Offered Listings

- Events

Creative writing weekend in France Last minute: Join us on a Creative Writing Retreat in deepest France this June and September! A room of your own, full board, the company of other writers, experienced tutor and feedback on your writing, a short story, poem, novel or memoir: Also about Mindfulness, Creativity, Yoga &Relaxation retreat in September. (Cash + cams)
Days out EA or London Have written extensively on East Anglia (40 towns) and can advise on where to go and what to see. Also specific parts of London, looking at places of interest off the usual tourist trail. (10 cams)
Organising events. -Ceri I have been involved in organising events for a number of years, including an annual Seed Swap in Trumpington, a Permaculture Gardening course this year as well as a National conference on Alternatives to Economic Growth. (10 cams)

Administration: Business

Administration Can offer help with any Administration tasks that people need. I am qualified in ECDL, New Clait and ILEX Paralegal Level 3. Therefore, I can help in any of those areas. Kathryn
Alcohol licence Personal licence holder. Can set up and run events including the sale of alcohol. (10 cams)
All your papers organised/filed Retired extax inspector and taxation technician in Cambridge background (10 cams)
Assistance with applying for probate Applying for probate is often relatively easy, when you have done it once already. I completed this with regard to my late father's estate. Now I am in a position to help others. (By negotiation cams)
Background Support Specialising in software for managing the LETS, contact me if anything isn't working, or if you need support to use the system.
Bookkeeping and accounts Advise on how to keep books of account and prepare accounts (10 cams per hour cams)
Cams for sale! Cams for sale - very good condition!! (£25 for 50cams cams)
COPY EDITING Please ring 01223-365357 or text 07545933913 (10 cams)
CV preparation (10 cams)
Form filling I love filling in forms! Just ask! -
Help to Fill Out Forms If you need to fill in a form and feel scared, worried, overhwelmed or intimidated by it please ask me to help. I am very experienced with 'hand-holding' for form filling, am patient and enjoy helping with this task. (10 cams)
Help updating your Camlets wants and offers profile Haven't updated yet? Tut Tut. I can help it's easy, honest! And you'll get more trades. (10 cams)
Help with Apple Day Assistance needed for part of Apple Day at the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge, on Sunday 22 October 2017. I will be Trading 10 until 4 selling Apple Pies, cider and smoothies. Free entry to this marvellous event. (30 cams)
Laminating Laminate your important documents. Sterling for plastic sleeve/s 5pence each for A4. Very quick and easy. I can bring the laminator to you or you can visit me. (10 cams)
Office help Filing system set up, filing sorted, office type work, etc.( Not typing.) Document shredding. Decluttering home, shed, garage, glory holes, etc. (per hour, 10 cams)
Papers organised (10 cams)
Place to display your poster/leaflets Place your poster in our prominent shop window for 3 cams a week, or put your leaflets in our shop 3 cams a week. Nothing political please (it causes aggravation):) (3 cams)
Planning advice including applications Fully qualified Town Planner and Member of RTPI, working in local government. Happy to advise on planning matters including assessing and representing for/against you/your neighbours developments or speaking to Cambridge City on your behalf. (20 cams cams)
Prearing to meet your financial adviser Preparation prior to meeting a financial advisor. Help with asking the right questions and understanding how professional adviser should work. I do not need to know anything about your financial circumstances. (by negotiation cams)
Property advice Property advice, buying, selling, renting and re-locating.
STATIONARY I have lots of paper, files/folders, envelopes etc
Trade Brokering If you're too tired, too busy or just don't feel like organising a trade with someone in the system, I'll do it for you. Cam rate negotiable depending on what you're looking for, how soon you want it and any other special requirements, e.g. research only or arranging a trade. Please give me at least a week's notice. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to help you and I can't guarantee that you will get the result you want. (5-10 cams)
Translation from French & German (10 cams)
Translation from Swedish, French, German, Italian Translation from and into Swedish Compost Looking after plants Looking after cat Lifts by car (10 cams)
Translations into Swedish and Italian (10 cams)
Typing (10 cams)
Typing Typing, all jobs
Typing/Word Processing Typing of letters, short manuscripts, including minor editing, correction of spelling and grammar. Printing hard copy or to your memory stick. (10 cams)
Website Twitter Facebook Linkedin Etsy headers and banners I can create a header or banner for your social media or website using your own images. You provide a basic design and I'll send you a downloadable file to upload. (10 cams)
Word processing (10 cams)
Writing Official/Business Letters Help with expressing yourself appropriately and clearly plus use of computer and print out
Writing press releases (10 cams)

Arts & Crafts: knitting/sewing

General sewing and alterations, hand sewing and machine (10 cams)
Knitting: repairs, alterations, lessons, commissions (10 cams)
Loan of electrical sewing machine
Mending & darning of clothes: hems & cuffs taken up (10 cams)
Creative work with patchwork and applique (10 cams)
Crochet and knitting Sterling for costs (10 cams)
Curtains made and altered (10 cams)
Curtains, duvet and cushion covers, made to a professional s (10 cams)
Dress making and designing I Was aprofessional dressmaker and clothes designer for many years. I can tackle anything from a major wedding dresses and ball gowns to copying your favourite item of clothing or designing something using a favourite piece of fabric. Sterling costs (10 cams)
KNITTING Teach you to Knit **Beginners upwards **Knitting classes 2- 6 people **Individual/One-to-One tuition **Adults/children ***Sterling Yarn Costs please (10 cams)
knitting and sewing handmade clothing, accessories, gifts and homewares available year round or made to order, sterling for materials (10 p/h cams)
loan of sewing machine Frister and Rossmann electric sewing machine. I can help set it up for you and thread it and give a demonstration. After that, over to you! (10 cams)
Mending and sewing I can mend and adjust your clothes and curtains, or sew something new like a fluffy animal suit for your children to dress up and other. (10 p/h cams)
Patchwork. (10 cams)
Qualified Dressmaker Dressmaker, Qualified, offering alterations, repairs, will create complete garments by request to your specific requirements. cams plus petrol. NVQ Qualified Dressmaker (10 cams)
Sewing machine loan recently serviced, very efficient machine (negotiable cams)
Upholstery Any chairs, armchairs or similar furniture to re upholster or mend. (10 p/h + material cost cams)

Arts & Crafts: other

Art & creativity lessons/encouragement "Art/creativity lessons/encouragement: in papier machú, mosaic and other art forms for individuals and groups (10 cams)
Artwork Decoupage boxes, Craft sessions, covering items with paper
Beautiful piece of engraved Victorian glass 46cm x 61cm Ring Kisia 01223-840524 before 5pm (15 cams)
broken china Ive just managed to break some lovely antique saucers [white and gold pattern] They are beyond repair but some crafty person might be able to use them for mosaics or something? There were also 2 nice japanese china cups. cant bear to throw the pieces away yet, they are so beautiful! (offers cams)
Candle wax I have old candles (wide ones) which the wick has burned away on - so they're really only useful for turning into new candles...could deliver within Cambridge. (1 cams)
cushions and quilts Made to order cushions and quilts 10 cams an hour time making (various cams)
DECORATIVE BASKETS 3 baskets (1 cam each)
Discounted Writer's /Artists' Rereats Join our writers and artists retreats in South West France for Cams/cash. Receive constructive feedback on your writing if you want it, or just give yourself space and time to start your novel or family memoir in conducive surroundings with support and guidance. (cash/ cams neg. cams)
Fresh flower table decorations (10 cams)
Hand held wedding posies with flowers of your choice (Various cams)
Hand-made greetings cards (Various cams)
Hand-made paper (10 cams)
handmade greetings cards (2-3 each cams)
Illustration An experienced illustrator will consider any text to illustrate. (TBC depending on job cams)
Jewellery (10 cams)
Jewellery making/repairs Contact me to let me know what you need in terms of repairs and I can advise if I can do so. For original creations I primarily make earrings but can do bracelets, necklaces, keyrings etc too - message me with what you are looking for and we can have a chat about what I might be able to do. (10 cams/hour cams)
Jewellery Repairs Bead restringing, chain mending etc.
Lots of nice decorative items Brass candlestick & brass art nouveau picture frame, china, glass, large embroidered cushion, portmeirion cups/saucers, decorative containers for plants. Various prices but all low.
Original fine-art PHOTOGRAPHS I am selling several ORIGINAL mounted or framed PHOTOGRAPHS.... landscape, flowers, Africa,Cambridge, people, animals... They are my own work, produced for Open Studios, but I need to reclaim space back! The make good presents. Is you would like to come round to have a look, you are welcome. (10 - 25 cams) (10-25 cams)
Papier mache (10 cams)
Photography - people, nature, buildings etc Digital Photography Cams per hour, plus sterling processing costs (10 cams)
Porcelain Handbuilt Porcelain bowls, clocks and earrings
Soft furnishing making I can make loose covers, cushions, curtains and blinds. Sterling costs (10 cams)

