love to knit socks. I can make them to fit your exact measurements, using your choice of 4-ply yarn (to be purchased separately). 1-2 months' notice to complete a pair. (40-60 cams)
Sewing machine loan very efficient, easy to use machine (negotiable cams)
Sewing, alterations, repairs, complete garments. Qualified Dressmaker, offering alterations, repairs, will create complete garments by request to your specific requirements. . NVQ Qualified Dressmaker (10 cams) CB24
Velvet scarves I have a number of velvet scarves - can send photos/measurements if you contact me via email. Paneled multiple blues/greens velvet scarf with blue tassels on ends, 20 cams. Other scarves 15 cams each: black velour loop scarf; grey leopard print velvet loop scarf; pink velvet scarf with pleated floral ends; black/caramel tiger print velvet loop scarf; light yellow crushed velvet with patterned end.
winter woolies handmade hats, scarves, snoods, hairbands and mitts custom made to order or choose from already made selection (various cams)

Arts & Crafts: other

Art & creativity lessons/encouragement "Art/creativity lessons/encouragement: in papier machú, mosaic and other art forms for individuals and groups (10 cams)
Artwork Decoupage boxes, Craft sessions, covering items with paper
Broken china I've just managed to break some lovely antique saucers [white and gold pattern] They are beyond repair but some crafty person might be able to use them for mosaics or something? There were also 2 nice japanese china cups. Can't bear to throw the pieces away yet, they are so beautiful! (offers cams)
Candle wax I have old candles (wide ones) which the wick has burned away on - so they're really only useful for turning into new candles...could deliver within Cambridge. (1 cams)
class I brought some woodcuts, (cards and pictures)to the very enjoyable Camlets Christmas Fair and have been asked to teach this form of printmaking. I need cams, the rate negotiable, - it would be nice to find one or two others,after lockdown. Please get in touch if interested.
cushions and quilts Made to order cushions and quilts 10 cams an hour time making (various cams)
Discounted Writer's /Artists' Rereats Join our writers and artists retreats in South West France for Cams/cash. Receive constructive feedback on your writing, or just give yourself space and time to start your novel, family memoir or academic dissertation in conducive surroundings with support and guidance. (cash/ cams neg. cams)
Everlasting Flower arrangements and bunsches Dried flower wreaths, baskets, posies (various cams)
Framed print Good quality print. 37cm x 37cm with light wood frame. Pleasing abstract image, nicely mounted. (7 cams)
Fresh flower table decorations (10 cams)
Hand held wedding posies with flowers of your choice (Various cams)
Hand-made greetings cards (Various cams)
Hand-made paper (10 cams)
Huw Richards Makes,repairs,sets up stringed musical instruments.
Jewellery (10 cams)
Jewellery making/repairs Contact me to let me know what you need in terms of repairs and I can advise if I can do so. For original creations I primarily make earrings but can do bracelets, necklaces, keyrings etc too - message me with what you are looking for and we can have a chat about what I might be able to do. (10 cams/hour cams)
Jewellery Repairs Bead restringing, necklace clasps fitted, chain mending/shortening/extending, etc.
origami snowflakes I make origami snowflakes from translucent tracing paper, size approx. 11cm diameter or to order. Good displayed in a window or in front of a light source,a nice enclosure in Christmas cards. Several different patterns- request photo by email. Six cams each.
Papier mache (10 cams)
Photography - people, nature, buildings etc Digital Photography Cams per hour, plus sterling processing costs (10 cams)
Small Repairs: I can repair smallish items, especially wooden articles; also machine buffing and polishing. I also do picture framing. ( neg. cams)
Soft furnishing making I can make loose covers, cushions, curtains and blinds. Sterling costs (10 cams)
Writing retreats in rural South West France EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Writing retreats. We have a couple places which have become free at very short notice due to cancellations: September 5th - 10th 2018 and September 15th - 20th 2018. These are open to Camlets members. Call David ASAP if interested or you want to discuss further

Building & DIY: equipment

Equipment available Rental/loan of the following D.I.Y. equipment. Ladders, step ladder (not tall long ones for reaching roofs). Decorating gear. Electric drill, sander, screwdriver.
Ladder for rent Four-piece multi-position ladder. Rent to be negotiated.
Loan of DIY Tools
Loan of extension ladder (10 cams)
Loan of handsaws
Loan of ladders Ladders available.
Loan of staple/nail gun Loan of a staple/nail gun. 5 cams for weeks loan or 2 cams per day. (per week 5 cams)
Painting and decorating I am free to paint your house interior to a high standard. Preparing of surfaces also done. (10 cams / hour cams)
Trailer for hire Trailer for hire, L.143cm, W.86, D.56, half day or daily rate negotiable (10 cams)

Building & DIY: help

Assembling IKEA flat packs Can put your IKEA kits together if you have difficulty doing it or would prefer someone to save you the time or hassle. (10 cams)
Basic washing machine repairs I can do basic repairs such as cleaning the pump filter, and extracting items that have got stuck in the pump or inner tubing, causing water to remain in the drum. (10 cams)
Building work/DIY -help. I have worked in construction since the late 70s.I offer neat,accurate brickwork (years ago I did it on sites and I am still fully competent),all forms of building work-carpentry,patch plastering,rendering,basic electrical,plumbing and heating(I am trained),concreting,external works and garden projects,roof,rainwater gutters/pipes,drain blockages rodded etc. (10 cams/hour. cams)
DIY various Small projects only (10 cams)
Help with decorating I can offer general help with decorating. Not professional but I know my way around a paintbrush and can help with preparing surfaces and painting
Loan of tools If you need an unusual tool for a job, or even something ordinary for a one-off job, try us! eg we have a scarifier/tiller petrol machine, big petrol lawn mower, bow saw, loppers, chisels, wallpaper steamer, etc... (by negotiation cams)
Physical Labour Digging, carrying, moving or dismantling things - any sort of straight forward labouring (I can do more complex things too :p - just am not an expert in particular areas (e.g. gardening), so might need specific instructions)
Practical DIY stuff Basic plumbing, carpentry and electronics, changing Yale lock cylinders. (per hour 10 cams)

CamLETS: newsletter items

8-Week MBSR Course in Cambridge April27th 8-Week MBSR Mindfulness Course in Cambridge, starting on April 27th every Thursday at 1pm -or 6pm- (or Sat morning at 10am) come and join the course! concessions available so please ask. see website Gareth is a Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer; MBSR trained to level 3 at Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and listed with the Network for Mindfulness Practitioners and 180 lets for the course, come and join the class! Starting April 27th for 8 weeks every Thursday, or every Saturday (180 lets for the 8 Week Course cams)

Children & Childcare

Babysitting Babysitting by friendly and caring mum. I have lots of experience,including as a childminder and now a midwife!), and I especially love under twos! Happy to give an hour's reprieve to harassed mum daytime or evenings, South Cambridge or South villages, or of course to sit for you while you go out for an evening. My daughter Asher is 20 and loves small children too, so if I can't help she might be able to. CamLETS references available for both of us. (10 cams/hr cams)
Babysitting (10 cams)
Babysitting (10 cams)
babysitting Gentle and friendly person with several years experience of full-time parenting as well as previous babysitting, DBS checked. Various availability during evenings, weekends and daytimes, please ask. (10 cams)
Babysitting and child care Mother of 2 now grown children happy to baby sit. (10 cams / hour cams)
Child care (10 cams)
Childcare Looking after children.
Childcare I am a mum and retired special needs teacher. (Negotiable cams)
Childcare - primary school children open to discussion. (10 cams)
French Horn loan - good for child OR adult Benson compensating French Horn (Bflat & F). Comes with knee support so no weight to hold. Great instrument for intermediate or beginner players. (5 CAMS per week cams)
French Horn Tuition Experienced horn player and founder of Cambridge Horn Day, annual event at Stapleford Granary for high level and professional players (10 CAMS cams)
Grandchildren coming to stay? If you have grandchildren or friends with young children coming to stay, I have a range of equipment to lend: travel cot (with bassinette for very young babies) suitable for up to age two, highchair, baby bouncer, inflatable bed (and bedding) suitable for children between 3 and 6, a lightweight umbrella-fold buggy, a baby gym (for young babies), a potty and a range of toys, games, jigsaws etc suitable for babies and children up to age four, including paddling pool, space hopper and garden games eg large Jenga. (negotiable cams)
Occasional childcare Used to be a childminder
surrogate granny especially winter childminding/sitting
Surrogate granny/auntie/big sister (10 cams)

Clothing (and see Arts&Crafts)

