Wanted Listings

Administration: Business

Farmers Market Anyone willing to brave the cold and do a days work on a market selling pot plants and/or bulbs please get in touch. Must be physically fit and have own flask. (100 cams)
French Translation We are looking for people to help with French and Italian translation of adverts on our Amazon Selling Page, now we have gone international. This can be done from home. (10 cams)
General Help Needed Busy time of year at the moment is anyone wants to earn extra cams please contact me for work at Cambridge Farmers Outlet (or associated BnB). Jobs may include wrapping up parcels, cleaning, bedmaking, going to the post-office, window dressing, checking stock for out of date items, shadowing staff to become relief staff (bank holidays etc) Flexible on times but mornings best. (10 cams)
Help at The Hut We have opened a 'pop up' business on Station Road, Cambridge in a temporary beach hut. We need some help on Monday mornings (early to help get the team firing on all cylinders) One or two hours a week would be fine. This roll could be shared. Please contact Kelley for more information. (10 cams)
Help bottling up Sloe Gin Help needed to prepare for Christmas Markets in and around Cambridgeshire. Can you spare a few hours please? (10 cams)
Help needed in shop Casual help needed in Cambridge Farmers Outlet, especially on Bank Holidays. Payment 10 cams an hour. You will be trained in how to operate the till etc. A great opportunity to mingle with Cambridge's finest shoppers and make new friends, fitting in to your schedule. (10 cams)
Help Vacuuming Just need a bit of help with vacuuming as I hardly find enough time. Could be a regular thing. Will pay cams by the hour. (10 cams)
Help with accounting I really need some extra help completing my self-assessment online, although it is straightforward. Please contact me. (15 cams)
Help with Designing a Pro-forma Do any of my regular cams customers have time to devise a pro-forma to record cams sales in the shop ( and guidelines on whats available for how much) We have recently made fruit, flowers and vegetables available and frozen products as always. The rate is the same as in the shop £1 = 1 cam because the frozen food is already half price in sterling. Items such as flour, fresh bread etc aren't available because they are sent in by co-operative members who aren't in Cams. Any help in streamlining the buying process for staff and customers appreciated asap. (10 cams)
Help with lunch cover If anyone would like to be trained to work in the shop I am doing a training session this Saturday morning at 8.00 am - 12.00 paid in cams (40 cams). We are particularly looking for help with the odd one hour lunch cover or sick cover here and there but you must be prepared for a fairly wide variety of tasks including till work, light cleaning and customer service. (10 cams)
Leaflet design Need help designing a marketing leaflet for small independent shop in Cambridge (10 cams cams)
Leaflets Hand out a few leaflets at the station or nearby to promote The Hut. Free filled jacket potato or cold fruit smoothie with this offer. Urgent! (10 cams)
Scanning and changing PDF's to word documents Please does anyone have the equipment needed to change hard copies to electronic word versions, by scanning them in? This would save me a lot of time re-writing the twelve pages concerned. Needed asap please. (10 cams)
XCEL DOCUMENT TYPING I'm seeking someone please to help me type about 25 XCEL forms, together, me saying details, you typing...I am an XCEL dunce! Thanks... (10 cams)

Arts & Crafts: knitting/sewing

Room dressing and photography Is anybody any good at making a bedroom look nice and/or photography for me to be able to advertise a letting? (10 cams)
Sewing Machine lessons/mending - Ceri I have a new all singing all dancing sewing machine and need someone to help me learn the steps from thw slow waltz of mending and taking up hems to the Tango of creating my own clothes, either from scratch or by recycling old garments. (10 Cams cams)
sewing new cushion covers for sofa hi can anyone help me make a new cover for our sofa - or even make it for me please?

Arts & Crafts: other

Basic Book-binding I have a number of paper-bound books (vocal scores) which need basic 'repair' - ie strip off old spine cover, re-glue spine and attach new soft cover - using thick paper. It's not really book-binding, more just DIY. (10C cams)
Photography Photos of food products, e.g Goats Cheese, bread etc for marketing information for local independent shop in Cambridge (10 cams cams)
Scanning A Document Would really appreciate help to complete a project to copy a document that is my deceased Nan's handwritten life story. (She grew up in the backstreets of Birmingham and overcame poverty, with the aid of the Welfare State) I'd like to give copies to relatives as Christmas presents but great care is needed to save and collate the pages into a final, printable document. Would prefer the scanning to be done slowly and carefully, as individual pages on a flat bed scanner if possible, to avoid any damage. Would like to say cams are no object but being realistic would happily pay by the hour, 10 cams, estimate 20 hours but would negotiate if more. You must be experienced at scanning and have access to a good, reliable machine. (10 cams)
Window art Illustration/window dressing for small independent shop in Cambridge using chalk pens etc (10 cams cams)