Building & DIY - equipment

Decorating Painting and decorating, own tools, brushes ,rollers. Refferences from camlets members. cams + petrol (10 cams)
Equipment available Rental/loan of the following D.I.Y. equipment. Ladders, step ladder (not tall long ones for reaching roofs). Decorating gear. Electric drill, sander, screwdriver.
Ladder for rent Four-piece multi-position ladder. Rent to be negotiated.
Loan of DIY Tools
Loan of extension ladder (10 cams)
Loan of handsaws
Loan of ladders Ladders available.
Loan of staple/nail gun Loan of a staple/nail gun. 5 cams for weeks loan or 2 cams per day. (per week 5 cams)

Building & DIY - help

painting and decorating I am now free to paint and decorate (interiors). (10 cams / hour cams)

Building & DIY - equipment

Steam Wallpaper remover Loan of electric steam wall paper remover. Excellent for speeding up a dull job! (10cams cams)
Three-way combination ladder, ideal for decorating stairwell (10 cams)
Trailer for hire Trailer for hire, L.143cm, W.86, D.56, half day or daily rate negotiable (10 cams)

Building & DIY - help

Basic DIY help Basic DIY - ie I will put up shelves, but not install a new boiler! (per hour, 10 cams)
Basic washing machine repairs I can do basic repairs such as cleaning the pump filter, and extracting items that have got stuck in the pump or inner tubing, causing water to remain in the drum. (10 cams)
Building services Building services engineering survey/consultancy; Energy/Insulation/Heating and Plumbing: Advice/Survey/Design
Building work/DIY -help. I have worked in construction since the late 70s.I offer neat,accurate brickwork (years ago I did it on sites and I am still fully competent),all forms of building work-carpentry,patch plastering,rendering,basic electrical,plumbing and heating(I am trained),concreting,external works and garden projects,roof,rainwater gutters/pipes,drain blockages rodded etc. (10 cams/hour. cams)
DIY help in February (10 cams)
Hard landscaping Mud wall repairs; Patios and paving (Richard)
Lime mortar Advice and some help on use of lime mortar for pointing old brick walls.
Loan of tools If you need an unusual tool for a job, or even something ordinary for a one-off job, try us! eg we have a scarifier/tiller petrol machine, big petrol lawn mower, bow saw, loppers, chisels, wallpaper steamer, etc... (for negotiation cams)
Painting and decorating I am now free to paint and decorate (interiors). (10 cams / hour cams)
Painting houses I love painting people's houses and will come and prep the walls, apply the different coats (gloss or matt) and finish off the edges and to a high standard. Can do walls, skirting boards, ceilings, lintels, etc. You will need to supply the equipment (10 cams)
Physical Labour Digging, carrying, moving or dismantling things - any sort of straight forward labouring (I can do more complex things too :p - just am not an expert in particular areas (e.g. gardening), so might need specific instructions)
Practical DIY stuff Basic plumbing, carpentry and electronics. (per hour 10 cams)

CamLETS - cam transactions

Trade Brokering Service Are you too busy to find the trades you want in the CamLETS system? Or is there a perhaps a trade you would like to offer but don't quite know how to describe it? Or do you want to change your Offers/Wants but don't really have the time? Maybe I can help you? I enjoy finding out whom in the system wants a particular trade and matching them up with someone who is offering that very thing. If you are successfully matched with someone to trade with I would like a minimum of 1 Cam and a maximum of 5 from each member. (1-10 cams)

CamLETS - newsletter items

8-Week MBSR Course in Cambridge April27th 8-Week MBSR Mindfulness Course in Cambridge, starting on April 27th every Thursday at 1pm -or 6pm- (or Sat morning at 10am) come and join the course! concessions available so please ask. see website Gareth is a Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer; MBSR trained to level 3 at Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and listed with the Network for Mindfulness Practitioners and 180 lets for the course, come and join the class! Starting April 27th for 8 weeks every Thursday, or every Saturday (180 lets for the 8 Week Course cams)

Children & Childcare

Accompany children to cinema If your children want to go the cinema but you don't want or can't take them, I will take them for you. We'd need to meet first to see how we get on together-no charge for that bit. (5-10 cams)
Advice & intervention with your difficult children & (10 cams)
Advice on travelling at home and abroad with babies and chil (10 cams)
Baby sitting (10 cams)
babysitting Mother of two (now grown up) can babysit ( 10 cams/ hour) (10 cams)
Babysitting Babysitting: daytime or evenings or overnight. CRB checked and references from CamLets Cambridge if required.
Babysitting Babysitting by friendly and caring mum. I have lots of experience,including as a childminder and now a midwife!), and I especially love under twos! Happy to give an hour's reprieve to harassed mum daytime or evenings, South Cambridge or South villages, or of course to sit for you while you go out for an evening. My daughter Asher is 18 and loves small children too, so if I can't help she might be able to. CamLETS references available for both of us. (10 cams/hr cams)
Babysitting (10 cams)
Babysitting (10 cams)
Babysitting and child care Mother of 2 now grown children happy to baby sit. (10 cams / hour cams)
Babysitting and childminding I am a trained primary school teacher, a TEFL teacher and a qualified first aider with lots of experience of babysitting nieces and nephews, French godsons, and friends' children. I prefer to look after children who are already potty trained (10 cams)
Babysitting, Childcare, I am a very experienced, confident babysitter. Often available at short notice plus happy to stay late. (5-10 cams)
Child care (10 cams)
Child minding (10 cams)
Child sitting Taking out, or sitting in, with young children. Many years of experience of playgroups and nannying.
Childcare Looking after children.
Childcare - primary school children open to discussion. (10 cams)
Giant Bubbles! Are you looking for a fun and inclusive entertainment for a kids party or weekend? Borrow the lovingly crafted HUBBLE BUBBLE kit. It represents over a year of obsessional research to make bubbles that are truly Out Of This World. The kit contains - 2-3 litres of magic bubble solution (my own recipe), - 2 hand-made giant bubble wands, - 2 giant bubble trays, - cloth to rescue eyes or surfaces, - instruction and tips When you pick up the kit from me, you will get some expert instruction to make sure you get started well. Available for the weekend or longer periods by arrangement (10 cams)
surrogate granny especially winter childminding/sitting
Surrogate granny/auntie/big sister (10 cams)

Clothing (and see Arts&Crafts)

2 x Liberty print sundresses Size 14, calf length, hardly worn, 12 cams each. Ring Kisia 01223-840524 before 5pm. (24 cams)
Clothing help "What Not to Wear" help.
Cool Egyptian cotton galabiyas (Various cams)
Jacket Warm,lined,smart waterproof jacket with hood, turquoise, size 16. Can bring to trading meeting or deliver in Cambridge for try on. (8cams cams)
Jacket Red chunky outdoor jacket by Tresspass. Waterproof,windproof, quilted with insulated lining. Almost knee length with hood. Size 14 but fits 16/18 (8 cams)
Wrap, boots and bathrobe red leather ankle boots size 7 nice and roomy only worn once 8 cams; navy blue Jasper Conran cotton bathrobe 3/4 length only worn once 5 cams; large warm Nomad wrap / white scarf lovely design, virtually new 7 cams; Please phone in the mornings only. Thanks.


Editing/rewriting your report (10 cams)
Academic writing skills Help with structuring essays and dissertations / writing skills training from senior academic at Cambridge University (10 cams)
Coaching in writing for publication (10 cams)
Desktop publishing including preparation/colour printing of cvs etc (10 cams)
Dutch-English translation Dutch-English translation (general, legal, financial, non-technical) (10 cams per 400 words) (Penny)
Editing work Editing and proofreading (professional); and help with writing (English).
Language services English for foreigners, not professional, just good; French conversation & translation to English; Reading to you, in English or French
Poetry appreciation Poetry appreciation in groups (10 cams)
Poetry writing, coaching/tuition by published poet Poetry writing, coaching/tuition (by published poet) (10 cams)
Proof-reading (10 cams)
Proof-reading (10 cams)
Proofreading of the printed page, or onscreen (10 cams)
Proofreading Proof reading for essays, articles, short stories or website copy. I'm an arts graduate with particular experience proof reading fiction but due to my technical background from my day job I am also comfortable with technical documents too. Happy to give suggestions to improve readability as well as cover basic spelling, grammar and punctuation. (per hour 10 cams)
Proofreading and editing I am a trained and experienced proofreader and editor. (10 cams/hour cams)
Translation from Russian Translation from Russian to English
Writing difficult letters Help with writing tricky letters - personal or formal/official. (per hour: 10 cams)
Writing difficult letters (10 cams)
Writing short pieces Help with organising your thoughts and ideas and expressing yourself clearly plus use of computer and print out if required