Women's Woolen/silk outdoor cape A gorgeous creamy white wool/silk cape. Elegant replacement for a winter coat. Size 12-14 approx. (10 Cams cams)
ball gown to hire Totally splendid Maggie Sottero ball gown. Very full black sequinned net skirt. Green satin corsetted bodice with back panel, fits sizes 8-12. Perfect for a Cambridge Ball! Please email for photographs. (40 cams)
Black beret with jewelled front decoration (4 cams)
Ladies Shoes Fine Italian ladies shoes. About 20 pairs in size 39/40. Call for viewing. (Negotiable cams)
Large wool coat Large wool coat, with synthetic black lining inside. I think it's a sort of dogstooth pattern - mainly grey and navy, with a stitch of mustard in there - photos are on the facebook group but I can also email them. Has two pockets on front and one inside pocket. Not sure what the size is as no label except the one to say all wool. Measurement across shoulders is about 48cm and 58cm across above the pockets when buttoned. (open to offers cams)
Nearly new cream wool beret (3 cams)
New black nubuck hotter sandals Size 7 (15 cams)
New pyjamas Soft red & green tartan in brushed cotton. M-L (8 cams)
New red wool beret (4 cams)
New warm cream ‘Bakers boy’ hat (5 cams)
Purple woolly hat Hand knitted woolly hat (alpaca wool) (8 cams)
Scarlet silk blouse Gorgeously luxurious and soft scarlet silk top, size 10-12, with slightly puffy 3/4 sleeves and silk covered buttons. Loose fit (about 50 cm across under arms), billowing with optional, delicate silk belt. A beautiful garment in excellent condition. Email Sara for photos. (8 cams)
Several attractive nice quality summer scarves (3.5 cams)
Size 16R brown/grey trousers High waisted size 16R Next trousers, in a sort of brown grey checked pattern. Three buttons and zip at front, and buckle at the back. Very comfy, lovely trousers that sadly don't fit me anymore, rarely worn so in great condition. Pictures are on the Facebook group or I can also email them. (10 cams cams)
Women's Wellies Size 6 Traditional style, green, hardly used (8 cams)


Academic writing skills Help with structuring essays and dissertations / writing skills training from senior academic at Cambridge University (10 cams)
Commission a poem! (10 per hour cams)
Desktop publishing including preparation/colour printing of cvs etc (10 cams)
Proof-reading (10 cams)
Proof-reading (10 cams)
Proofreading of the printed page, or onscreen (10 cams)
Proofreading Proof reading for essays, articles, short stories or website copy. I'm an arts graduate with particular experience proof reading fiction but due to my technical background from my day job I am also comfortable with technical documents too. Happy to give suggestions to improve readability as well as cover basic spelling, grammar and punctuation. (per hour 10 cams)
Proofreading and editing I am a trained and experienced proofreader and editor. (10 cams/hour cams)
Translation Eng to Portuguese I am a Portuguese native speaker (Brazilian) and I can help you with Portuguese reading and translation.
Translation from Russian Translation from Russian to English
Translation into Spanish From English into Spanish. (Rate negotiable, but in cams)
Writing difficult letters Help with writing tricky letters - personal or formal/official. (per hour: 10 cams)
Writing difficult letters (10 cams)
Writing short pieces Help with organising your thoughts and ideas and expressing yourself clearly plus use of computer and print out if required

Entertainment: Music

Fold-up music stands I have 4 second-hand music stands, for sale at 5 cams each. They are the fold-up metal variety, which I can teach you to put up! (5 cams)
Guitar tuition Classical and folk styles primarily; some basic flamenco, jazz and blues also taught. All levels welcome.
Music scores & CDs for loan See website for list of library: (10 cams)
Playing Guitar (10 cams)
Singing tuition Classical, folk, Broadway and jazz styles a speciality, but rock also catered for.
Singing tuition Professional singing tuition for Cams! Beginners and advanced Also improves breathing, posture - and confidence... (15 cams)
Videotapes, apples, bread machine etc I have many video tapes which I cannot play. A bread machine unused, many jam jars and huge Warners King cooking apples - perfect for chutney, crumble etc- need using now (various cams)


Creative writing weekend in France Last minute: Join us on a Creative Writing Retreat in deepest France this June and September! A room of your own, full board, the company of other writers, experienced tutor and feedback on your writing, a short story, poem, novel or memoir: Also about Mindfulness, Creativity, Yoga &Relaxation retreat in September. (Cash + cams)
Days out EA or London Have written extensively on East Anglia (40 towns) and can advise on where to go and what to see. Also specific parts of London, looking at places of interest off the usual tourist trail. (10 cams)
Guided nature walk for groups Nature walks in and around the Cambridge area (10 Camlets per person cams)
Organising events. -Ceri I have been involved in organising events for a number of years, including an annual Seed Swap in Trumpington, a Permaculture Gardening course this year as well as a National conference on Alternatives to Economic Growth. (10 cams)