Building & DIY - equipment

Moving bulky items. Sometimes we have items that need moving that are not straightforward for us. E.G. Currently we have an IBC that needs to be moved to the back garden from the front of the house. (10 Cams cams)
WHITE BIDET Does anyone have an old white bidet? They're not made anymore! Please ring Yolanda on 07415765026

Building & DIY - help

building plastering in small cupboard, artex bathroom ceiling, moving light switch 3'please (10 cams cams)
Building We have been planning our new kitchen for longer than I like to think about! Also, from time to time building projects in the garden. (10 cams)
Decorating Can anyone help me paint 3 smallish orange walls white? Also need the stairwell painted if feeling energetic! 10 Cams per hour (10 Cams per hour cams)
DIY help help needed to fix a curtain track which is loose and coming away from the wall
Electrician Are there any electricians out there that could help please. My tv works but my arial doesent. Wanted advice on what to do or if they can fix arial for me please? Need to be qualified though!!!!!
Help with oragnising garden shed and put up shelves Help with sorting out garden and putting up shelves (10 cams)
Install garden fencing I'd be very happy if someone could replace my garden fence (panels and maybe the uprights) as it's falling to bits, before the growing season gets underway.
Installing Fencing I need help installing some stock fencing so I can keep alpacas! (10 cams per hour cams)
Needs small Electrical jobs around the house, Electrician needed for small jobs around the house
Paint doors I'm looking for someone to prep and paint my front door and internal doors. The front door will need gloss so someone with patience to do it slowly and thinly. Someone with experience of painting with gloss would be ideal.
Patio grouting I have a large patio that needs grouting with a mix of sand and cement , is there anyone that's done this before and could do it for me please?
plumbing Small plumbing jobs
Re-grout shower Is anyone able to get the old grout from between the tiles in my shower and re-grout them please?
replace light fitting in ceiling need someone please to repair ceiling light fitting- we have the parts
sanding and repainting metal garden gate We will be starting a building project and want to reuse the black metal garden gate (1m high x 1m wide) I could do with a sanding down and repainting job. The gate will be removed from it hinges so the job can be done either t your place or in situ. giving you more flexibility Is there anyone who is willing to help restore it to its former glory. (10 per hour cams)
WALL PAINTING NEEDED Hi good peeps - Please could someone come and paint about 2.5 square metres of my kitchen walls, first terracota then a darker shade - about 3 hours work in total? - as I cannot due to arthritic wrists! Thanks : ) (10 cams)

Children & Childcare

Baby car seat Use of safe car seat for 1 year old for one week
Childminding I am looking for a sitter / childminder for my 6 year old son on some Saturday evenings. We live in Waterbeach.
Please does anyone have secondhand baby things? Dale's first grandchild (a girl) is due on November 11th. The family need a cot in particular but anything else would be much appreciated. Can be collected. (negotiable cams)
Sainsburys Lego cards If anyone shops at Sainsbury's regularly, my children are collecting Lego cards which they offer at the moment. We would happily buy some for cams! Thanks. (1 cams)


Translation Translations needed for adverts on Amazon business, German, Italian, French. Can be done from home. Please get in touch. (10 cams)

Food & Cooking

organic vegetables All kind of organic vegetables and fruits (negotiable cams)
Slimming World meals Is anyone cooking Slimming World food? I'd like to start SW again but there are a couple of nights in the week when I travel from Canterbury so too tired to cook. It would be great if anyone else is making SW food if I could buy a couple of portions to keep in the fridge or freezer for those nights. Happy to pay cash for ingredients and cams.
Sloe Berries Desperately seeking Sloe Berries for my Sloe Gin operation. Please freeze and bring to the next trading event. 5 cams per 1lb paid. Help !!! (5 cams)
Soft fruit Any plums or berries you have spare, I'd gladly take them! I love making jam, I'll even make you a few jars. (10 cams)