Entertainment: Music

Childrens parties Birthday parties for 3 to 6 year olds with games and puppetshow, or a simple magic show. I am happy to give advice as well. (10p/h including all prep cams)
Fold-up music stands I have 4 second-hand music stands, for sale at 5 cams each. They are the fold-up metal variety, which I can teach you to put up! (5 cams)
Guitar learning book / music I have 'Guitar from the Beginning Book 2', plus a musical manuscript book with various sheets of music for songs and notes for beginners in it. Free/no cams - would just like it to go to good use.
Guitar tuition Classical and folk styles primarily; some basic flamenco, jazz and blues also taught. All levels welcome.
Music scores & CDs for loan See website for list of library: (10 cams)
Playing chamber music String Duets? If you are a late starter or re-starter violinist or cellist, would you like the chance to play duets? I am a cellist and experienced chamber music player.
Playing Guitar (10 cams)
Singing tuition Classical, folk, Broadway and jazz styles a speciality, but rock also catered for.
Singing tuition Professional singing tuition for Cams! Beginners and advanced Also improves breathing, posture - and confidence... (15 cams)

Food & Cooking

Turkish meals
"Biscuits and cakes for all occasions including weddings and birthdays (Various cams)
Advice on gluten free diet Sterling for ingredients (10 cams)
Baking whole food cakes and biscuits plus sterling costs (10 cams)
Baking German cakes Very yummy apple walnut, rhubarb marainge, cherry hazelnut and others (10 p/h cams)
Baking to order Baking, especially biscuits, sponges, and gateaux (Sterling costs plus 10 cams)
Bay leaves Bay leaves, seasonal
Bay leaves
Bread maker Murphy Richards bread making machine 10 cams VGC buyer collects ring840882 ursula (10 cams cams)
Cake-making (10 cams)
Candy Floss and Popcorn I will bring my large Candy Floss machine and Popcorn machine (2) to your events, school/scouts fetes, car boots sales, parties, fundraisers etc. Great for Birthdays - something different children love this, they are facinated to see how the candy floss is spun. Watching the corn popping in the big kettle is also a big hit. Please book early as I get very busy in the summer. Cam charge negotiable for daily rate. Please ask! plus petrol. (12 cams)
Chicken Thighs Good quality frozen chicken thighs and other frozen food in abundance for half the normal price in cams. Please come to the shop called Cambridge Farmers Outlet on Lensfield Road to collect. Just bring your membership number and ask at the counter. (0.5 cams)
Coffee maker for events Percolator makes lovely "proper" coffee for everyone. Makes between 20-30 mugs, keeps it hot and tasting good for 3 hours. Easy to use, with straightforward instructions. Perfect for any events. Fair trade coffee, caff or decaff, provided. Collect from Babraham. I use Perky for my fair trade cafes and people often comment on how good the coffee is... (20 cams/event including coffee cams)
cooking Cooking Iranian dishes eg meat; vegetarian; rice in my house and you can come and pick them up (CB4 3LS) (10 cams)
Cooking, especially pasta (10 cams)
Delicious dried living food! I make dried apple rings, courgette and kale crisps, powdered ginger (much stronger and more wonderful than you get in the shops), and tasty fruit leathers – using my dehydrator. Either bring me some fruit of your own, to have a long-lasting batch of delicious nibbles. Or let me know what you would like and I can get the ingredients for you, before drying them. It's a whole new world! Recently also did fab banana chips! (5-20 Cams cams)
Delicious, health game meat including partridge Lots of frozen game including partridge, pheasant, sausages, venison. Healthy, wild meat raised without chemicals. Please look in the freezer at Cambridge Farmers Outlet and ask to pay in cams. (0.5 cams)
Drinks dispenser for events 7.2 litres glass jar drinks dispenser with tap on bottom. Good for parties, BBQs etc. Collect from Chesterton. 5 cams for a weeks loan or for 2 cams per day. (per week 5 cams)
Fresh Fruit and Veg Available NOW I have fresh herbs, fruit and veg and plants available now. Cucumbers, basil, courgettes, french beans, runners beans, salad potatoes and mixed soft fruit blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, and some winter cabbage and asparagus plants. Lets exchange: At present I charge by agreement for the veg,fruit and herbs as I'm new to this so once I have measure of how to pitch LETS exchanges I may set a fixed price. However prices of plants fixed at rate I do this at my front door Plant Prices 2 x Lets cabbage 3.5 x lets for asparagus How to get this: by coming to my house I will be regularly offering veg, fruit or herbs and plants on ongoing basis. (various cams) (Ceri & Dave Galloway/Jackson - 0647) CB2_ (Various cams)
Frozen food Please don't be offended all you vegetarians but this offer is for good quality, local meat (frozen) some of which is free-range. Available from Cambridge Farmers Outlet on Lensfield Road for cams. Reduced prices. Please help us be as environmentally efficient as possible by not wasting anything.
Frozen Partridges We are starting to get some frozen partridges, fantastic for your Christmas do's etc. Please come in the Cambridge Farmers Outlet and have a 'rifle' through the freezer. (3 cams)
Fruit and veg from my garden in season Plenty for jam or wine making: grapes, apricots, peaches, quinces, cherries, greengages, plums, apples, pears, nuts, tomatoes, green beans.
Fruit and Veg in season - Ceri I grow soft fruit and vegetables on our allotment, increasingly using permaculture techniques and not using any chemicals to feed the plants or to deal with pests and disease. Pick your own gets you more for your cams! (10 Cams cams)
Fruit and Vegetables For Cams Following the success of our recent pilot scheme to sell fruit and vegetables directly from the Cambridge Farmers Outlet, for cams, we are now rolling this out permanently. Please come and buy freely using your Camlets number and pay online in cams, by invoice. The price is one cam to the pound sterling and extends to all fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables in the shop, in addition to the usual frozen meat. (1 cams)
Fruit, vegetables and flowers We now sell all our fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers for cams at Cambridge Farmers Outlet. It is priced at the equivalent rate as it would be in sterling ( i.e. not half price as with the frozen food). (1 cams)
German sourdough bread Organic wholemeal Sourdough bread. With fresh home stone ground grains (rye, spelt wheat) and sunflower seeds seeds. They are nice and moist and keep up to a week.
Gluten Free Sausages We currently have some frozen, gluten free sausages available for approx 1.5 cams a packet. (0.5 cams)
Home cooked take-away! Try Andy's brilliant Thai curries, cooked to order, delivered ready to reheat and enjoy! Spiciness negotiable!
Home made dried fruit I'm working in partnership with Kelley at Cambridge Farmers Outlet to make dried fruit to set up for cams. This will vary depending on the season that may include dried pineapple, apples, peaches, banana, tomato. Please get in touch or see me at the local trading events where I will be selling this product for one cam a packet, lovely and healthy. (1 cams)
Homebaked Sourdough Bread Artisan bread and oatcakes every Friday. Naturally leavened bread (sourdough but not sour) made with local organic flour from Swaffham Prior Windmill, water and salt. That's all! Wheat Country loaf 4 Cams, Wholemeal rye with seeds 5 Cams, Wholemeal Spelt loaf 5Cams, Weekly special varies e.g. fruit and nut, fig and fennel, beer and linseed, these are usually 6 cams. Oatcakes: Savoury oat and spelt crackers with a little local oil, plain 3 Cams, cheese or rosemary 4 Cams. Order by Weds 8 pm to be baked on Friday, ready for pick up in Chesterton by 6 pm. Delivery of larger orders may be possible (amount depends on distance). (3+ cams)
Homegrown fresh vegetables The freshest vegetables from my Trumpington allotment. You come and help harvest what you want. Parsnips, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, chard, Black Tuscan kale, red mustard leaves, endive, lettuce, cabbage available 08/01/18. Typically 10-30 Cams for a bag full. (10-30 cams)
homemade hummus organic where possible (3.5 per pot cams)
Homemade yoghurt
Indian food Indian meals, mostly organic ingredients
Indonesian cooking Sterling for ingredients. (10 cams)
Kefir starter for making Kefir. Can give instructions (2 lets/batch cams)
Kefir and kombucha - drink and cultures Amazing probiotic fermented drinks, very healthy, and totally delicious. Water Kefir Is a bit like other flower champagne, although I can make it with any fruit you choose. Milk Kefir Is a yoghurt-like drink, but apparently contains more probiotics. I can make it with milk or nut milk. I often use raw milk from a dairy in Suffolk, adding even more nutrients and live enzymes. I have the cultures for both of these, and can very much recommend the fun of creating them at home – easy, and I will give you tips. I also have Kombucha, mostly grown in green tea, and another fabulously tasty drink that would grace any dinner table. A brilliant pick me up at teatime, I find. Very good for the digestive tract, look them up on the web to discover the health benefits. (10+ Cams cams)
Kefir grains Kefir grains available for anyone wanting to make kefir milk (10 cams)
Kilner Jars - various sizes Kilner Jars - various sizes available to store your produce. A really good way to keep food for six months or more. (2 cams each cams)
Loan of juicer Loan of a juicer (healthy and delicious) - (10 cams a week cams)
loan of various cookery books (including cake-decorating boo (10 cams)
Lunch or dinner at Polonia Club Have lunch or dinner at Polonia Club and pay 50% cash and another 50% by cam (multiply by 2) For example : If your bill is £30 you pay £15 and 30cam) Offer is for food only from our standard menu, drinks excluded, cannot be join with any other promotions. Good news for all vegetarians as we have good choice of vegetarian dishes. Booking essential. Call us on 01223 365 854 and please say that you want to get promotion for Camlets.
Luscious desserts including Sara's famous melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Brownies (negotiable cams)
Mrs Rama Indian Cookery Demonstration. Have a home cooked Delicious Indian food. Dressing up in a Sari - Indian National costume for women. Henna Hand Painting - Indian Art (10 for each activity cams)
ms Eating apples (2 cams/kg cams)
new year eve dinner
Preserves Tomato, plum, ginger apple plum chutneys. Plum, gooseberry, rhubarb and ginger jams. Chunky marmalade. (4 cams cams)
Ratatouille Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. Though referred to commonly as ratatouille niçoise, ratatouille is popular among the entire Mediterranean coast as an easy summer dish. I have made some especially to bring to the summer social at Coleridge Recreation Ground at 3pm this Sunday. It will be available in smallish portions, in takeaway plastic containers for your fridge or freezer. A perfect summer dish!! (3 cams)
Ready Steady Cook! I am very good at making quick and tasty meals on the cheap, out of a few ingredients. If you need to learn some cooking skills I can come to your house and teach you with whatever you have or we can go shopping first and help you buy the ingredients. I have run a dinner party business in Paris and I have taught international cooking skills to refugee women in Australia. (10 cams)
Recipe advice Menu planning, tried and tested recipes
Recipes for Special Dietary Needs Wheat, gluten, egg, sugar and dairy free recipes. Recipes advice about foods which fight pain. Delicious Feel Good Cake - hormonal rebalancing cake particularly good for woman with menstrual problems inc PMT (Wheat, gluten, egg, sugar and dairy free). 3 recipes for 1 Cam (1 cams)
Rowena Richards 0736 Seasonal fresh organic fruit and vegetables from my allotment
Saffron Saffron strands for use in cooking. Small (1 cam) or larger (5 cams) packets in cellophane. Suggestions for sources of recipes on Internet, if you wish (free!) (Per packet: 1 or 5 cams)
Sausages & Quiches We have a huge variety of lovely sausages and quite a lot of vegetarian quiches in the shop freezer that need to be shifted. Please come by this weekend (Cambridge Farmers Outlet opposite the Catholic Church)and do you shopping for cams. Don't forget you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers from us for cams now too! (10 cams)
Sloes for sale We have 600g sloes picked in the Grantchester hedgerows for sale; they are in the freezer and ready to make sloe gin! The quantity is enough to make 2 (75cl) bottles - will split if you only want to make one. Recipe can be provided - it is dead simple as you just add sugar and gin. (Frozen sloes are best as they don't need pricking.) Takes 2+ months to mature - make it now for the holiday season! (offers cams)
Spicy people biscuits These are like gingerbread men, but not so gender binary. Individually wrapped for gifts. Decorated in any of the following - Dark, milk, white chocolate - Multicoloured sugar strands - Jelly lips/teeth - Silver dragees - Nuts - Raisins Tell me what you like or don't like, food allergies, and I will accomodate. (2 cams)
Summer pudding Made to order for that special occasion Using black currents raspberries strawberries (10 cams)
Teabread Teabread made with bran.
Teach you the basics of cooking I will teach you the basics of cookery including how to buy the best and best value ingredients to suit your budget. For instance, how to cook eggs in lots of delicious ways, how to use up any leftovers and how to make two meals out of one. Lessons at your place or mine. Sterling for ingredients. (10 cams)
Use of picnic hamper including picnic if required (10 cams)
vegetable curry Home made vegetable curry. Often made using organic vegetables from Dave Fox's allotment or from Cambridge Farmers Outlet. The variety of spices and vegetables varies. Let me know your preferences. (5 cams)
Vegetarian and gluten free cooking to order Soups and vegetarian specialities (Sterling costs plus 10 cams)
Vegetarian cookery (10 cams)
Waffles & Pitzells Plain, blueberry, and brownie large Belgian/American waffels made fresh and can be frozen. Once frozen can be defrosted/heated in most commercial toasters! Will have artisanal look ;) Please order in advance. 10 cams per dozen plus sterling costs. Once I've done a few batches will post sterling costs here. (10 per dozen + sterling cams)
Wholefood vegetarian Cooking Wholesome vegetarian cooking by ex cook - small or large quantities (eg for freezer): your recipe or mine. (10 Cams hr + sterling costss cams)
Yoghurt kefir Kefir is a probiotic culture, rather like yoghurt, and makes a wonderful drink – usually a bit runnier than yoghurt, but apparently even more full of probiotic wonders. I find it delicious, and its much easier to produce than yoghurt. It doesn't need any special conditions. You can also make it with nut and soya milk. I can supply the culture, or give you the drink itself. (5+ cams)