Food & Cooking

Turkish meals
A chinese meal at a resturant (10 cam per person cams)
Advice on gluten free diet Sterling for ingredients (10 cams)
Apple pureé (stewed) 500g-650g ish portion (5 cams)
Apple solid - lasts for months (5-10 cams)
baba ganoush Do you occasionally long for some aubergine-based dip, but find it is not available in your local shops? Let me cook some for you. Approx 300g pot for 5 cams. Vegan recipe. (5 cams)
Baking whole food cakes and biscuits plus sterling costs (10 cams)
Baking to order Baking, especially biscuits, sponges, and gateaux (Sterling costs plus 10 cams)
Bay leaves
Biscuits and cakes for all occasions including weddings and birthdays (Various cams)
Bottle of Lustau, Jerez & Xeres Sherry Three quarter size bottle. (8 cams)
Bread maker Murphy Richards bread making machine 10 cams VGC buyer collects ring840882 ursula (10 cams cams)
Cake-making (10 cams)
Candy Floss and Popcorn I will bring my large Candy Floss machine and Popcorn machine (2) to your events, school/scouts fetes, car boots sales, parties, fundraisers etc. Great for Birthdays - something different children love this, they are facinated to see how the candy floss is spun. Watching the corn popping in the big kettle is also a big hit. Please book early as I get very busy in the summer. Cam charge negotiable for daily rate. Please ask! (12 cams)
Christmas Baking Christmas muffins. Will keep for 3 days in a tin or can be frozen. Can make variety of flavours and cost will vary accordingly. Let me know your preference and I will work out cost. eg 6 clementine and cranberry (10 cams + £1,50 expensive due to cost of dried cranberries), apple & cinnamon (10cams + £1)... (10 cams + stirling ingredients cams)
Chutneys and jams New batch Butternut chutney " " Marrow and Ginger Chutney (5 cams jar cams)
Coffee maker for events Percolator makes lovely "proper" coffee for everyone. Makes between 20-30 mugs, keeps it hot and tasting good for 3 hours. Easy to use, with straightforward instructions. Perfect for any events. Fair trade coffee, caff or decaff, provided. Collect from Babraham. I use Perky for my fair trade cafes and people often comment on how good the coffee is... (20 cams/event including coffee cams)
cook book Cook book Hardback Tom Kerridge Lose Weight and Get Fit. As seen on TV. (7 cams cams)
Cookery Books I have a few cookery books: Abel and Cole, vegetarian cooking - 4 cams Abel and Cole, Cookbook - 4 cams Gillian McKeith, You are what you eat - 2 cams Jack Monroe, A year in 120 recipes - 6 cams (this book is signed by the author and it's rather big) Smoothing and Juicing - 3 cams Cocktails - 2 cams They are all as new, good recipes and rather nice to look at. Happy to sell them individually or as a set (Various cams)
Cooking Cakes & vegetarian food. Will charge sterling for ingredients
Cooking Apples Cooking Apples Variety: Howgate Wonder (large, typically 400g) (Per kg: 3 cams)
Cooking, especially pasta Italian cooking (10 cams)
Delicious dried living food! I make dried apple rings, courgette and kale crisps, powdered ginger (much stronger and more wonderful than you get in the shops), and tasty fruit leathers – using my dehydrator. Either bring me some fruit of your own, to have a long-lasting batch of delicious nibbles. Or let me know what you would like and I can get the ingredients for you, before drying them. It's a whole new world! Recently also did fab banana chips! (5-20 Cams cams)
Delicious, health game meat including partridge Lots of frozen game including partridge, pheasant, sausages, venison. Healthy, wild meat raised without chemicals. Please look in the freezer at Cambridge Farmers Outlet and ask to pay in cams. (0.5 cams)
Drinks dispenser for events 7.2 litres glass jar drinks dispenser with tap on bottom. Good for parties, BBQs etc. Collect from Chesterton. 5 cams for a weeks loan or for 2 cams per day. (per week 5 cams)
Free Range Eggs - Half a Dozen Past their display by date but not past their use by date. Please collect from Cambridge Farmers Outlet. (1.5 cams)
Fresh Fruit and Veg Available NOW I have fresh herbs, fruit and veg and plants available now. Cucumbers, basil, courgettes, french beans, runners beans, salad potatoes and mixed soft fruit blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, and some winter cabbage and asparagus plants. Lets exchange: At present I charge by agreement for the veg,fruit and herbs as I'm new to this so once I have measure of how to pitch LETS exchanges I may set a fixed price. However prices of plants fixed at rate I do this at my front door Plant Prices 2 x Lets cabbage 3.5 x lets for asparagus How to get this: by coming to my house I will be regularly offering veg, fruit or herbs and plants on ongoing basis. (various cams) (Ceri & Dave Galloway/Jackson - 0647) CB2_ (Various cams)
Fresh Jams and Chutneys delivered to your door! Plum Jam small or large, Strawberry Jam, Blackberry and Apple Jam, Bottled stewed apples for pies/crumbles, Nellie's Harvest Chutney (sweet mild) Butternut chutney (aromatic) Marrow and Ginger Chutney (5 cams cams)
Fridge Under the counter white fridge, good condition, collect from Babraham, 30 cams ono
Frozen food Please don't be offended all you vegetarians but this offer is for good quality, local meat (frozen) some of which is free-range. Available from Cambridge Farmers Outlet on Lensfield Road for cams. Reduced prices. Please help us be as environmentally efficient as possible by not wasting anything.
Frozen Partridges We are starting to get some frozen partridges, fantastic for your Christmas do's etc. Please come in the Cambridge Farmers Outlet and have a 'rifle' through the freezer. (3 cams)
fruit pears on tree, help yourself. Greengages too. unripe pears which came from a fallen branch after storm-animal food ?
Fruit and veg from my garden in season Plenty for jam or wine making: grapes, apricots, peaches, quinces, cherries, greengages, plums, apples, pears, nuts, tomatoes, green beans.
Fruit and Veg in season - Ceri I grow soft fruit and vegetables on our allotment, increasingly using permaculture techniques and not using any chemicals to feed the plants or to deal with pests and disease. Pick your own gets you more for your cams! (10 Cams cams)
Fruit and Vegetables For Cams Following the success of our recent pilot scheme to sell fruit and vegetables directly from the Cambridge Farmers Outlet, for cams, we are now rolling this out permanently. Please come and buy freely using your Camlets number and pay online in cams, by invoice. The price is one cam to the pound sterling and extends to all fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables in the shop, in addition to the usual frozen meat. (1 cams)
Fruit, vegetables and flowers We now sell all our fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers for cams at Cambridge Farmers Outlet. It is priced at the equivalent rate as it would be in sterling ( i.e. not half price as with the frozen food). (1 cams)
Gluten Free Sausages We currently have some frozen, gluten free sausages available for approx 1.5 cams a packet. (0.5 cams)
Healthy fermented drinks (5 cams)
Home cooked food I can cook for you. A whole meal, a dessert, a special dish. Whatever you fancy? rate will depend on ingredients and time spent cooking
Homemade yoghurt
Jam and cards Recycled Christmas cards in different categories eg Religious, Snow scenes, Birds, Santa etc 5 cams per pack of 10 including envelopes. Blackberry and Apple Jam. 5 cams a jar I can deliver to you by arrangement Please ring me any evening on 01223 840882 if interested (5 cams cams)
Kefir and kombucha - drink and cultures Amazing probiotic fermented drinks, very healthy, and totally delicious. Water Kefir Is a bit like other flower champagne, although I can make it with any fruit you choose. Milk Kefir Is a yoghurt-like drink, but apparently contains more probiotics. I can make it with milk or nut milk. I often use raw milk from a dairy in Suffolk, adding even more nutrients and live enzymes. I have the cultures for both of these, and can very much recommend the fun of creating them at home – easy, and I will give you tips. I also have Kombucha, mostly grown in green tea, and another fabulously tasty drink that would grace any dinner table. A brilliant pick me up at teatime, I find. Very good for the digestive tract, look them up on the web to discover the health benefits. (10+ Cams cams)
Kilner Jars - various sizes Kilner Jars - various sizes available to store your produce. A really good way to keep food for six months or more. (2 cams each cams)
Kombucha scoby I always have spare Kombucha "scoby"s (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, forms a circular disk that floats and transforms tea into a rather wonderful drink that contains probiotics). I can help you get started on making your own kombucha. 1 cam for scoby, 5 cams to help you get started. (1 cams)
loan of various cookery books (including cake-decorating boo (10 cams)
Luscious desserts including Sara's famous melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Brownies (negotiable cams)
Microwave dishes White microwave dishes for batch cooking. Please ring in the mornings or evenings.
Milk kefir granules Milk Kefir crystals (50g) 5 cams (makes 500ml, and the crystals grow fast: very healthy starter, grown on raw milk for added enzymes! Easy instructions included) (5 cams)
Moka coffe machine Moka coffee maker, the type you find in every household in Italy, to be used on top of the cooker: mine is not the prettiest ever but is fully functional and makes three cups of very good espresso (2 cams)
Mrs Rama Indian Cookery Demonstration. Have a home cooked Delicious Indian food. Dressing up in a Sari - Indian National costume for women. Henna Hand Painting - Indian Art (10 for each activity cams)
ms Eating apples (2 cams/kg cams)
new year eve dinner
Prospero Brut wine (8 cams)
Quinces Quinces from my tree, Picked, Bagged and ready to go. 0426 Yolanda.
Ratatouille Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. Though referred to commonly as ratatouille niçoise, ratatouille is popular among the entire Mediterranean coast as an easy summer dish. I have made some especially to bring to the summer social at Coleridge Recreation Ground at 3pm this Sunday. It will be available in smallish portions, in takeaway plastic containers for your fridge or freezer. A perfect summer dish!! (3 cams)
Recipe advice Menu planning, tried and tested recipes
RIPE FRUIT ON TREE NOW Ripe FRUIT on tree in my garden now. (Nogotiable cams)
Rowena Richards 0736 Seasonal fresh organic fruit and vegetables from my allotment
Sausages & Quiches We have a huge variety of lovely sausages and quite a lot of vegetarian quiches in the shop freezer that need to be shifted. Please come by this weekend (Cambridge Farmers Outlet opposite the Catholic Church)and do you shopping for cams. Don't forget you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers from us for cams now too! (10 cams)
soup Home made vegetable or carrot soup 4 cams. Collection from Milford St or I can deliver for an extra 5 cams.
szchuan peppercorns 100gms of just harvested szechuan peppercorns. one of the main ingrdeints in Chinese five spice (3 cam/100gm cams)
Use of picnic hamper including picnic if required (10 cams)
Veg delivered 1 kg courgettes ......can deliver Cabbage Red Cabbage Cider vinegar bunches mint/oregano/fennel/sage/trosemary/parsley Delivery if worthwhile! (3 cams)
Vegetarian and gluten free cooking to order Soups and vegetarian specialities (Sterling costs plus 10 cams)
Vegetarian cookery (10 cams)
Water crystals Water Crystals (50g) 5 cams (makes 500ml, and the crystals grow fast: very healthy starter, currently primed with ginger and turmeric for added taste and fizz! Easy instructions included) (5 cams)
Wholefood vegetarian Cooking Wholesome vegetarian cooking by ex cook - small or large quantities (eg for freezer): your recipe or mine. (10 Cams hr + sterling costss cams)
Yoghurt kefir Kefir is a probiotic culture, rather like yoghurt, and makes a wonderful drink – usually a bit runnier than yoghurt, but apparently even more full of probiotic wonders. I find it delicious, and its much easier to produce than yoghurt. It doesn't need any special conditions. You can also make it with nut and soya milk. I can supply the culture, or give you the drink itself. (5+ cams)

Gardening & Plants

Gardening: pruning, weeding (not heavy digging) (10 cams)
Sweeping up leaves (10 cams)
2 x pots of scented geranium cuttings Two plants per pot. 3 cams per pot (3 cams)
Bunches/Basket Dried Flowers delivered bunches 4 cams...statice, bright and colourful 2 cams poppy/fennel/nigella love in a mist flower heads basket arrangements 5-10 statice helichrysum Dried flower Wreaths 15 cams (4 cams)
Canterbury bell plants
Empty large compost bags Free to anyone who can use them
Garden Design by a skilled professional with 30 years experience! One-off garden consultations also available. (12 cams)
Gardening Gardening advice and loan of books. Also plant identification, pruning advice and help, cuttings, splitting up my own plants for your garden. Roll on spring... (per hour, 10 cams)
Gardening Weeding mowing lawns, pruning fruit trees reviving tired hedges (10 cams)
Gardening (10 cams)
Gardening and plant care Grass cutting, light gardening. House plant care while you are away (10 cams)
Gardening and plant care Grass cutting, light gardening. Picking and freezing your vegs, too. House plant care while you are away. (Rate per hour: 10 cams)
Gardening help Occasional gardening.
General gardening help I can offer general gardening help - weeding , pruning (I have useful heavy duty loppers), raking leaves, light digging, etc.
grape hyancinths Intense deep blue flowers. In pots ready to be planted out (3 cam cams)
Handsome Moustera (Swiss cheese) plant (5 cams)
Jay Cole I am happy to help with heavy gardening - hedge cutting, compost bins, digging over etc. (10 cams per hour cams)
Landscaping equipment loan axes, pickaxes, shovels, sledgehammers, crowbars, tampers, heavy duty rakes. Ask if there is something else you need. (negotiable cams)
Lavender plants They are fairly small. I can probably get 4 to a pot but if you just want one, it’s half a cam. (2 cams)
Light gardening I have a strimmer & other tools
Light Gardening General upkeeping: weeding; pruning; (10 cams)
liquorice plants 30-40cm tall plants of liquorice. Roots can be harvested for cooking. (5 cams cams)
Pilea peperomioides or Chinese money plant Pilea peperomioides or Chinese money plant I have six to sell. They make many baby plants very easily.
pond plants lots of plants to spare from my pond.
Pruning shrubs, climbers and fruit trees. Horticulturally trained and many years experience! (12 cams)
Pruning Pruning shrubs
Root Wrapped Rose Bushes Perfect time for planting these dormant rose bushes, carefully wrapped after lifting to protect them from the frost. All types; climbing, rambling, floribunda, hybrid T, and all colours. 4 cams each or 3 for ten cams. Please come to the shop and give your camlets details to purchase. (4 cams)
Saskatoon/June berry plant Due to lack of space, I need to remove this beautiful saskatoon/june berry bush. If you are interested let me know. Many thanks Karina (10 cams)
snowdrops Snowdrop 'in the green' Ready to be planted. Just finished flowering. (3 cam cams)
Succulent Sempervivum plants for sale. 3 cams each Succulent sempervivum plants (cactus) for sale. Can be kept indoors or planted in the garden. Lovely shape and texture, If they have space, they will expand and grow rosettes, or baby plants in concentric circles. (3 cams)
Tomato plants Piccolo or Tumblig Tom. Need to be rown on before planting outside in May (2 cam cams)
Tubs of Plants for your Patio I have an enormous range of tubs of plants that need to be shifted. These have originated as stock in the shop, but planted up by me in what I call the 'plant hospital'. Each tub is chocca with lovely spring and summer bulbs and other perennials. Ideal for transplanting into your garden or instantly brightening up your patio. Please come to the shop at Lensfield Road, ask for me and be given a guided tour. Once you have chosen which ones you like I will drop them off for you. (2/3 cams)
Veggies and seedlings I have different seedlings available at different times. Mostly vegetable seedlings. Very interested in exchanging vegetables at any time of year as well. (2-10 cams)
Watering plants (10 cams)
Weeding & planting (10 cams)
Wildflower identification I can identify wild flowers (NOT garden flowers) and happy to teach basic plant identification. The best way is on a wild flower walk: we go out together to look at whatever flowers we can find and the habitats they are growing in. Length and location negotiable. Anything from half an hour in central Cambridge one lunch hour or after work to a whole day expedition further afield if transport can be arranged. Note I am not an expert on edible plant/foraging. (negotiable cams)
winter flowering honeysuckle Lonicera pupusii Fragrant winter shrub. Ready for planting (5 cam cams)

