Getting Started


The first screen has our lovely logo and underneath five options. 'About' gives information about CamLets; 'News', 'Offers' and 'Wants' will show you the current information for each one - but without contact details

Note: If you want to print out sections of the website, click on Printer Friendly View at the bottom the screen.

To go any further into the site where contact details of other members are stored, you need to Login. Only current CamLETS members can Login.


Click on Login, which also appears at the bottom of the navigation menu once you are in the Members Area. The next screen has two boxes on it. Your member ID is your Account Number with zeros placed in front of it to make it a four-digit number e.g. 0249. Type yours into the top box. Your Password is the individual password sent to you when your account was first created. Copy and paste it into the lower box. We recommend changing it straight away by clicking on My Profile - it's the first option on the menu.

If you forget your password at any time, you will be able to get a new one -


Click on 'My Profile' then on 'Edit My Personal Information' second down on the list. Here you'll find space for personal details about you. Fill in your details here. Don't forget to click 'Update' when you're done. Here are some detailed notes about fields within your profile page:

Boxes (also known as fields) which have an asterisk (*) by them must not be left blank.

Phone Number: Please include the area code, eg 01223, as the system is expecting the phone number to be complete.

Street Address: Please ensure your street address is correct. Although you can see your address, other members looking at it won't be able to see it so please don't forget to make sure members visiting you know what it is! If your address changes, unfortunately there is no automatic trigger to let the CamLETS administrators know, so please send a message via Contact Us with the new address, as well as amending it on your profile, so that any further printed mailings can go to your new address.

Neighbourhood Type something meaningful eg Chesterton, Arbury, Queen Edith's, Trumpington etc

Postcode: Enter the two parts with an 'underscore' instead of a space between the two parts e.g. CB1_3PL otherwise listings of members become messy.

Receiving Email Updates: Every time someone adds or changes something to their 'Offers' or 'Wants' it is added to a list of updates. An email is automatically sent out listing these updates. You can have this "Weekly" which is the default setting. You can also choose Monthly updates but you might miss a time-limited Offer, Want or a notice of an event. You can also choose 'Never' if you would rather look at the Offers etc. when you feel like it. This option will also be used by members without internet access or whose Buddies are monitoring their Profiles for them. You can always change it in the future.

Confirming payments that are made to you: If you leave this as Automatically Accept Payments any Cam payments will go through without your having to do anything. Otherwise you will be asked to accept them.

About Me box: put introductory information about yourself - it will interest other members to find out a bit more about you before they meet you and it may help them to decide whom to trade with. You could include something about when or why you joined CamLETS, your favourite trade ever and you can include a link to a website. The Administrators will insert the code to make the link live if needed.


To do this, choose one of the three Options (Create New Offer Listing, Edit Offered Listings or Delete Offered Listings). The same applies for Wants Listings. In the Offer/Want update screens you have:

Title: The entry in this field will be highlighted at the start of your Offer/Want description in the listing. Please make sure there is a Capital letter at the start of the Title and that the rest is in lower case to keep the Listing neat and readable.

Category: Members will be able to search for Offers using Categories. If you don't know which category to choose for your Offer please choose Uncategorized, and the Directory Editor will in due course fit it into an existing category, or create another category.

Rate: (in cams per hour) eg 10 (CamLETS standard hourly rate is 10). If you want to put something about sterling expenses, put that first, eg "cost of materials plus hourly rate of 10".

Description: Please write the listing in a couple of sentences at the most. Long paragraphs will make the print-outs for members without internet access very long.

Expires: If you are selling something which will only be available for a limited period or if you urgently need a service now, then you may set a date here for when the Offer/Want will automatically be removed from the listing.

If you have any questions about the website please send an email to

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