Gardening & Plants

An hour or two's garden help in Babraham A couple of hours of knowledgeable garden help - pruning and generaly tidying - would be most welcome, one-off or regularly. We are in Babraham - could possibly collect you from central Cambridge. (10 cams)
Bamboo cuttings I'd like some bamboo cuttings or other tall grass (ideally 2m tall) to grow in large pots to act as screen (neg cams)
Experienced gardener Help needed on organic allotment in Trumpington, at weekends or early weekday mornings. People with at least two years experience growing vegetables only please.
Garden landscaping & planning.
Garden pottering Could use some help with potting up and other related tasks, needs to be under minimal supervision. Have 20 rhubarb crowns to pot up for example. Also have a lot of poor quality rose bushes that need sorting/pruning/potting up. (10 cams)
Gardening Is anyone available to help with maintaining my garden? General weeding and tidying. Grass cutting. Also pruning raspberry/ blackberry/ gooseberry plants. Even if you can only help with one of the above, please let me know!
Gardening help I am desperate to get some help to keep my garden tidy. Is there anyone who is willing to spend a couple of hours cutting, weeding, digging etc. I live in Great Shelford.
Guerrilla Gardening I've got a lot of plants I'd like to re-home and Dale's council estate has a lot of empty shrub beds. It's at Molewood Close if anyone else would like to help for a couple of hours, preferably any Monday. I can sort out transport if needed. Thank you. (10 cams)
Help wanted in Garden I urgently need some help with weeding and planting in my small garden over the next week or two. I live in Burwell, so your own transport would be desirable. (10 cams cams)
Help with Weeding/ coppicing. As we do not use chemicals on our soil weeding is a necessary part of our allotment work. In winter there is some coppicing in the garden and will be on the allotment. (10 cams)
Occasional plant watering If you live in the Milton Road/Chesterton Road area and are up for "greenhouse duty" at times when we are away (rarely!), we'd love to hear from you. (per hour, 10 cams)
Potting up Summer Bulbs Could you spare a couple of hours to help me with some potting up. We have had a couple of enjoyable work parties already. It is an informal sit down affair, on the terrace. Lunch provided. Please pick a nice sunny day to suit yourself and we will accommodate you. Just call in at the shop. (10 cams)

Gardening - advice/equipment

Advice in the garden General advice in garden, maybe including pruning. (per hour 10 cams)
Chainsaw Loan of chainsaw (with or without chainsaw owner!) for a morning or afternoon sawing up large logs to be used as fire wood (any cams)
Help and advice General advice and light help in our garden. (10/hr cams)
Lawnmower service Can anyone help with servicing my petrol lawnmower? I've been told it needs a carburetor service. It starts but won't stay running.
Raised beds I'm looking for a few more raised beds for my garden veg patch. 1m x 1m ideal but will consider others sizes. Either wood or plastic fine as long as they are stable when put together. (negotiable cams)

Goods: Books & Magazines

A STREET CAT NAMED BOB I'm looking for a copy of this book
Garden Magazines WANTED: Gardening magazines for craft. Free would be preferable but happy to pay 1-2 cams for each. Thanks. (Free/ 1-2 cams cams)

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

A Soda Stream If anyone has a working Soda Stream they no longer use, I would love it. Happy to give however many cams you think appropriate. (25 cams)
fairy lights (negotiable cams)
Ironing board covers Hello, would anyone have a nice ironing board cover that they don't need? Either for a big ironing board or for a little table top one. Thanks
Ladies size 5/6 38/9 rollerblades or rollerskates Does anyone have some rollerblades or roller skates that still work well?
Perfume or perfume gift set Hello I'm looking for a new bottle of perfume or a perfume gift set.
Plastic topped glass jars Could camlets members collect plastic topped glass jars for me, please? And perhaps, contact me when they have 10, ideally of the same type. e.g. 100g coffee jars, small peanut butter jars, etc. Will agree cams with members? Please call (mornings only). (1 cams)
shredder does anyone have a shredder they no longer need?Mine is on it's very last legs after having been repaired at the repair cafe twice, and I still have a lot of paper to deal with - prefer to shred as it composts better! (Any cams)
SOS! Plastic Carrier Bags! Please bring in your used carriers bags asap if you are passing. We have run out!!! (0.05 cams)

Goods: Furniture

Bedroom chest White bedside chests – made by MFI about 20-30 years ago, three drawers with one brass coloured knob on each drawer.
Decoraters/ flding table needed to hire I need a folding table e.g. a decorator's table to use as a portable bread stall for an event this Sat 28th Nov - will take good care of it (TBC cams)
Dining chair or set of dining chairs Hello, I'm looking for a nice wooden or cream or wicker dining chair or a set of dining chairs. I don't want dark colours or red. Something neutral would be ideal. Just let me know how many cams you would like. If you were able to deliver, this would be even better. If not, I may be able to arrange collection.
Piano stool needed- cams and/or cash Have piano but no stool. Cams and/or cash offered. Can pick up (Negotiable cams)

Goods: Household

Clothes dryer hanger “Tidy Dry” retractable ceiling clothes dryer, four line type.
Hand Held Mini Vaccum Does anyone have a hand held device I could do vacuuming with at The Hut. It has limited storage space for a full-size vacuum cleaner. (5 cams)
Hat stand Hat stand, preferably white metal.
Pasta making machine Does anyone have a pasta machine and drying rack lurking in a cupboard? Very occasionally get the urge (and time!) to do my own ravioli so a loan would work but would also buy. (by negotiation cams)
Storage Does anyone have any storage space available from Dec/Jan until June next year? Half a garage, or half a spare room? Can pay cams or cash and cams.

