Frequently Asked Questions (Members)

Got a question? Get in touch, we'll try to answer it. If it's a good one, we'll add it to this list.

1. Can non-members see my personal details, like my address?
No. They can't. They are only visible to current members of CamLETS who have passwords to access the site. You can see this for yourself if you look at the website without signing in. You will find that if you try to look at the Members List for instance, you will be asked to sign in.
2. I've been asked for my Member ID but I what is it and where do I find it?
Your Member ID is your account number as four digits (prefix zeros to make it up to four digits), e.g. account number 3 will be Member ID 0003, account number 24 will be 0024 and mine will be 0249.
3. Who creates my password? Where does it come from? How do I know I am the only one who knows it?
The website will automatically create a unique password and send it to you by email so you may log in. Please change your password as soon as you can to ensure the security of your account and the system.
4. Help! I've forgotten my password! How do I get back into the website now?
You can reset your password any time, a new one will be generated and sent to you by email. Please change your password as soon as you can to ensure the security of your account and the system.
5. Can I register more than email address with the system?
No. The website will only associate one email address with one member. You can update this or any of your personal contact details at any time, you keep receiving messages from us and members regarding trades.
6. Why do all my listed offers finish with the first four (or first three with an underscore) characters of my postcode?
This is a compromise measure so that the public can see the general areas where current members live but not see exactly where they are. A complete postcode would tell people which house or block of flats you live in. Members however can see the whole postcode. When we have developed our maps section this will be useful for people wanting to find out where members live.
7. I would like to use the website myself but I don't have internet access at home, what do I do?
A password can be sent to you in the post which you can use at a library, or internet café etc. or at the home of another CamLETS member who offers internet use via the system. However, if you are logging onto the website from a public computer it is absolutely vital that you don't ask the computer to remember your password and that you remember to logout when you have finished.
8. I don't have any interest in computers and I don't want to use the CamLETS website. Can't I just get the paper Directory like always?
there is a Helper role called Buddies to help people who don't want to use the website. Anyone one who needs a buddy will be assigned one who will help them to manage their account via the website. Buddies will will be properly trained and they will be paid by the system so getting their help won't cost these members any extra Cams. They will be supported by the Buddy Coordinator.
9. Can I still have a copy of the Blue, Yellow and Pink Pages?
Your Buddy will be able to print off copies of the current Offers and Wants for you if you like. However as these will be updated every time a member adds something to or deletes something from their Profile, you might prefer to ask them to do a search of the system for you instead. You are much more likely to find what you are looking for that way.
10. Is there a discussion page on the website?
No. But we have Facebook - join the discussion there!