Gardening: advice/equipment

Bamboo canes (4 cams)
Distressed cane basket With bent wooden handle (3 cams)
electric wood shredder in good working order, I just don't use it any more. cams by negotiation once you have seen it. I can bring it to you. (30-40 cams cams)
Galvanised iron florists vase (6 cams)
Galvanised iron pot Printed with ‘ fleurs & plants, trimmed with rope. (4 cams)
Giant plant pot Brand new. 45cm high + 50cm diameter (8 cams)
High Pressure washer Suitable for cleaning paving areas, and car washing (suggest per day 10 cams)
Loan of garden tools, various contact Elspeth CB41
Loan of lawn mower
Loan of lawn mower new and works well, for up to 100ft garden, hardly used. (negotiable cams)
Loan of lawn strimmer if interested I'll send a pic of tools I have (negotiable cams)
New top of the range garden trowel Made by Burgon Ball, 30cm long with stainless steel blade, leather thong through hard wood handle. (7 cams)
Plant pots Going Free! I have lots of plastic plant pots of all sizes. Come & choose what you need. I am Waterbeach very close to the station.
save water Water Butt Diverter & Filter Kits 3 on offer. 0426, Yolanda
Teaching Gardening Skills - Ceri I can teach skills for growing your own fruit and veg. In addition to several years allotment experience I have also completed a permaculture gardenig course and a permaculture design course. (10 Cams cams)
Two small cream planters 3 cams for both. (3 cams)
Very good garden compost (10 cams)

Goods: Books & Magazines

Books Acacemic books mainly published by Cambridge University Press. Shakespear's (5 cams per 5 copies cams)
Books, various hardbacks Times Atlas of the World, Ninth Edition Hardback Boxed 10 cams. Times Atlas of Britain, Hardback 10 cams. Times Atlas of London. Hardback 10 Cams Finding Longitude:Royal Museums Greenwich. Hardback 7 Cams (various cams)
Home restoration manual Large hardback in nearly new condition (4 cams)
How to sew really well lessons (5 cams)
Loan of cookery books & novels
times atlas of the world Times Atlas of the World, Hardback boxed. Ninth Edition. Rarely opened! Reduced for quick sale! (10 cams)
Various books Various books, between 1-4 cams per book depending on size. Pictures for them are on the Facebook page, but I can email photos instead if wanted. Titles are: The Casual Vacancy, The Gormenghast Trilogy, Michael Crichton's Congo, The Restaurant At The End of The Universe, I Am Legend, C for Dummies Vol 1, C for Dummies Vol 2, A Collection of Cat Tales, Hamlyn's Tell Me Why, Complete Book of Yoga, Tai Chi: A practical introduction, Shiatsu Made Simple, The Illustrated Guide to Crystals, In The Shadow of the Shaman, Lucid dreams: what they are and how to have them. (1-4 cams each cams)
Various cookbooks Various cookbooks, between 1-4 cams per book depending on size. Pictures for them are on the Facebook page, but I can email photos instead if wanted. Titles are: The Food of Thailand, Reader's Digest Fast Food, Reader's Digest Perfect Poultry, Reader's Digest Meat Classics, Grandma's Kitchen Journal, St. Michael Freezer Cookery Book, The Good Housekeeping Complete Microwave Cookbook, Sarah Brown's Vegetarian Cookbook, The Taste of Health, Wok: Dishes from China Japan and South-east Asia. Also some small cookbooks for Italian, Chinese, Chicken and Puddings. (1-4 cams each cams)
Victorian & period details Large hardbacks, beautifully researched & illustrated, in nearly new condition. 4 cams each (4 cams)

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

1GB DDR2 Laptop memory 1GB DDR2 Laptop memory. Came from a laptop that was upgraded to 2GB modules. Likely to suit an old laptop that has become sluggish that has a spare memory slot. (5 Cams cams)
5 in 1 steam mop
6 Silver fish knives 6 delicate fish knives with raised fish design. Email Sara for photo. (5 cams)
baby walker baby walkers suitable for 8-16 months 5 cams each for the plastic ones or 10 cams for a little wooden and metal bumble bee walker (5 cams)
Balance Wheel Balance Wheel - for core exercise. In box with instructions. (7 cams cams)
Bamboo rack Bamboo rack for letters or lids (L: 31cm/12”) (3 cams)
Bamboo toothbrush
Beautiful, large cake slice Engraved silver. (5 cams)
Box of two photograph wallets Everything in red, white & blue design. (3 cams)
Bracelet Silver colour with pale orange stones (4 cams)
Brass pot For spraying water. Photo available (6 cams)
Bronzed effect large shopper Little used (3 cams)
Button cell batteries AG3, AG4, AG12, AG13 I have strips of batteries (5 of each) purchased from Poundland - any offer welcomed, on any size! (AG10 already gone) See Facebook photo: (any offer cams)
Cath Kidston shoulder bag with cowboy print Very good condition
Charming ceramic pot In shape of a very large cupcake. Nicely designed & made. Acts as a piggy bank with slot for coins which can be extracted from base. Nearly new (5 cams)
Clip on earrings Small gold coloured earrings with pale green stones. Comes with matching pendant but no necklace chain (5 cams)
Colourful glasses cases
Complete household contents Please ring in the morning if possible. Don’t ring between 1pm & 4pm. Gillian can’t ring mobiles back as it’s too expensive. Cams/cash.
copper kettle, washing line, coal bucket copper kettle !0 camlets Re-tractable indoor washing line 10 camlets Brass coal bucket 20 camlets
Cork board Framed cork board . 60 x 40 cm. (7 cams cams)
Costume jewellery adjustable rings Costume jewellery adjustable rings, 2 cams each or 2 for 3 cams. See Facebook group for photo or can email it on request. They're mostly in the style of semi-precious stones but I think they're actually made from glass. There's also two gold tone rings at the bottom which have plastic cabochons inset. (2 cams)
Cream ceramic vase Tall,slim & elegant. Tapered from base to slender neck.unused. (7 cams)
door mat Coir doormat, heavy duty outdoor, new. Union Jack motif. 5 cams (5 cams cams)
Double steamer Double Steamer (H: 20cm/8” & W: 18.5cm/ 7.25" (6 cams)
Empty jars
Expandable wheeled suitcase Cherry/burgundy red Antler suitcase with 4 easy-glide wheels, separate outside compartment. Cost £175 new! A high quality item. Size 45 x 22 x 60 long (excluding wheels). Very smart and in excellent condition. It expands to fit more inside, although when expanded it can then be a bit unstable when full and standing upright - just balance the weight with heavier items at bottom. Or use it unexpanded. A real bargain! (10 cams)
Eyelashes kit new in box (4 cams)
Files & box files 3 files & 12 box files
Firewood I've got a couple of barrow loads of fire wood. it ranges from kindling to 3-ft long 6 inch trunk sections, so it will need some cutting. Offers accepted. (10 cams)

Household: equipment

for Sale An illuminated globe (20 cams cams)