Gardening & Plants

Gardening: pruning, weeding (not heavy digging) (10 cams)
Bunches of Sweet Williams (5 cams)
Chainsawing and hedge trimming Chain-sawing; Hedge trimming (Richard)
Fresh Flower SEEDS I have a variety of fresh (flower) seeds from the garden – Pink Lychnis (Coronaria), Agastache, Rubens Trifolium, Foxgloves, orange Zinnia, Echinacea, light Pink Malva, Osteospurmun, Eryngium, Nepeta (Cat mint) and more. This is the ideal time to buy. We can negotiate price according to amount. ( 2 - 10 cams)
Garden Design by a skilled professional with 30 years experience! One-off garden consultations also available. (12 cams)
Garden Design Contact Anna for garden design, including concept plans and detailed planting plans. I can help you choose suitable plants for your garden - I can visit your garden or we can visit a nursery together. Cams rate to include my jouney time (10 + diesel cost cams)
Garden or allotment help General garden and allotment help including planting food, digging weeds, tackling brambles, shinnying up trees, hoeing, pruning, mowing, planting seeds, and lots of other skills (10 cams)
Gardening Gardening advice and loan of books. Also plant identification, pruning advice, cuttings, splitting up my own plants for your garden. (per hour, 10 cams)
Gardening Weeding mowing lawns, pruning fruit trees reviving tired hedges (10 cams)
Gardening (10 cams)
Gardening Tree planting, light gardening
Gardening Hello, I enjoy gardening. Let me know if you need any help. (10 cams)
Gardening I like doing light gardening if you need a couple of hours help here and there (10 cams)
Gardening and plant care Grass cutting, light gardening. House plant care while you are away (10 cams)
Gardening help Occasional gardening.
HOUSE PLANTS 1 large rubber plant, several aloe vera plants, 2 small peace lilies & 3 begonias. All 1 cam each
Houseplants house plants: 5 money plants 2 for 1 cam; 7 aloe veras 1 cam each; 2 small rubber plants 3 cams each; 1 spider plant 3 cams; Please call in the mornings only. Houseplants must go before Feb 28th please! (various (half a cam to 3 cams) cams)
Jay Cole I am happy to help with heavy gardening - hedge cutting, compost bins, digging over etc. (10 cams per hour cams)
Landscape Architect fully qualified Happy to advise on all matters including design, horticultural, technical. Can produce specifications and designs for landscape contractors including fencing, walls, patios, paths, terrace, decking, lighting etc. Can also project manage. (15 cams cams)
Landscaping equipment loan axes, pickaxes, shovels, sledgehammers, crowbars, tampers, heavy duty rakes. Ask if there is something else you need. (negotiable cams)
LARGE PLANT POTS Large PLANT POTS to sell - different sizes and styles. 5 or more cams each. (5 cams cams)
Large tubs of spring bulbs These are established tubs of daffodils, tulips and other spring and summer bulbs. Perfect for the patio or tipping out on a bare patch in the border. Just about to have a flush of growth and flower. Happy to deliver when I am passing. (5 cams)
light gardening General upkeeping: weeding; pruning; (10 cams)
Need garden space? Use part of my garden as your allotment.
OUTDOOR PLANTS 5 Iris foetidissima (lovely berries), lots of hardy geraniums (pale & dark pink), tiny periwinkle & 3 lonicera shrubs ( good hedging) (1-3 cams)
Pruning shrubs, climbers and fruit trees. Horticulturally trained and many years experience! (12 cams)
Pruning Pruning shrubs
Root Wrapped Rose Bushes Perfect time for planting these dormant rose bushes, carefully wrapped after lifting to protect them from the frost. All types; climbing, rambling, floribunda, hybrid T, and all colours. 4 cams each or 3 for ten cams. Please come to the shop and give your camlets details to purchase. (4 cams)
Several healthy houseplants Indoor begonias, aloe veras, spider plants & 1 Swiss cheese plant. Ring Kisia 01223 - 840524 mornings or before 5pm (1-3 cams)
Shrubs Various shrubs, and Perennials, Walnut tree, Silver birch, Daphne, Hebes, Verbena plants, Artemis (various cams)
shrubs and plants various plants and shrubs including hebes, ground cover, love in a mist, hellebores, penstemon. Strawberry plants, leeks, lettuces (various cams)
Tool hire We have a variety of tools like electric hedge trimmer, shredder, loppers, a hand soil drill( very useful for setting posts!), a big circular saw and many other DIY tools .
Tubs of Plants for your Patio I have an enormous range of tubs of plants that need to be shifted. These have originated as stock in the shop, but planted up by me in what I call the 'plant hospital'. Each tub is chocca with lovely spring and summer bulbs and other perennials. Ideal for transplanting into your garden or instantly brightening up your patio. Please come to the shop at Lensfield Road, ask for me and be given a guided tour. Once you have chosen which ones you like I will drop them off for you. (2/3 cams)
Used plastic plant pots all sizes available, including the humungous! (negotiable cams)
Veggies and seedlings I have different seedlings available at different times. Mostly vegetable seedlings. Very interested in exchanging vegetables at any time of year as well. (2-10 cams)
Watering plants (10 cams)
Weeding & planting (10 cams)
Wildflower identification Autumn is here but there are still plenty of wild flowers around to enjoy, even in the city centre. I can identify wild flowers (NOT garden flowers) and happy to teach basic plant identification. The best way is on a wild flower walk: we go out together to look at whatever flowers we can find and the habitats they are growing in. Length and location negotiable. Anything from half an hour in central Cambridge one lunch hour or after work to a whole day expedition further afield if transport can be arranged. (negotiable cams)

