Top Ten Tips for Happy & Successful Trading

  1. If you offer what you enjoy doing, trading will be easier and more fun, so only advertise in the directory what you are willing and able to offer.
  2. When you contact another member to make a trade, make absolutely sure that you both are clear about what you are trading, and for how much.
  3. Make sure that you know if there is a portion to pay in sterling, and what costs if any, there may be, i.e. for travel, materials etc.
  4. Remember all transactions are negotiable. Final agreement is between the members trading with each other.
  5. Please do take the time to ask about people's qualifications and experience, especially in work involving children, medicine & health care, plumbing, transport, electrical and roof work etc.
  6. Also we strongly advise you to check that relevant insurance cover is in operation.
  7. Please respect and treat other members as you would wish to be respected and treated yourself.
  8. Current balance of members' Cams accounts, recent trading history and feedback are visible to all members.
  9. If someone contacts you requesting your services, be honest - if you can't do it - don't. If you haven't got the time, don't trade until you have.
  10. If you make arrangements with someone, please keep to them, or tell them that you can't in good time.


CamLETS is here to help introduce people to one another for the purpose of trading skills and needs with each other. We cannot take responsibility for the quality of any trade offered or completed. However, if you do have a problem with a trade or a member, which you haven't been able to deal with yourself help is always available to sort it out. If you follow the tips above points problems are less likely.

If you have any reason for concern about a member's Offers or any aspect of their behaviour please contact our friendly CHAIR: Peter Pope who deals with all complaints. All complaints are dealt with confidentially.

Page last updated by Clara 14/5/2018