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

Gift boxes Red velvet covered snowflake embroidered box - 5 cams. Wooden box with latch (empty, has picture of Bonn on front but could be nice as gift box redecorated) - 4 cams. Pictures are up on Facebook group or can email if asked.
Gold coloured Alarm clock Battery included. The battery cover is missing. (3 cams)
Hand mincer Open to offers
Incense Selection of incense as I'm clearing mine out. 4 x cone packs that are open but have at least 10 cones left each - those are sandal, patchouli, jasmine and musk. Also a ceramic cone incense rester, green with yin yang symbol on. 2 foil wrapped packets are sandalwood and jasmine. There's a dozen small packets in many scents but they only have 1 or 2 small sticks each. Also 9 small red sticks I don't know scent for but it smells sweet. Also lotus packet with four sticks left in. (open to offers cams)
Jewellery handbag New cylindrical rigid jewellery handbag with handles. Very stylish in black & silver (5 cams)
Ladies Bicycle - old but working Bike I have finally bought a new bike and am now selling the one that I've been using. It is in reasonable working order for an old bike. I've been using it - tyres are good, brakes are good, the gears are not currently working though. (80 cams)
Large jars I’ve got two 1.14L jars
memory foam topper memory foam topper (thin) for single bed. (5 cams cams)
New black leather Italian bag with drawstring (8 cams)
New burgundy velvet hot water bottle cover Still wrapped (7 cams)
New Celtic design necklace Silver with Pearl in the middle (8 cams)
New earrings x 2 One pair are Isle of Wight purple glass surrounded by silver plated flower. 7 cams One pair gold colour with purple flowers. 4 cams
New necklace with small stones. The stones are white, turquoise, red, orange, black, pale blue & clear. (5 cams)
New Parker pen set (8 cams)
New scented candle Lovely glass container with large lavender & lime candle. Has lid. 4” high (5 cams)
New shopping bag Very sturdy new shopping bag by Ai Wei Wei bought at Tate gallery. (8 cams)
New tulip shaped glass tumblers x 4 They have either a bright toucan or parrot decoration 4.5” tall. (7 cams)
parsley Parsley plants 1 cam each (1 cams)
Pressure cooker Hi-Dome Pressure cooker, family size. Offers invited.
Purple Whittards tea caddy/tin Purple Whittards tin for storing tea in. Has a 4-way plastic divider in it, designed for storage of individually wrapped tea bags. Photo on Facebook group or can email it if you request. (5 cams)
Red leather shoulder bag Very good condition
Red velvet gift box with gold snowflake embroidery Nice square gift box in good condition. Covered with dark red velvet on the lid and gold bugle beads embroidered into a snowflake pattern. Inside of box is roughly 12.5cm by 12.5cm and 5cm deep. (5 cams)
Sink and dishwasher Dishwasher
Sofa bed Foam sofa bed
solid wood child bed and mattress Solid wood child bed and mattress. Easy to assemble with a couple of bolts in each corner. Pine. Collect from CB1 or can be delivered in Cambridge for an extra 5 cams. (10 cams)
Stunning, large piece of Agate By British Fossils, boxed with note. (8 cams)
Swivel seat for car
Tennis racket A Wilson Tennis Racket in very good condition (20 cams)
Toys From birth: John Lewis wooden rabbit with wheels 3 cams; singing puppy used but I think I have the box; Scuttlebug (3 wheel scooter for age 1-2 years approx) 10 cams; push along unicorn walker with wings that flap when you push it 4 cams age from when they are walking so around 1. can be delivered in Cambridge now for 5 cams or can be collected from milford st, cb1 now or after lockdown.
TOYS building blocks age 9 months to 3 years Bag of 90 chunky plastic building blocks like Lego / Duplo. First blocks so suitable for 9 months to 3 years. My little one played with these from age 1-2 and I'm now having a clear out to make way for new toys. (4 cams)
Trailer-tent Conway trailer tent, 1980s vintage. Can sleep 4 adults and 2 children. Halfway between a tent and a caravan. Easy to tow. (Offers cams)
Triple steamer Triple Steamer (H: 23.5cm/ 9.25” & W: 21cm/8.25”) (6 cams)
Tripod for cameras with case Tripod, Jessups TP220 fits most cameras. Case for same: Town & Country, blue/grey. Hardly used. (15 cams)
Two brand new stylish picture frames John Lewis.Pale wood frame with photo floats in the glass centre. 4 cams each (4 cams)
USB 3 port Hub White 3 port usb hub. (not powered) (5 Cams cams)
Various bags/purses Have various bags and purses, open to offers. See Facebook group for photo or can email it - colours are predominantly blue, gold or pink.
wash through toner for blonde hair Small bottle of wash in toner, new. Like purple shampoo for blonde hair to take the brassy bits away and make it more blonde. Collect cb1 or can be delivered (4 cams)
Waste disposal unit Wastemaster under sink garbage disposal unit; Offers invited.
Wooden doors 4 Pine doors, 4 stripped, one still painted. All except one of the stripped doors, 1970mmx750mm (6'7.5"x2"5.5") Last stripped door,1920mmx750mm so 2" shorter. All going 3 cams each, 12 cams for all 5. Some minor damage to panels. (3 Cams cams)
Wool carpet Very good quality dark red westex wool carpet. Used once. From home with cats. 64” x 70” (100 cams)

Goods: Furniture

3 Drawer Cabinet Light green, velvet finish, 3 drawer cabinet, in used, working condition. (7 cams)
Canvas wardrobe (used) Canvas wardrobe, in reasonable condition, flatpack so will need putting together again. 174cm tall, 87cm wide and 50cm deep. Cover is pale cream coloured. Can send photos if interested. I can also help put it back together if needed! (10 cams)
Office Chairs 9 office chairs available of various sorts. None on wheels or with arms, some padded blue, some chrome with black padded seat, some plastic. I can whatsapp photos if required. (Offers Welcome cams)
Small Pine Table Heavy, solid, small square pine table with shelf underneath, in used condition, could be sanded & restained to look new. (10 cams)

Goods: Household

Brand new handsome rag rug Very well constructed. Size 180cm long x 65cm wide (18 cams)
cork table mats Cork table mats, old inns of london. set of 5. (5 cams cams)
Hand blender Comes with whisk & mini attachments. Still in box (7 cams)
Mattress protector Brand new standard double mattress protector still in its packaging (2 cams cams)
Mending/Patching?elbow patches Patch your jumpers Darning Hemming (10 cams hour cams)
New travel iron. Unused with various steam outputs (6 cams)
Office chair Royal blue with swivel wheels & gas lift. Very good condition.
PICTURE FRAMES Some really good quality PICTURE FRAMES for sale. Surplus from OPEN STUDIOS. Medium and large, some are black, some gold... Please ask if interested
Repairs Minor plumbing (e.g. taps re-washered) Repairs to electrical appliances (10 cams)
single door red thermal curtain still in packaging, unwanted gift. Beautiful red thermal curtain with slight bobble effect. 168 by 213 cms. Cost £30. Realistic cams please. will deliver to lucky new owner. (15-20 cams cams)
Small slow cooker 1.3l Photo available (10 cams)
Storage items, some in red, some white. 5 red stacking boxes 35cm x 25cm x 20cm. 3 cams each. Miscellaneous storage items in white. 2/3 cams (2-3 cams)
stuff for sale i have a few things for sale they are all in good conditions/good working order the price is negotiable in cams i have: 1) a good upright kemble piano 2) tv and home cinema system 3) dvd and cd player 4) integrated amplifier 5)tuner 6) high performance floor standing speakers if you are interested , you can contact me peter
wooden clothes airer wooden clothes airer. Old fashioned kind. (5 cams cams)

Goods: TV/DVDs/videos/CDs

Blackbeard’s Tea Party CD Folk rock music (5 cams)
DVD hire I've got around 250 world cinema/arthouse/popular DVD's: if you want an interesting night in with a film from a particular part of the world or on a theme, come select one from my library! I'm even happy to match you up with a film if you give me a couple of pointers on what you're looking for. 2 cams per night or 5 per week. Longer loans possible. (2 cams per night cams)
For Sale 2 phones Getting rid of these as surplus to requirements. BT big button phone: Especially useful for those with moderate sight impairment. BT Decor Answerphone. Includes power brick. Have had a few people tell us that if we don't hold mouthpiece close to mouth, they have difficulty hearing us but still not sure if this is the phone part of it or is something on our line. 5 cams each or 8 the pair. (5 cams)
Loan / Use of projector (10c per day cams)
Loan / Use of video camera Sony video camera Usb interface (10c per day cams)
Merry Hell CD Folk music (5 cams)

Household: equipment

Big Button Phones Two big button phones. Great for anyone with visual or dexterity problems. Work fine for anyone else as well of course. Plug in for landline. (5Cams cams)
electric pressure cooker Immaculate condition . Only used once. Tower electric pressure cooker. Handbook inside. Will deliver to new owner. realistic offers please. cost £50 new. (30-40 cams cams)
electrical sockets multi-socket board - 8 outlets (10 cams cams)
for sale An illuminated globe (20 cams cams)
Iron. Steam Iron. surplus to requirements. - We don't need two and for me Ironing is for weddings funerals and interviews only! (5Cams cams)
keyboard for sale i have two keyboards for sale and they are both in good condition/working order. the price is negotiable, in cams. if you are interested, you can contact me peter
Knives sharpened Get many years of new life into your dull blades. Scissors, knives, all done, while you wait or drop off/pickup from me (Range: 2-5 cams)
Loan of carpet shampooer A Vax carpet/rug shampoo machine (including instructions) available for loan. 1 cam per day. Could also deliver and/or pick up for cams.
Loan of DIY tools jigsaw, electric screwdriver, hammerdrill etc
loan of food dehydrator Stockli 12 hour dehydrator, 3 round trays, for preserving fruits and vegetables, or making raw food recipes. Like this: Will bundle in the manufacturers recipe book and a raw food recipe book (Raw Food for the Real World) so you can have fun experimenting. I recommend the Macademia nut vegan cheese! Want to borrow it for a shorter or longer period? Just ask - sure we can come to an arrangement. (per fortnight: 10 cams)
loan of outdoor recycled brazier Upcycled washing machine drum on a stand to rent, fun for back garden parties! (Rent per week: 10 cams)
MS Lovely breadmaking machine, used once but too small for me, does one single loaf. Make is Coopers of Starfield. Cost over 40 pounds, can deliver to Cambridge by arrangement (15-20 cams cams)
Offer I have a wooden” Butchers Block” for Sale. It is 62 ½ cm sq, it has a metal frame with two useful shelves underneath and can be conveniently folded away when not in use. Any offers? Please ring me, email not much used
Piano for playing offering my Yamaha UX1 upright for playing by at least Grade 5 pianists, well tuned, in nice acoustics, uncluttered sitting room. Space for a small group eg a trio / a few singers, welcome. Come to try it for free. (negotiable cams)
Rechargable batteries Can recharge batteries
Use of washing machine, internet, printer Use of internet, washing machine, printer etc if yours breaks. (5 cams)