Gardening - advice/equipment

High Pressure washer Suitable for cleaning paving areas, and car washing. (Suggest per day 15 cams)
Lawn scarifier Light weight. Excellent for removal of moss. Experience with electrical garden equipment recommended. (10 per day cams)
Learn how to Grow Your Own Occasional small group sessions on my allotment lasting 3 hours. Booking is required: (10 cams)
Loan of lawn mower
Mr. Lawrence Russell General gardening, clearing and planting. Advice and consultation from an experienced gardener. Fruit tree pruning, shrubs, roses etc. (10 cams per hour cams)
Plant holder Handsome indoor cane plant holder, hangs on wall. Big oval shape with 3 shelves, very decorative & never used. 26" x 12" (8 cams)
Qualified Arboriculturalist Experienced Local Government Tree Officer. Happy to advise on tree management including tree surgey and works to protected tree applications to the local authority. Can also advise/assess/complete arboricultural impact assessments and help in neighbour disputes. Information about subsidence and other risks provided. (10 cams cams)
Teaching Gardening Skills - Ceri I can teach skills for growing your own fruit and veg. In addition to several years allotment experience I have also completed a permaculture gardenig course and a permaculture design course. (10 Cams cams)
Very good garden compost (10 cams)

Goods: Books & Magazines

Books Acacemic books mainly published by Cambridge University Press. Shakespear's (5 cams per 5 copies cams)
Chinese - french dictionary Dictionnaire chinois - francais. Excellent condition (5 cams)
LARGE HARDBACK BOOKS The gardening year(1cam), creating a wild flower garden(2cams), gardening in a small space(2 cams), the ever changing woodlands(2 cams), the illustrated history of the countryside(2 cams), Terence Conrans housebook(3 cams) & readers digest repair manual(3 cams) (1-3 cams)
Magszines Would anyone like all or some of 10 back copies of Kindred Spirit, and 4 of Resurgence? Negligible cams, I can deliver if around Cambridge.
PAPERBACKS 11 Michael Chrichton books (15 cams), the pianist by WLadyslaw Szpilman (1 cam), my name escapes me- Alec Guinness autobiography(1 cam), Steg Larson vol 1 & 2 (1 cam each) & the contractor by John Grisham (2 cams)

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

3 bin in cupboard recycling unit Unit is to be fitted in suitable cupboard and has 3 x 10 litre bays for recycling. Unused. made by Hafele. on Amazon here (30 cams cams)
Bicycle pump
Boardgames 5 cams each - Inkognito card game, Mhing mahjong card set. 3 cams each - Save your planet, Tycoon, Hacker, Partner Plunge, The Treasure of the Incas, Go for Broke, Pass out. 1 cam each - Mastermind, magnetic travel chess, San Antonio themed deck of cards in a nice tin. (various cams)
Books Lego brick city book, very good condition, lovely book for a grownup lego fan, 8 cams.
Brand new mobile phone Never used, cost £10, comes with £10 of calls. Ring Kisia 01223-840524 before 5pm. (15 cams)
Christmas tree stand and papercraft 3d avent calendar house Christmas tree stand for real Christmas tree - 5 cams. Also have Papercraft 3d advent calendar house, which has 24 draws around 4 sides of the house, to place chocolates/little gifts in to make your own personalised calendar for someone. Has a little wear from being used a couple of times but generally very good condition - 7 cams.
Clothes, furniture, plants Chunky red outdoor jacket by Trespass 8 cams, waterproof and windproof with insulated lining. Knee length with hood. size 14 but fits size 16/18; mdf circular bedside table (on very stable base) diameter 20" (50cm) height 24" (60cm) 8 cams; red leather ankle boots size 7 nice and roomy only worn once 8 cams; navy blue Jasper Conran cotton bathrobe 3/4 length only worn once 5 cams; house plants: 5 money plants 2 for 1 cam; 7 aloe veras 1 cam each; 2 small rubber plants 3 cams each; 1 spider plant 3 cams; large warm Nomad wrap / white scarf lovely design, virtually new 7 cams; 2 steel trays both with three tiers 3 cams each please call kisia mornings only. Houseplants must go before Feb 28th please!
Cool box Cool box, 24 ltrs, with two freezer blocks; Offers invited.
Duvet set Duvet set cover 86”x86” plus four pillowcases, pink with maroon design; Offers invited.

Household - equipment

for Sale An illuminated globe (20 cams cams)

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

Hair Dryer
Home accessories Two pastoral scenes, 25”x30”; Japanese vase “Chokin” 24 carat gold design; Magazine rack, brass and wood – old; Offers invited.
Ladies bicycle Ladies bike, kind of mountain bike style. A friend just left town leaving me with another spare bike so I no longer need this bike. (35 cams)
Large taupe leather handbag ( John Lewis) (5 cams)
Padded envelopes Gillian Hyde 0141 has lots of used padded envelopes, assorted sizes. Can deliver in Cambridge. Please telephone (no email).
Playstation 2 games Playstation 2 games, 2 cams each or both for 3 cams. Prince of Persia Sands of Time, and, Terminator 3 Redemption.
Pressure cooker Hi-Dome Pressure cooker, family size. Offers invited.
Scales Salter Body Analyser Scale. Never used due to metal hip. Still with red tag intact for battery activation. With instruction booklet. (10 cams cams)
Sink and dishwasher Triple stainless steel sink – surface mounted (I believe) about 40” long by 19” wide; Dishwasher, 600mm wide, 12 place settings. Will separate. Offers invited.
Sofa bed Sofa bed – opens out to a double foam mattress on the floor, about 54” wide; Offers invited.
Steel Trays 2 steel trays each with three tiers, 3 cams each please call in the mornings only. (3 cams)
Tefal steam iron
Twistboard exercise board Twistboard exercise board - 5 cams. (5 cams)
Waste disposal unit Wastemaster under sink garbage disposal unit; Offers invited.
Women's Richmond Optima Bicycle Women's silver 18 gear Richmond Optima bicycle. Recently serviced, runs fine around town. In second hand condition so bits of rust on bodywork, no basket. Welcome to come and try it out. (40 cams)

Goods: Furniture

Antique nursing chair Antique nursing chair (Edwardian?) Reupholstered in approx 1995. 66cms deep , 56 cms wide, 74 cms high to top of back Beautiful chair, sad to let it go. Email only please to Photos available (150 cams)
Antique Oak chest of drawers Oak chest of 2 over 3 drawers. 44cms deep by 107cms wide by 105cms high. Good condition except top needs a clean and polish. Email only please to Photos available (150 cams cams)
Antique Scottish Mahogany Chest of Drawers 56cms deep by 130cms wide by 127cms high. 2 smaller drawers at top over 3 large drawers. Good condition for age. Email only please Photos available (250 cams cams)
Bedside table MDF circular bedside table (on very stable base) diameter 20" (50cm) height 24" (60cm) 8 cams; Please phone in the mornings only thanks. (8 cams)
Butcher's block trolley table Butchers block trolley table, good condition 60cms wide, 50cms deep, 85cms tall Casters on 2 legs. Email only please to Photos available (50 cams)
Large pine chest of drawers Pine chest of drawers with 4 large drawers (two knobs on each drawer). 30 inches width, 28 inches tall, 18 inches deep (20 cams)
Loan of delux double aerobed and bedding Have guests staying for the weekend? Loan of single or double aerobed with electric pump attached. Rate is per week/weekend, longer term negotiable. (10 cams)
Solid wood side tables / bedside tables Solid wood side tables. 40 cams each or 3 for 100 cams. I use these as bedside tables. I like them because they are easy to clean and in the spare room or rental properties it is easy to see at a glance if people have left anything when they go! I think they are actually for the living room. Very lovely, quality tables. (40 cams)
Stainless steel bathroom cabinet Never used stainless steel bathroom cabinet with sliding mirrored door. 36cms wide , 50 cms high , 16.5 cms deep. Email only please to Photos available (35 cams cams)

