Help! I Need Some Buddy!

Once you have joined, you will have received your Username and Password for the website.

We know that some of our members may find following the instructions about how to login very straightforward. Others may struggle or experience problems. To help them we've created a new Role: Buddy. Buddies are friendly, approachable members with a specific bit of useful Know-How in their heads. They are confident users of the website here to help others who feel less confident to start using it.

We also know that some members will want to use the website but don't want to have an email account. So when they receive their passwords with their Newsletter they will also get the contact details of their nearest Buddy.With their password they'll be able to use the website and lean on their Buddy if they need some support.

Some other members may not have regular access to the internet, or may hate, fear, loathe or detest computers. These will also receive their password etc and the name of a Buddy who will call them to ask what they would like their Profile to show about them.

Yet more members may have have decided that they will NEVER use the internet. Even these members will have an online account which will show other members what they are Offering and Want. They won't have to do anything to acheive this because their Buddy will do it for them. Their Buddy might also update it, look out for news and interesting Offers/Wants for you.

So what might a Buddy do?
- Show/Help you to/login to the website and show you around
- Show/Help you to/edit your Profile
- Add a photo of yourself or a picture you like or something you make to sell
- Show you how to /Edit your Offers and Wants
- Show you how to/turn your listing off when you go on holiday
And new Members will also be given the names of their nearest Buddy.

page last updated 8/07/13