Household: help

Cleaning (10 cams)
House cleaning (10 cams)
Advice on piano purchase or maintenance (10 cams)
Complete laundry service (10 cams)
Declutering/Tidying Happy to lend you a hand from Tuesday to Friday evening. Regarding transport to a recycing point, I'm also ready to come along but not to drive. (Rate per hour: 10 cams)
Domestic chores Tuesday to Friday after 5pm. (Rate per hour: 10 cams)
Domestic cleaning (10 cams)
Energy-saving advice
General help with problems
Home and pet sitting Plant sitting. House sitting or visiting. Staying at your home for utilites workmen etc Boarding for small caged pets, goldfish etc. Or visiting your house to care for them. CRB checked and references from CamLets Cambridge if required. (per hour, 10 cams)
House sitting
Household assistance I am happy to house clean, do odd jobs, run local errands, declutter, shop, take things to the recycling centre. (10 cams/hour cams)
Ironing I can make your clothes look and feel new with careful ironing. Happy to do your ironing but am quite busy so not always able to do so at short notice or quickly, but try me. May be able to collect/deliver if near central Cambridge or my home. (10 cams/hour cams)
Ironing (10 cams)
Loan of carpet cleaner
Loan of large dehumidifier
Occasional help Odd jobs!
Oven cleaning or any mucky job you can't face I enjoy this job. Please supply the cleaning material (10 cams)
Removals Happy to lend you a hand from Tuesday to Friday after 5pm. Regarding trasport to a recycing point, I'm also ready to come along but not to drive. (Rate per hour: 10 cams)
Space Consultant: make your domestic space work for you. A rearrangement of your living space could make all the difference (10 cams)
Washing and ironing (10 cams)
Washing up Washing up, any quantity,will bring own rubber gloves! (10 Cams per hour cams)
Washing up (10 cams)
Window cleaning (10 cams)

Personal: Beauty Care

Eyelash Lift and Tint Would you like a Lash Lift and Tint? An alternative to wearing mascara by a qualified beautician and holistic therapist. 15 Cams plus £4 for products. Recommended by Lulu Agate. Sometimes I want to wear make-up so the Lash Lift and Tint enhances my lashes without any effort on my part which I love! I'm ready to go as soon as I wake up. Having the treatment from Jane makes it very affordable too. (15 cams)
Microcurrent lifting facials

Personal: Companionship

Befriending (10 cams)
Companion on outings Company for visits to concerts, theatre, art exhibitions, gardens etc. - (Negotiable cams)
Guide you and your visitors/friends on Cambridge walks (10 cams)
Help you find support for Alzheimers patients. Finding your way through the maze of Alzheimers research , drugs, care, support, and applying for NHS Continuing Care funding (10 cams)
Reading Reading to children and partially sighted and dealing with correspondence. (per hour, 10 cams)
Reading aloud (10 cams)
Reading aloud (10 cams)

Personal: Counselling

Advice on budgeting (10 cams)
Career Counselling initial consultation 2 sessions to assess your interest orientation, strengths, skills, values, achievements for job roles and lifestyle requirements, assisting creative ideas for entering the job market. (10/hr cams)
Careers guidance Help with writing CVs, letters of application, interview skills, job and University applications, job searching techniques, career counselling etc (by negotiation cams)
Counselling Informal counselling/supportive listening to help clarify problems and possibly find solutions
CV guidance and preparation I assist you with formatting & content, concise and meaningful personal profile summary, achievement statements, listing of qualifications / skills, a general CV and focussing a version for each audience. (negotiable cams)
CV guidance/constructive criticism I am happy to read over a CV and/or covering letters and give suggestions on improvements and/or spelling/grammar. Also happy to help job search if you give me criteria to look for. (per page 1 cams)
Difficult conversations help to prepare Assisting you to influence well and to feel empowered in conversations which may involve discomfort and conflict. (10/hr cams)
Help in planning a funeral Help in planning a funeral for another or yourself (10 cams)
Short term counselling 6 sessions of counselling (10 cams)
SINGLE SESSION COUNSELLING-covers two hours Two hours duration - Therapeutic Life Coaching/Counselling, structured in a way to facilitate exploration of a single issue or develop a clearer overview of a life situation or direction. I trained in this with Windy Dryden, the CBT guru, and it has proved successful both with clients' lives and my own. (15/hr cams)
Writing Difficult Letters Help with thinking through issues and expressing yourself in difficult areas plus use of computer and print out if required

Personal: Health

Emotional freedom technique Emotional Freedom Technique is effective in changing some of our unhelpful thought patterns. I can easily teach you in an hour. Watch you tube; EFT + anxiety as an introduction. Thursday-Sundays (10 cams)
Aromatherapy/massage - Dave Massage with essential oils can help with depression, anxiety and stress along with other psychological issues. Also great for many physical issues. Ideal present for a friend for Christmas! First session includes consultation. Organic oils used. 1 Hour 30 Cams 90 Minutes 35cams I have recently worked with clients with both ME and with Fibromyalgia. (30 cams)
Craniosacral Therapy Craniosacral therapy help you to connect with yourself, and life, connecting with your own resources, regulating your nervous and energetic systems. Applied through a very light and gentle touch, with clothes on, connect with the tide like movements within your body . Great for anxiety, stress,emotional dysregulation, ..chronic physical illness, chronic pain, .... For all ages. Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes. I like to leave it open when posible but can also be structered from the beginning. The sessions, also require a time for me to get ready for them. Treatments are at my private practice at my home but it could occasionally be arranged somewhere else if an appropriate place is avaialble. 60 minutes, 30 cams; if 90 minutes, 40 cams. Also offer tutoring/ coaching to learn how to apply craniosacral and mindfulness techniques to connect with your inner resources. This can be done face to face or online if you like. (30 cams)
Informal Medical Document Interpretation Interpreting medical documents (subject to massive disclaimers) (10 cams)
Loan of infrared lamp and massage machine Infrared lamp and massage machine for aches and pains. Cams by negotiation.
Loan of Louise Hay casette tapes (10 cams)
Loan of massage table Table needs to be collected from Burwell. (negotiable cams)
Massage Massage offered in exchange for commitment from clients needed for Bach Flower study. 4 session commitment and commitment to keep a diary of symptoms/ change and commitment to take orally, at least 4 times a day, the personal prescription for 3 weeks with a further 3 follow up appointments. Philosophy: whole mind and body therapy.
Meditation Mindfulness Meditation for clarity wisdom understanding and stress reduction (10 cams)
Meditation - half hour sessions Meditation Half hour meditation sessions one evening a week. Also, a series of podcasts. How to meditate creatively (on Soundcloud) by Dr ELizabeth English A series of 14 brief podcasts (roughly 5-10 minutes each) that introduce ways to meditate creatively. Suitable for all levels of experience, or none. 15 minute meditations (on Soundcloud) by Dr Elizabeth English Live recordings from lunchtime meditations in Easter term, 2020 (5 cams) (Elizabeth ENGLISH - 0723) CB4_ (5 cams) (Elizabeth ENGLISH - 0723) CB4_
MINDFULNESS Gareth is MBSR trained: to level 3 at Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and listed with the Network for Mindfulness Practitioners and Gareth offers 1-to-1 coaching in Mindfulness and is now accepting lets for this - so get in touch and ask about Mindfulness and nmonduality. come and sign up for a class! (the 8 week course starts April 27th for 8 weeks every Thursday, or every Saturday (180 lets for the course cams)
Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat in France Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat June 11-16 2016. Relaxation, Yoga, meditation, silent walks, talky walks,discussion and creative response activities (poetry, prose, designing your mandala), local visits. Full board 5 nights, vegetarian meals. Cash/cams payment.
MOBILITY SCOOTER Small Traveling Mobility scooter, which goes into the boot of the Car for shopping trips or managing Hospital long corridors. welcome to make use of it for as many days as needed. Yolanda 0426
Moral support after hip replacement This may be a common occurance these days, but it helps if there is someone to talk to who has been through it. (5 cams)
Personal assistance I have experience and can assist people who are having difficulty due to illness or injury to manage their daily tasks. Washing and dressing, food preparation, household tasks, getting in and out of bed, shopping etc (10 cams/hour cams)
Progesterone cream Unopened jar of Wellsprings Serenity progesterone cream. Expires 06/22. ( 5 cams cams)
Reflexology Foot massage (10 cams)
Relaxation Relaxation exercises and sessions
Relaxation techniques Relaxation techniques - advice and support (10 cams)
RETREAT CENTRE Mindfulness-in-Nature in outdoor well-being retreat centre. walking in the woods and being among great trees in an ancient woodland, near Wimpole. Gareth is MBSR trained: to level 3 at Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and listed with the Network for Mindfulness Practitioners and 180 lets for the course, come and join the class! Starting April 27th for 8 weeks every Thursday
Shiatsu massage Promoting healing and self development through touch, Shiatsu is a form of body work and energy work practiced fully clothed, usually on a mat on the floor. Developed in the twentieth century in Japan, it has roots in Chinese medicine, Western physiology, and Japanese traditional massage. I have a certificate in acupressure from the Shiatsu College, Norwich. I will accept sterling or cams; pay as you are able. (20 cams)
STRESS BUSTER -Indian Head Massage and Stillpoint A calming Indian Head Massage and then a short session of Stillpoint ThoughtStopping can really re-set your stress button - at mine in Chesterton or yours (small charge for more than 2 miles from CB4) Twenty two years experience! Do call for further info if you like. (15 cams)
Swedish massage and massage therapy (10 cams)
Tapping to re.duce unhelpful habits Emotional Freedom Technique is effective in changing some of our unhelpful thought patterns. I can easily teach you in an hour. Watch you tube; EFT + anxiety as an introduction. Thursday-Sundays (10 cams)
Teaching Massage Teaching massage to couples/friends. Over a number of sessions I will teach you to give a full body massage to each other, through talking, demonstration and guided practice. We will also cover the basics of using essential oils in massage. (20/hour cams)
Waterproof cast cover for arm Loan of a LIMBO waterproof arm cast protector. This allows you to shower/bath and prevents water penetrating the bandage or plaster cast.
Yoga classes Iyengar yoga initial 2 trial classes. I teach in my home studio conservatory, max 3 in class for social distancing, each person benefits from attention and creates a friendly learning environment. Lots of light and warmth. (15/1.5hr cams)