Goods: Household

? Small upright freezer 50cm wide x 58cm deep x 85+cm high (to fit under work service). quite good condition - definitely working. 25cams (+10 if we have to deliver)
Brass framed mirror Very old brass framed mirror with decorative top. 16" x 18" (15 cams)
Carpet pieces Does anyone want any carpet offcuts? Useful for lining animal cage maybe, spare doormat etc. Free
Collection of storage items in a bright lime green 1 large box 35cm x 45cm x 25cm. 5 cams 2 smaller stacking boxes 35cm x 25cm x 17cm. 3 cams each. 1 round tub with handles 45cm x 37cm. 5 cams Ring Kisia 01223 - 840524 before 5pm. (3-5 cams)
Household goods Inspection lamp 60w, with lead. New power steam iron, Breville, still in box Car tyre inflator with gauge, Michelin 2 four-plug extension leads Child's insulated sandwich/lunch bag Can deliver in Cambridge, or bring to next trading.Jo Archer 07954 341843
Kitchen/household items for loan Floor scrubber polisher (no good for cleaning carpets); slow cooker, pressure cooker, liquidiser, fizzy drinks maker, steam iron, hairdryer. Long wooden spoon, hand carved in Africa, suitable for jam making, marmalade making etc. Yogurt maker, electric. Cams by negotiation.
LIBERTY PRINT Furnishing samples (3 cams)
Mirror With decorative gilt edge 27" x 19.5" (6 cams)
PICTURE FRAMES Some really good quality PICTURE FRAMES for sale. Surplus from OPEN STUDIOS. Medium and large, some are black, some gold... Please ask if interested
Repairs Minor plumbing (e.g. taps re-washered) Repairs to electrical appliances (10 cams)
Spice racks 2 x wooden spice racks, 2 shelves, open back & curved top. 10" x 11" 3 cams each
Storage items, some in red, some white. 5 red stacking boxes 35cm x 25cm x 20cm. 3 cams each. Miscellaneous storage items in white. 2/3 cams (2-3 cams)
Stunning table cloth and napkins Beautiful Syrian red cotton table cloth with gold embroidery 140 cms by 150 cms, comes complete with six napkins Email only please to Photos available (30 cams)
Stunning tablecloth and 8 napkins Beautiful Syrian cream table cloth 210 cms x 150 cms embroidered with gold thread includes 8 napkins. Email only please to Photos available (40 cams)
Use of Washing Machine You can leave your washing with me while you go somewhere else (by arrangement) or stay while it is done. Sometimes I can dry it for you too. I can only use non-biological washing detergents in my machine. (7 cams)

Goods: TV/DVDs/videos/CDs

DVD films and boxsets Film dvds 2 cams each - 17 Again, Elektra, The Colt, Hellboy, From Hell, What To Expect When You're Expecting, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. DVD boxsets 3 cams each - House MD Season 1, House MD Season 2, House MD Season 6, The Walking Dead Season 1, Primeval Season 1, Downton Abbey Season 1, How I Met Your Mother Season 5, How I Met Your Mother Season 6, Supernatural Season 1, Supernatural Season 2.
Loan / Use of projector (10c per day cams)
Loan / Use of video camera Sony video camera Usb interface (10c per day cams)
TV for sale Large 42 inch Sony TV. Flat screen; Silver colour. Approx. 10 yrs. old but in very good working order. 30 cams. NB Please phone (NOT email) to arrange viewing / collection. Look up Juveria Memon 0594 in the Members List on the web site.) Buyer collects (bit heavy so will need 2 people). (30 cams)

Household - equipment

electrical sockets multi-socket board - 8 outlets (10 cams cams)
Equipment loan Use of ladder, small rake, iron, hoover
for sale An illuminated globe (20 cams cams)
Free kids deck chair (needs repair) I have a kids deck chair in need of repair, that is free/0 cams to anyone interested who can collect it. The metal frame seems sound from what I can tell and I think the plastic armrests are sturdy too but the woven plastic fabric that makes up the seat on it is degrading, which isn't too surprising as it's about 30 years old now but I think it should have some life left in it with a bit of repair. The current fabric is screwed in place on the back, looks possible to unscrew and unweave to use those as template for new fabric. Some of those screws are also rusty so would need replacing. I'm not sure what age range it is for exactly, I think I made use of it when I was about 5 or 6 myself. Dimensions are roughly 11 inches high for seat level, seat bottom section 11 inches deep by 12 inches wide, back rest section 12 inches wide by about 13.5 inches high.
Large white rectangular laundry basket Perfect condition Ring Kisia 01223-840524 before 5pm (6 cams)
Loan of DIY tools jigsaw, electric screwdriver, hammerdrill etc
loan of outdoor recycled brazier Upcycled washing machine drum on a stand to rent, fun for back garden parties! (Rent per week: 10 cams)
Loan of step ladder Got 2 light, strong aluminium ladders for loan: 1 x Adjustable (can be used on staircases, and as a 2 part straight ladder) 1 x Standard (Rent per week: 8 cams)
Loan of triple extension ladder 150kg max load. 4.7m extension, lightweight aluminium frame. (rent per week: 10 cams)
Offer I have a wooden” Butchers Block” for Sale. It is 62 ½ cm sq, it has a metal frame with two useful shelves underneath and can be conveniently folded away when not in use. Any offers? Please ring me, email not much used
Rechargable batteries Can recharge batteries
TWO HOOVERS I have 2 hoovers for sale. One is bag less, the other one isn't.

Household - help

Cleaning (10 cams)
House cleaning (10 cams)
Ironing (10 cams)
advice on piano purchase or maintenance (10 cams)
Complete laundry service (10 cams)
Decluttering help If you need help with making order out of chaos then I am the person! I will do it without being bossy but giving practical suggestions (10 cams)
Domestic cleaning (10 cams)
Energy-saving advice
General help with problems
Help with decluttering Help with sorting out clutter and organising rooms.
Home and pet sitting Plant sitting. House sitting or visiting. Staying at your home for utilites workmen etc Boarding for small caged pets, goldfish etc. Or visiting your house to care for them. CRB checked and references from CamLets Cambridge if required. (per hour, 10 cams)
House sitting
Household assistance I am happy to house clean, do odd jobs, run local errands, declutter, shop, take things to the recycling centre. (10 cams/hour cams)
Household help House cleaning, window cleaning, laundry and ironing. Helping out before, during and after occasions. Sorting out drawers and cupboards.
Household help Housesitting, plant watering, pet sitting, cleaning
Ironing Ironing.
Ironing I can make your clothes look and feel new with careful ironing. Happy to do your ironing but am quite busy so not always able to do so at short notice or quickly, but try me. May be able to collect/deliver if near central Cambridge or my home. (10 cams/hour cams)
Ironing (10 cams)
Moving house? Help is here Help for house removals. Sorting, boxing up (will provide boxes) and deliver to your new home in Saffron Walden or Cambridge areas. (per hour, 10 cams)
Neighbourly help General good neighbour stuff and company
Occasional help Odd jobs!
Space Consultant: make your domestic space work for you. A rearrangement of your living space could make all the difference (10 cams)
Specialist in maximising space and budgets (10 cams)
Vaccuuming Vaccuuming. Afternoons only. (10 cams)
Washing and ironing (10 cams)
Washing up Washing up, any quantity,will bring own rubber gloves! (10 Cams per hour cams)
Window cleaning (10 cams)

Personal - Beauty Care

Beauty & Holistics Want to look good for Christmas, Facials includes mask 15 cams, eyelash tint 10, back massage 25, reflexology 25, waxing 1/2 leg, treatments in Over
Mobile Qualified Beautician