Household - equipment

electrical repair radio repair etc
set up turn table for vinyl records need someone please to set up a turn table for vinyl records

Household - help

Changing beds (room turnaround) Hello, I'm looking for someone to come and get a bedroom ready for guests on 12th and 14th Feb. This will involve changing the bed linen, putting the used linen in the washing machine and possibly putting the bin out. In King's Hedges off Northfields Ave. (10 cams cams)
Cleaner wanted About 2-4 hours - changing bedding, hoovering, washing & drying, dusting, tidying etc. Trumpington. Could become regular work. (10 cams)
Does some one has experience repairing keys of piano?
Help with admin Hello, I'm looking for someone to come and help with an hour of admin every now and then. Various tasks: photocopying, scanning, filing, organising, data entry to excel (I can show you how to do this if you need me to), listing expenses etc. (10 cams per hour cams)
Help with coping at home Need occasional help with basic tasks, such as vacuuming and carrying things upstairs. (10 cams)
Help with EBAY selling Can anyone help show me how to place items on eBay please ? Would like you to come to my house so we can take photos of the items. I have tried to do this but am obviously going wrong somewhere !
House cleaning Basic household cleaning: cleaning kitchens and toilets and vaccuming / cleaning floors and dusting. Help needed in various areas. (10 cams)
Housework Because of the amount of other things we take on, housework suffers from time to time so help with this much appreciated! (10 Cams cams)

Personal - Beauty Care

Men's Haircut Anyone care to cut my hair, once every few months? I offer good conversation, too! (10 cams)

Personal - Companionship

Being Read to - Ceri This makes some things much easier for a dyslexic. (10 Cams cams)

Personal - Health

Massage. (10-15 cams)
Therapists/Teachers/Workshop Leaders Hi I'm looking for therapists/teachers/workshops leaders who may be able to offer something in the wellbeing space at an eco gathering in August 9th - 14th. It is volunteer led, everyone is crew ethos. Message me if you'd like more information. Thanks

Personal - Spiritual

Angel Card Readings
EFT (Tapping)
Interested in psychic phenomenon
meditation I would love to learn to meditate through guided instruction. Thank you Jane (10 cams cams)
Would like to learn yoga & relaxation techniques


Lifts to Aldi I would like a lift to Aldi to do my food shopping once a week ideally. I live near Romsey, off Mill Road. (10 cams)

Technical: Computer/phone help

camcorder & computer I need someone to help with using a panasonic camcorder & editing on computer
Cassette to computer Can anyone help me copy the contents of a Cassette tape either to computer or a CD?
COMPUTER HELP Help needed with Windows 7
Computer Help Two issues need resolving: a) (re)Formatting hard disc partition b) clearing and re-installing network drivers (subverted by anti-virus software) I'm computer-literate but lack confidence in these critical areas! 15Cams offered for specialist advice (15 Cams cams)
Computer security Need of occasional guidance with my computer. OK with basics, such as word processing and searching the web, but hopeless at solving technical problems. (10 cams)
computer support managing photo storage on hard drive. making more space on C drive etc
Fixing printer / landline phone Hello, my landline phone seems to be locked and I have no idea what the pin is. It also says 'ringer off' so doesn't ring. Is there anyone who could fix this for me? I don't have the time to sit and try to fix it myself. Also I have a printer which is printing blobby pages. Apparently I need to pull out a thing from inside and shift a green thing along a wire... but I can't get the thing out (so this probably explains the blobby pages). I also have another printer that stopped working when I upgraded the software on my mac so I think it just needs new software downloaded. If someone has the time to come and help me with any or all of these issues (in King's Hedges) I'd be grateful. (negotiable or 10 cams an hour cams)
Linux help (mutual support?) I have a number of issues submitting bug reports, installing hardware drivers etc, that would benefit from somebody who's "been there before" (10c cams)
Lynux installation I have a Windows computer which I'd like to make dual-boot Windows/Lynux
Machine for converting tape cassettes to digital Does anyone have a machine I can borrow that converts cassette tapes to digital? (open to offers cams)
tecchie help sanning etc Help with various tecchie things eg: help me work my scanner help me convert tapes to CD or MP3 sort out Picassa photo storage on my laptop get a radio working g ( 10 cams hour cams)
tv set up need some one please to set up a preview box with the tv
Wanted. Computer help.
Wordpress I need someone to walk me through setting up a website using WordPress.
Wordpress help needed urgently! I need some help to sort out a wordpress site that is in a bit of a mess. I did not set the site up and suspect some of it needs sorting out. I also have my own wordpress site but that is new and I can learn as I go along on that. (10 cams)