Personal: Spiritual

Chakra Meditations and breath work, evenings 75mins The Chakras are the subtle energy centres in the body-mind and are the gateway to our emotions and feelings for personal growth and development of relationship with Self. The meditations are seated or supine and the breath work is simple pranayama to calm the Being from arousal to allow coming into your presence for a meditative state. Guided meditation in this way helps to learn and practice safely and enjoyably. Some simple movement allows bodily experiencing of the Chakras for inspiring ways to bring them into consciousness. Chakra Meditations and breath work integrates the Tradition of Yoga with Psychosynthesis which is a body - feelings - mind - spirit psychology. (12.5/1.25hr cams)
Learn to work with your dreams Easily learned, an interesting method of unravelling a dream.
Life Coaching Life/ spiritual/ health coaching To support you in your day to day and your life plans, dreams and difficulties. Coaching to connect with your inner resources and to be connected with others and what bond us. Offered face to face at my private practice at my home but also online. Possibility to stay over, if you would like, cams for accomodation. These sessions, require sometime for me to prepare them; last for an hour, 20 cams. (20 cams)

Personal: Health

Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat in France Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat June 11-16 2016. Relaxation, Yoga, meditation, silent walks, talky walks,discussion and creative response activities (poetry, prose, designing your mandala), local visits. Full board 5 nights, vegetarian meals. Cash/cams payment.

Personal: Spiritual

One to one support (10 cams)
Qigong Qigong sessions offered in small groups and one-to-one. Currently weekly session on zoom on a Friday 11 to 12 (10 cams)
Qigong on Zoom with Maggie A weekly zoom session on a Friday at 11 - 12.00 To include: . 'The Healing Form'; exercises to strengthen our immunity and lungs; breath focussed meditation; warm up qigong for joints etc You will be very welcome. E mail me for the zoom number and password. (Addenbrookes donation cams)
Transpersonal discussion (10 cams)


Cat feeding
Cat feeding Experienced cat owner available for feeding your cats whilst you are on holiday. I am also comfortable changing cat litter if required. A restriction I have is that I can only do so for people within either walking or easily busable distance of where I am in East Chesterton. (per day 4 cams)
Cat sitting I will visit and feed your cat while you're away (10 cams)
Dog Boarding My husband and I are retired and my adult daughter works flexible part time hours so there is usually someone in the house to give your dog attention. We are dog lovers and enjoy having dogs to stay and have lots of experience. (15 cams a day cams)
Dog sitting Dog walking occasional or regular. We will look after your dog in our home whilst you are on holiday. We are dog lovers who enjoy walking. (10 cams per day cams)
Dog walking (10 cams)
Dog Walking I am a very keen dog walker. I have recently sustained a leg injury so can only walk for half an hour at a time. (10 cams/hour cams)
Dog walking in Over area
Feeding cats (10 cams)
Giving pills to cats and short-term pet feeding (10 cams)
Pet Care Feeding and cleaning. Tuesday to Friday after 5pm. (Rate per hour: 10 cams)


Shopping (10 cams)
Buying or collecting from shops in central Cambridge Seasonal produce: Cambridge Market is still open and there's plenty of local fruit and veg available. Also specialist stalls: Emerald Wholefoods (dried fruit, olives, tea & coffee), Cheese stall, Jamaican cakes, bread. Let me know if you want me to buy things for you. Collect from my house (time by agreement) or I may be able to deliver to places within reasonable distance of city centre.
Doing errands Shopping, collection, delivery. A limited number of items, neither heavy nor voluminous, as I use a bike. Tuesday to Friday after 5pm. (Negotiable rate, but in cams)
Shopping I can't shop on my bike at the moment due to a leg injury. I can possibly shop by car if necessary. (10 cams/hour cams)
Veg/ Wholefood shopping help Shopping (to your list and budget) at Daily Bread Wholefood Warehouse plus delivery in Cambridge 5 Cams, negotiable outside Cambridge (10Cams per hr cams)

Sports & Recreation

Bike / Walking Tours of Cambridge As well as working as a Punt Tour guide I've recently branched out into leading cycling and walking tours of Cambridge - perhaps a fun activity if you have family or friends you want to show around. Can customise to the desires of participants, if there are particular areas or things you're interested in. Rates are negotiable - I don't imagine I'll do many of these for Cams, but thought it would be fun to offer. (20 cams)
Circle dancing Contact for anyone interested in circle dancing (cost minimal)
Football player Hi guys, I am a superb football player. I think I have born with a ball in my foot. If you need some mate to play with or to complete your team. Call me
Help with map-reading & route-planning (10 cams)
Juggling lessons Three-ball juggling lessons to get you started. (per hour, 10 cams)
Learn to solve cryptic crosswords (10 cams)
LIke punting? Punt chauffeuring lessons
Loan of 2 person tent Loan of 2 person 'pop up' tent. Not much used at all, but remember it being fairly easy to put up. Fits in a relatively flat circular bag (85cm diameter) that has straps to be carried on your back. Constructed tent is 85cm high and 183cm by 213cm sleeping space. (per week 5 cams)
Loan of board/card games I have a decent collection of board/card games and am happy to loan out games for a week/fortnight/month, as long as they will be returned in good condition with no missing pieces. Cams dependant on what game and how long loan is. If you'd like to know what I have that I can offer I can email/link to a list of mine. I'm also able to give board games recommendations if needed.
Poems for Special Occasions Choosing (or writing, if need be) poems for special occasions (10 cams)
Punt lessons / tour I've been a more or less full time punt tour guide for almost 4 years now (gosh, time passes..). I can either give punting lessons (to be honest there's not that much to learn, beyond a few tips it's mostly just practice, but sometimes useful to have someone with you or to guide you to begin), or the kind of standard tour you get from the punt tour operators in Cambridge, or both. I don't have a punt, I could maybe get access to one, but otherwise you'd need to hire or have access to one yourself.
Table tennis practice We have a full sized table tennis table in a decent-sized room available for anyone who wants to improve their game, learn to play or just have a go! Best to come with a partner, but we may be able to play with you or give some tuition if needed (perhaps for a few extra cams/hr, negotiable). Available most evenings/weekends. Next door to the pub in Babraham! (10 cams)

Technical: Computer/phone help

Apple Mac training including Word, Excel for Macs (10 cams)
Canon Printer inks Canon Printer inks 510 X 2 (black) 510 & 511 combined (offers invited cams)
Computer advice/help I'm a confident computer user who works in computer networking for a day job and has daily use of both Mac and PC systems, as well as some familiarity with Linux too. I can help with issues, preferably via email but may be able to do so in person provided you live within walking or easily busable distance of me. What I don't know already I can usually find out fairly quickly as I have good research and troubleshooting skills so am happy to give it a go helping you with your computer issues. Have experience with Windows 7 but not with Windows 10. (per hour 10 cams)
Computing advice Computing advice (10 cams)
Help setting up Airbnb listing or advice on renting I have a lot of experience renting out rooms and houses. A couple of members now have asked me to talk them through Airbnb settings and help them set up listings. I'm happy to help anyone else with this or discuss the different options for rentals.
Help with whatsapp, zoom , facetime If you are self-isolating it's especially important to stay in contact with your loved ones and support network. You may have been asked to join a neighbourhood whatsapp group. You may be resisting all these technologies and feeling overwhelmed. One to one telephone help to get you up and running. whatsapp, zoom, facetime, facebook, or other. Free. (Free cams)
Internet searches Quick internet searches for those without broadband - while you wait
PC Hardware/Software Support I work in IT Support and can assist with most issues. (15 cam/hr cams)
Photoshop/Google SketchUp for beginners (10 cams)
Software Assistance with Mac/PC software e.g. MSOffice (10 cams)
Teaching Linux basics -Dave I have been using Linux, a free alternative to being in hock to big companies such as Microsoft for over 10 years. I can teach you how to set up a linux system from scratch as well as solve problems with it. (10 Cams cams)
Technical health check Bring me your technical issues and we can work through them. Examples: not receiving emails, updating operating system or software, firewalls and viruses/malware checkers, sharing documents between your devices or synching contacts, setting up a simple website. Technology is part of our lives now, make it as pain-free and even as pleasurable as possible. In person or over the phone. (10 cams)
Training in basic computer skills (Word, Excel, powerpoint) (10 cams)
Use of computer Use of my broadband connection at my home (2 C/hr alone; 10 C/hr assisted cams)

Technical: Printing / Copying

Photocopying Photocopying - small quantities (2 C/hr alone; 10 C/hr assisted cams)

Transport: Bike Repair & Loan

Basic bike repairs and adjustments Can do most common bike repair and tuning jobs, and less common too. Would have to charge for parts (unless something I have spare already), but most bike adjustments are not too complicated. Was surprised to see no-one was offering this already. (10 cams)
Bicycle Loan Ladies bicycle available for short term loan. Ideal if you have visitors. 10 cams per day or 30 cams for a week (10 per day cams)
Raleigh Bicycle A man's Raleigh bicycle for sale. (20 cams cams)