Personal - Companionship

Befriending (10 cams)
Companion on outings Company for visits to concerts, theatre, art exhibitions, gardens etc. - (Negotiable cams)
Companionship to housebound (10 cams)
Friendship and companionship Hi my name is Lucy and im new in Camlets. I would like to get to know people. Im very trustworthy and loyal wih a caring attitude. I live in Cambridge and I'm happy to walk to people for a visit. Love cups of tea :-) please get in touch. (10 cams)
Guide you and your visitors/friends on Cambridge walks (10 cams)
Help you find support for Alzheimers patients. Finding your way through the maze of Alzheimers research , drugs, care, support, and applying for NHS Continuing Care funding (10 cams)
Nursing and social care Relief for 'carers' (10 cams)
Reading Reading to partially sighted and dealing with correspondence. (per hour, 10 cams)
Reading aloud (10 cams)
Reading aloud (10 cams)
Reading Aloud I can come to your house and read to you- I am trained as an English teacher, can do different accents, speak French and I have experience reading to blind students at university and hard of hearing in old peoples' homes (10 cams)
Reading out loud (10 cams)

Personal - Counselling

Advice on budgeting (10 cams)
Careers guidance Help with writing CVs, interview skills, Job and University applications, job searching techniques, careers counselling etc
Counselling Informal counselling/supportive listening to help clarify problems and possibly find solutions
CV guidance/constructive criticism I am happy to read over a CV and/or covering letters and give suggestions on improvements and/or spelling/grammar. Also happy to help job search if you give me criteria to look for. (per page 1 cams)
General help and good cheer Help in a crisis, illness, catastrophe, etc. Cheering you up and helping you with any task that is overwhealming you.
listening ear Confidential listening and reflecting back for those in a quandary. Happy to do this in my own home. (10 cams an hour cams)
Reiki Healing (15 cams)
SINGLE SESSION COUNSELLING-covers two hours Two hours duration - Therapeutic Life Coaching/Counselling, structured in a way to facilitate exploration of a single issue or develop a clearer overview of a life situation or direction. I trained in this with Windy Dryden, the CBT guru, and it has proved successful both with clients' lives and my own. (15/hr cams)
Writing Difficult Letters Help with thinking through issues and expressing yourself in difficult areas plus use of computer and print out if required

Personal - Health

Alexander Technique (10 cams for 1 private session cams)
Aromatherapy/massage - Dave Massage with essential oils can help with depression, anxiety and stress along with other psychological issues. Also great for many physical issues. Ideal present for a friend for Christmas! First session includes consultation. Organic oils used. 1 Hour 30 Cams 90 Minutes 35cams I have recently worked with clients with both ME and with Fibromyalgia. (30 cams)
Back pain Exercises to counteract backache and improve flexibility and strength
Facial Reflexology I am fully trained member of the kinesiology federation. I am expert at helping people who suffer stress, anxiety, depression and tension problems. (15 cams)
Help for Women with Period / Menopausal / Hormonal Problems Non Judgemental support inc: *Lots of tips to relieve pain including the ones which didn't work for me. *Tips about how to handle well-meaning, kind people and unkind, judgemental ones; * Books, articles and website links to sources of support, advice and helpful organisations; *Food,nutrition, cookery advice inc foods that fight pain, *Hormonal re-balancing recipes including a delicious cake. (5 cams)
Holistic Therapist Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian head massage.
Hopi Indian ear candle treatment
Informal Medical Document Interpretation Interpreting medical documents (subject to massive disclaimers) (10 cams)
INTUITIVE ENERGY MASSAGE Can be done wearing loose/comfortable clothing. Please ring 01223-365357 or text 07545933913 (10 cams)
LIFE M.O.T. Stuck in a rut? At a crossroads? A Life MOT takes place over one and a half hours, using coaching and mindfulness techniques, with diagrams and self exploration to get your life back on track. Working notes supplied. Feedback on this work is along the lines of 'I'd forgotten just how much I CAN do!' 'Inspiring and encouraging' (15 cams)
Loan of infrared lamp and massage machine Infrared lamp and massage machine for aches and pains. Cams by negotiation.
Loan of Louise Hay casette tapes (10 cams)
Loan of massage table Table needs to be collected from Burwell. (negotiable cams)
Meditation Mindfulness Meditation for clarity wisdom understanding and stress reduction (10 cams)
MINDFULNESS Gareth is MBSR trained: to level 3 at Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and listed with the Network for Mindfulness Practitioners and Gareth offers 1-to-1 coaching in Mindfulness and is now accepting lets for this - so get in touch and ask about Mindfulness and nmonduality. come and sign up for a class! (the 8 week course starts April 27th for 8 weeks every Thursday, or every Saturday (180 lets for the course cams)
Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat in France Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat June 11-16 2016. Relaxation, Yoga, meditation, silent walks, talky walks,discussion and creative response activities (poetry, prose, designing your mandala), local visits. Full board 5 nights, vegetarian meals. Cash/cams payment.
Mobile Holistic Therapist
Moral support after hip replacement This may be a common occurance these days, but it helps if there is someone to talk to who has been through it. (5 cams)
Personal assistance I have experience and can assist people who are having difficulty due to illness or injury to manage their daily tasks. Washing and dressing, food preparation, household tasks, getting in and out of bed, shopping etc (10 cams/hour cams)
Psychotherapy Psychotherapy
Reading to the partially-sighted (10 cams)
Reiki healing at my house (15 cams)
Relaxation Relaxation exercises and sessions
Relaxation techniques Relaxation techniques - advice and support (10 cams)
RETREAT CENTRE Mindfulness-in-Nature in outdoor well-being retreat centre. walking in the woods and being among great trees in an ancient woodland, near Wimpole. Gareth is MBSR trained: to level 3 at Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and listed with the Network for Mindfulness Practitioners and 180 lets for the course, come and join the class! Starting April 27th for 8 weeks every Thursday
Shiatsu massage Based on Chinese medicine and western physiology, and working with energies, shiatsu promotes healing and self development through touch. I am a student with the Shiatsu College. (10 cams)
Swedish massage and massage therapy (10 cams)
Teaching Massage Teaching massage to couples/friends. Over a number of sessions I will teach you to give a full body massage to each other, through talking, demonstration and guided practice. We will also cover the basics of using essential oils in massage. (20/hour cams)
TREADMILL Electric treadmill with different settings so you can go up hill if you feel like it!

Personal - Spiritual

Healing Have you ever tried spiritual healing? It is both calming & relaxing. I offer half hour sessions in Waterbeach or any central Cambridge quiet spot you know. All queries welcomed.Tel; 01223 861709 (10camlets cams)

Personal - Health

Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat in France Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat June 11-16 2016. Relaxation, Yoga, meditation, silent walks, talky walks,discussion and creative response activities (poetry, prose, designing your mandala), local visits. Full board 5 nights, vegetarian meals. Cash/cams payment.

Personal - Spiritual

Transpersonal discussion (10 cams)


Advice about a new kitten A new kitten can be wonderful and also exhausting. While they are young there are many things which they can be introduced to which will be helpful as they mature for instance getting them used to having a bath for the future moment when they accidentally squeeze under a newly painted fence or teaching them how to take pills before they need to. There are other things they may need to do when they are older which will not be so much of a shock if you teach them while they are young. These include letting you trim their claws so they are not so sharp, letting you regularly examine their ears, eyes and mouths as a general health check and teaching them to willingly get into their travel baskets or bags. (7 cams)
Cat feeding
Cat feeding Experienced cat owner available for feeding your cats whilst you are on holiday. I am also comfortable changing cat litter if required. A restriction I have is that I can only do so for people within either walking or easily busable distance of where I am in East Chesterton. (per day 4 cams)
cat sitting
Cat sitting I will visit and feed your cat while you're away (10 cams)
cat sitting Hello, I'm happy to come and look after your cats, dogs or other pets when you are on holiday. I particularly love cats. (10 cams per day cams)
Dog Boarding My husband and I are retired and my adult daughter works flexible part time hours so there is usually someone in the house to give your dog attention. We are dog lovers and enjoy having dogs to stay and have lots of experience. (15 cams a day cams)
Dog sitting We will look after your dog in our home whilst you are on holiday. We are dog lovers who enjoy walking. (15 cams per day cams)
Dog Walking Dog Walking in my local area (10 cams)
Dog walking (10 cams)
Dog walking I'm available for dog walking. (10 cams)
Dog Walking I will walk your dog (10 cams)
Dog Walking I am very dog friendly,despite wearing way too much black!,live in Milton Road, Chesterton and am willing to take on a regular arrangement or just occasional but would prefer to be able to collect dog within a 1 mile radius. (10 cams for 2 hrs cams)
Dog Walking I am a very keen dog walker (10 cams/hour cams)
Feeding cats (10 cams)
Giving pills to cats and short-term pet feeding (10 cams)
House/Pet Sitting I am an experienced pet and house sitter. I can provide references. I am happy to look after small pets such as hamsters, mice, gerbils etc as well as larger pets like guinea pigs, rabbits and cats. Sadly I am not able to look after large dogs and only able to look after well-behaved small dogs. I would need to meet any pets before committing to trade with you. (Negotiable cams)
Pet feeding Pets fed and cared for if you are away
Pet sitting Hi my name is Lucy. I have pets of my own and very happy to pet sit for people who are away on holiday buiness etc. (10 cams)
Pet tending Prefer not big hairy spiders but am reliable and willing to either take in or attend for holidays or emergency cover.