Technical: Printing / Copying

copying tapes Is anyone still able to copy tapes (music) to CD? The tape-playing function on my machine has packed up (usual cams)

Transport: Bike Repair & Loan

Cycle repair. Bike repair and possibly second hand parts.

Transport: Lifts & Deliveries

0426-Want, Delivery, Large Vehicle needed I have 4 IBC 1000 tanks waiting to be picked up from Bury-St-Edmond, so that I can set up a rain water recycling system. I need someone with a large enough vehicle to transport 4*H 1.2, W 1.2, D 1. They can stack up, who could pick them up for me from Bury-St-Edmond. (cams+£ cams)
Chaperone to France Urgent, great opportunity! We need a responsible adult to accompany 3-5 students aged 13-15 from Stansted to Limoges (France) airport 27 Aug and return 1 September. Parents drop them off, you accompany though check in and the one hour flight and we meet them in Limoges. We pay your return flight and you have a 5 night break somewhere in the beautiful city of Limoges and surrounding area. A friend 1.5 ks from us can put one or two people up for 50 euros a night in her lovely country B & B , -- possibly lower. We should be able to give a lift there from the airport and back. Could be a nice cheap break for someone . Contact asap David & Michele #60
Gardening help please I would like a lift from Stansted to Fulbourn in the early hours on Monday 11th Jan 2016. Stephanie 308 (10p/h plus petrol cams)
lift to Stansted Could someone give me and a friend a lift from Leys Road (CB4) to Stansted on saturday September 24th at 6.45am (20 cams plus petrol cams)
Lifts I need a regular lift to Newmarket Road, near the football ground on Thursdays at about 12.55pm. My appointment is at 1-15pm. Sterling for Petrol (10 cams)
LIFTS If you're going out for & have a space in the car, it would be nice to have a change of scenery. I'm happy to entertain myself for a couple of hours but don't get out much so would appreciate being in a different environment
person to use our csr occssionally we need someone to use our oldish reliable Vauxhall Vectra for short runs (a big shop,a delivery, a Stansted drop) say once a month while we are away January-end March. We'd include you as a names drives for insurance.Cams by arrangement. Contact ideally before Xmas. David & Michele Lambert 0060

Tuition: Languages

English lessons English, advanced lessons needed, conversation, grammar, CAE preparation (10 cams)
Italian Beginner Italian conversation/encouragement/help!


Cams needed Would anyone like to donate a few cams to my account in support of the Green Party ? My account no 48 has become rather negative as I have paid out 150 cans in the past year for Green Party Leafletting. One member has already donated very generously to support the GP!
car wanted i am car hunting so if anyone is selling a can in good condition i will pay sterling to buy it if i like the car and the price thanks peter chang
COLLECTION OF ITEMS LEFT BEHIND AT EVENT A book 'Proof Of Heaven' & a black ladle were left behind at the May social & trading. Please collect if they belong to you
Cut flowers I'm trying to always have cut flowers in my flat and wondered if there was anyone with an abundance of flowers in their garden who could sell bunches of flowers to me? (4-5 cams cams)
General help Wanted someone to come to Burwell to do a variety of odd jobs such as painting an outdoor fence, retrieving some boxes from loft, moving furniture, clearing some cupboards at ground level. Usual rate of 10 cams per hour.
Laminator needed Do you have a laminator available for loan, or do you offer laminating? I need to laminate several A4 posters.
Large Rugs or Carpet/Blankets/Cushions & Therapy Table Hi I'm coordinating a wellbeing space at an eco gathering 9th - 14th August in Hertfordshire. I am looking to borrow a therapy table or chair. I would also like to make the space comfortable so am looking for some large rugs, cushions and blankets. Thanks (Negotiable cams)
Rubik's Cube Anyone would like to give away/sell/lend a Rubik's Cube?!

Z_spare category

Foraging I am looking for someone who has practical and active knowledge of foraging in our area and who is willing once in a while go on a walk with me to show me what can be picked and knows the names of the plants? Is there anyone out there who can help? Many thanks karina (10 cams)