Transport: Lifts & Deliveries

lift 10 camlets per hour for my time plus petro/fuel cost (10 per hour cams)
Lifts Lifts up to 30 miles but not to airports (£ petrol + 10 per hour cams)
Lifts Plus sterling for petrol (10 cams)
Lifts Lifts in car, within Cambridge or to Norwich, Enfield or south-east London (10 cams)
Lifts (10 cams)
Lifts I am offering lifts again. I can drive you locally or further afield and can collect or deliver things for you. I have a big car I can move big things but if it is bigger than a bag of shopping, you would need to lift things in and out of the car yourself.
Lifts I can take 4 passengers and can give only local lifts at the moment due to a leg injury. (10 cams/hour +petrol cams)
Lifts I'm happy to provide lifts to local places - Addenbrookes, train station, etc. I have a car which can seat 4 passengers. Also have my own car seat installed. (10 Cams/hr cams)
lifts & transport I have a Fiat Doblo disability waggon (& blue badge) - happy to do occasional lifts & pick-up's on an adhoc basis. Wheelchair accessible, & safe driver. best to email giving at least a weeks notice: best days are mondays (I juggle care of a parent with a freelance media/creative career!) (10 CAMS P/H & petrol cams)
Lifts by car (10 cams)
Lifts by car Lifts by car (not Heathrow) (sterling plus 10 cams)
Lifts by electric car Get a lift without the emissions (one pound plus 10 cams)
lifts in electric car Able to give lifts around Cambridge. Full clean driving licence, small eco-friendly vehicle. (10 cams)
Local lifts Will charge sterling for petrol
Small trailer for hire Hire of small car trailer/box in 6' x 4' approx
To and from Stansted Airport Lifts to/or from Stansted or Luton Airports, or pick up. Other lifts considered.
Transporting your stuff with my estate car and trailer. I can transport your stuff with my estate car and trailer 10 cams per hour plus petrol mileage cost (10 cams)
Van transportation I have a long wheel base Landrover(van-type) with a full length heavy duty roofrack.Able to transport large items of furniture,crates,building materials etc.Also large internal loadspace. (10 Cams/hour+fuel.. cams)

Tuition: Languages

Chinese lessons (10 cams)
Conversation en français Si vous pouvez lire ce message, vous comprenez le français suffisamment pour faire partie de notre petit groupe francophile qui se réunie une fois par semaine par Zoom (date à décider). Sinon, notre groupe avancée pourrait peut-étre vous intéresser (le mardi matin 10-11:30). Pendant cette période d'isolation, il faut bien faire quelque chose d'utile!! (10 cams)
Conversation in Spanish (Rate per hour: 10 cams)
Dutch and German GCSE French I am a native speaker of Dutch and have taught Dutch at Hills Rd to Adults. I also taught German A level at various schools and Hills Rd. French I have taught for exam practice at GCSE level.
Dutch conversation/lessons Dutch conversation/lessons (10 cams)
Elocution/accent lessons Fine-tune your English - for non-native speakers (10 cams)
English conversation (10 cams)
English language & literature tuition up to A level Tuition in English language/literature/GCSE/A level (by qualified teacher) - - (10 cams)
English lessons English lessons for foreigners
French conversation classes I'm writing to you because you (may have) expressed an interest in brushing the rust off your A level French from the last century (!) and returning it to active use. I'm running informal but themed and structured French classes chez moi at 89 Roseford Road,CB42HB from Tuesday October 15 morning from 10-11:30. Coffee will be served. The tuition fee is £12 (or 12 cams for Camlets members). A qualified and very experienced language teacher, my classes aim to practise essential French structures orally so that they become automatic; improve your pronunciation; provide fail-safe coping strategies, and improve your listening skills. Confidence-building, self- expression and fun will be the order of the day in a safe setting. Motivation is the prime factor in successful language learning. Not memory. Not graft. Not aptitude.... So on completion of the course (by May) you can look forward to the reward of an optional 6-day residential course at our house in south west France where you can immerse yourself in French life, holding your own fluently and confidently in a range of authentic settings: preparing a meal; a meeting with a local Maire; a Q & A with a local Office de Tourisme; a country walk n' talk; une viste à la ferme; a guided tour of Clairevivre (look it up); making an enquiry on the telephone; a meal in a restaurant, etc. If this piques your interest get back to me. Feel free to tell anyone with rusty knowledge of French you think would benefit from these classes. Class size ware limited to 6 or 7 so dépêchez-vous! à très bientôt, David (12 cams cams)
French class (10 hour cams)
French French French Join my Zoom Improvers or French Convo class or my Intermediate class..or why not start a Beginners French class. Exercise your grey matter in fun structured group classes. Trained and experienced teacher live from la France Profonde! Get fuent for the day you will be able to travel to France, Belgium, Senenegal, Morocco, Martinique, Québec... (10 cams / hour cams)
French tuition Do you need help understanding a document in French ? Would you like to improve your French ? I can do that
French/English interpreting/empowering e.g. Presentation coaching, fast fluency (10 cams)
German lessons I'm a native speaker and a linguist, and happy to tailor lessons to your needs. I have some experience teaching but I am not a professional teacher. (10 cams cams)
German/English interpreting/empowering e.g. Presentation coaching, fast fluency (10 cams)
Italian conversation (10 cams)
Language assistance Assistance with pronunciation of Italian, French, German (10 cams)
Languages Experienced English as a Foreign language. Exam preparation. All levels adults and children. Fluency and confidence. I am an experienced and qualified native speaker teacher. (10 cams)
Portuguese classes Hi I am a Portuguese native speaker (Brazilian) and I can teach you the basics of Portuguese. I have been Portuguese instructor volunteer in a social program called SPEAK which is baked by the European Union
RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CLASS I'm offering beginners' RUSSIAN language classes on Zoom **free for the first 3 trial lessons** (after which usual 10 cam/ hour rate applies. Learning a new langyage is one of the best ways to improve memory and generate new brain pathways. It's also fun and sociable. Russian is a rich and beautiful language spoken by over 250 million. What did you do during Lockdown,Gran/Granpa? I started learning Russian! (FREE ! cams)
Russian tuition Basic Russian lessons (Speaker trained in St Petersburg) (15 cams)
Spanish - even spanish inmersion Hiya, Spanish is my mother tongue. I offer spanish conversation if you would like to learn or to improve your spanish. It could be arranged face to face, over the phone and online. An hour, 10 cams. If you would like to come over our home, we also offer accomodation in a double room for up to two people (in our spanish household in Norfolk)and could arrange some tuition and shared time in spanish. 10 cams for our. We could also cook some spanish food. Cams to be decided according with the time invested. My teen year daughter will be very happy also to be part of, specially if you bring your kid as well. (10 cams)
Turkish tuition and translation (10 cams)

Tuition: Other

Helping kids with homework (10 cams)
Bee Keeping - Dave I have kept bees for a number of years now, I can teach the basics of how to keep them, collect swarms and am particularly interested in natural, less intrusive ways of looking after bees. (10 Cams cams)
Chicken keeping - Ceri I can teach not only about the basics of chicken keeping but also about how to set up a cooperative so that you do not have to be there every single day for your chooks. (10 Cams cams)
Circle dancing
Clarinet/ sax/ piano/ recorder/ music lessons
Computer programming: First steps/help for beginners If you want to try computer programming but don't know where to start, or you have started but need some help. I have been programming in various programming languages since my teens, and also ran a Code Club for Year 5 students for a year. (10 cams cams)
Creative writing feedback I now have time to read and give experienced sensitive and constructive feedback on your creative writing. Memoirs, novels, short stories and poetry as well as non-fiction. I have an MA in Creative Wriitng from UEA (10 cams / hour cams)
GCSE and A level coaching, highly qualified and experienced (10 cams)
Guitar tuition (10 cams)
Help with school work (primary) general tuition (10 cams)
Help your child with homework and reading I can give your child confidence in reading and help with homework. Experienced and patient teacher. (10 cams / hour cams)
Juggling I can teach juggling skills, can demonstrate up to Mills' Mess and basic three club juggling. can teach how to progress beyond this. (10 cams)
Maths coaching to GCSE, (10 cams)
Physics tuition Physics to 'A' Level
Piano lessons Beginner to lower intermediate. (10 cams)
Piano lessons: classical/some jazz/blues/theory (10 cams)
Research advice and training by very experienced university researcher
Science Coaching to A Level (10 cams)
Teaching string figures


Loan of gazebo Rate negotiable
Online research I enjoy online research and would be happy to help you with research such as, but not limited to: job hunting, house hunting or finding a good price for an item. (per hour 10 cams)
Packaging - boxes and jiffy bags I have an assortment of previously used but perfectly possible to recycle jiffy bags (a good portion are A5 size) and small to medium boxes, good for packaging things up if you sell any items on eBay etc. Contact me if you want to come have a rummage for something suitable for your needs. I have lots and would love to see it go to good use. (negotiable cams)

Building & DIY: equipment

Painting and decorating I am free to paint your house interior to a high standard. Preparing of surfaces also done. (10 cams / hour cams)


WOOD WOOD, from trees we have been cutting downback

Z_spare category

Parking space Parking space in my driveway for up to 2 Cars, close to city center by Jesus Green/Mid Summer common and many places to eat. 10 cams for the morning or after noon. 0426 Yolanda