Shopping (10 cams)
Auction visits Will go to auctions
Buying or collecting from shops in central Cambridge Seasonal produce: There's lots of local fruit and veg available from Cambridge Market: Apples of various varieties; pears; leeks; carrots; parsnips - a good variety of local vegetables on sale. Also specialist stalls: Emerald Wholefoods (dried fruit, olives) Cheese stall, Country Market (home made produce). Let me know if you want me to buy things for you. Collect from my work or house (time by agreement) or I may be able to deliver to places within reasonable distance of city centre. As I work in central Cambridge I can easily pop into John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, the market or other shops in the area, if you need me to collect or buy things for you. For practical purposes only things which will fit in my bicycle basket.
Local errands Trips by bike to the Market and Mill Road shops. (per hour: 10 cams)
Shopping Supermarket shopping to order. Can also collect wood, cement in small hatchback Ford KA. (per hour, 10 cams)
Shopping Shopping by car or bike
Shopping I can shop on my bike or if necessary use my car for large items. (10 cams/hour cams)
Shopping Hi my name is Lucy and I would be very happy to do some shopping for for someone who is unable to get to the shops because they are ill or disabled or any other reason. I however do not have a car so it would have to be small quantities of shopping I will be able to do. (10 cams)
Veg/ Wholefood shopping help Shopping (to your list and budget) at Daily Bread Wholefood Warehouse, or Sunday farmers' market. Free delivery if on bike,small contribution to fuel if delivery by car (10Cams per hr + cost of deliv. cams)

Sports & Recreation

Advice on visiting Holland (10 cams)
Airfins swim fins Airfins, suitable for body boarding, snorkeling or swimming complete with keepers Size 7-8 Email only please to Photos available (10 cams)
Astronomy Learn your way around the night sky with experienced astronomer (10 cams)
Badminton Racquet New condition Yonex Muscle Power 26 badminton racket with zipped cover. Gift never used. Email only please to Photo available (7 cams)
Beginners Dungeons and Dragons I am an experienced Games Master for the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game, and have led a number of beginner groups through basic adventuring, roleplay and combat. I can provide a battlemat and miniatures as well as character creation for a session. (10 Cams/Hr cams)
Bicycle carrier for car Bicycle carrier, fits on the boot or tail gate of most cars. I have never used it so not sure how it all works. Email only please to Photos available (25 cams)
Boardgames explaining and mentoring I can supply and explain a variety of party/board games, and encourage/assist new players in strategy and tactics. (10 Cams/Hr cams)
Budget travel advice to include Middle East (10 cams)
Circle dancing Contact for anyone interested in circle dancing (cost minimal)
Help with map-reading & route-planning (10 cams)
Juggling lessons Three-ball juggling lessons to get you started. (per hour, 10 cams)
Learn to solve cryptic crosswords (10 cams)
LIke punting? Punt chauffeuring lessons
Loan of 2 person tent Loan of 2 person 'pop up' tent. Not much used at all, but remember it being fairly easy to put up. Fits in a relatively flat circular bag (85cm diameter) that has straps to be carried on your back. Constructed tent is 85cm high and 183cm by 213cm sleeping space. (per week 5 cams)
Loan of board/card games I have a decent collection of board/card games and am happy to loan out games for a week/fortnight/month, as long as they will be returned in good condition with no missing pieces. Cams dependant on what game and how long loan is. If you'd like to know what I have that I can offer I can email/link to a list of mine. I'm also able to give board games recommendations if needed.
Loan of DVDs I have lots of films and other programes including comedies and thrillers. Complete list available on request. (1 a week cams)
Loan of two large party sized gazebos Ideal for a party/wedding/Christening/event. 6m by 3m each - almost new, to keep you warm and dry during your festivities. Will deliver and help erect and dismantle if necessary. Cost as follows: gazebo only 25 cams per day each. 10 cams per additional day. Delivery, erection, dismantling and collection charged at 10 cams per hour plus petrol at 50p per mile.
Nerja double ensuite room Double ensuite room in Nerja, Spain. Beautiful location with swimming pool. 7 mins walk to beach and town. Quiet street. Airport transfer available. (40 cams per night cams)
Poems for Special Occasions Choosing (or writing, if need be) poems for special occasions (10 cams)
Punt lessons / tour I've been a more or less full time punt tour guide for almost 4 years now (gosh, time passes..). I can either give punting lessons (to be honest there's not that much to learn, beyond a few tips it's mostly just practice, but sometimes useful to have someone with you or to guide you to begin), or the kind of standard tour you get from the punt tour operators in Cambridge, or both. I don't have a punt, I could maybe get access to one, but otherwise you'd need to hire or have access to one yourself.
Sailing or boating crew Be prpared to help crew a sailing or any other kind of boat. (negotiable cams)
Screwball Scramble mechanical/clockwork kids puzzle game Kids puzzle game, it's mechanical/clockwork so no batteries required. Box is faded from sun on some sides but game is in good working order and has 2 balls with it. (8 cams)
Semi-professional hockey/cricket umpiring I am a qualified and semi-professional hockey and cricket umpire who officiates in the county and for the city's university teams. I can offer either a high standard of umpiring (10+ years of experience) or umpire coaching for newer umpires. (10 Cams/Hr cams)
Table tennis practice We have a full sized table tennis table in a decent-sized room available for anyone who wants to improve their game, learn to play or just have a go! Best to come with a partner, but we may be able to play with you or give some tuition if needed (perhaps for a few extra cams/hr, negotiable). Available most evenings/weekends. Next door to the pub in Babraham! (10 cams)
Treadmill for rent Can use for walking, running, uphill. Electronic panel to give you some data. Rate to be negotiated.
Wedge warrior swim fins Wedge Warrior fins in great condition suitable for body boarding, snorkeling or swimming. Size medium to large complete with keeper straps. Bargain Email only please to Photos available (15 cams)

Storage & Accommodation

"Self-catering accommodation (5 days minimum) (Please ask cams)
Accommodation Single and double room available central Cambridge (Lensfield Road). Good location for visiting friends and family. Preferably weekdays. Shared bathroom. Price is per night. Guests must be able to do stairs. (50 cams)
Accommodation double room available weekends in family house in Cherry Hinton (20 cams cams)
Accommodation for single visitor Occasionally available front bedroom (30 cams)
Farm holiday in Egypt Come and stay at our lovely farm in Northern Egypt. Swim in our fresh water pool , ride our horses and eat home produced chemical free food! Read all about us here Email only to (40 cams per night per person cams)
Rooms in Babraham We live in a beautiful old farmhouse in Babraham, next to the pub, and are keen to share! We have two spare double bedrooms, 20 cams/night, and a room for meetings, band practice, table tennis practice, etc., 10 cams/hour. (Rates negotiable) We also have a holiday cottage next to the house - see - available for a mix of cams/cash
Spain..Holiday..Room in Nerja Double ensuite room with private entrance in Nerja Spain in quiet family home. 45 mins from Malaga airport. 10 mins walk to beach and Nerja town. Can pick up from airport. (35 cams per night cams)

Technical: Computer/phone help

Apple Mac training including Word, Excel for Macs (10 cams)
Computer advice/help I'm a confident computer user who works in computer networking for a day job and has daily use of both Mac and PC systems, as well as some familiarity with Linux too. I can help with issues, preferably via email but may be able to do so in person provided you live within walking or easily busable distance of me. What I don't know already I can usually find out fairly quickly as I have good research and troubleshooting skills so am happy to give it a go helping you with your computer issues. Have experience with Windows 7 but not with Windows 10. (per hour 10 cams)
Computer help Computer (PC/Mac) training and advice
Computer support Wide experience with hardware and software issues will support or teach.
Computing advice Computing advice (10 cams)
Computing introductions Training in basic computing skills: Getting started, Word, email, internet searches. (10 cams)
Having trouble with your computer, smartphone or tablet? Perhaps I can help. I troubleshoot problems in person or over the phone. Security, email, internet, apps, backups, cloud storage - try me - I might not have the answer immediately, but I can find out. If you sometimes find technology to be more frustrating than liberating, you are not alone. I love fixing problems and getting you happy with your devices. (10 cams)
Internet access Access to internet and help with searches (if required). (per hour: 10 cams)
Internet connection troubleshooting (10 cams)
Internet searches Quick internet searches for those without broadband - while you wait
PC Hardware/Software Support I work in IT Support and can assist with most issues. (15 cam/hr cams)
PC help Assistance offered with any PC hardware problems + upgrade advice. Help with software + Windows/Linux troubleshooting. Will build up custom desktop PC for you at any (reasonable) price-level. (per hour, 10 cams)
PC troubleshooting PC troubleshooting (10 cams)
Photoshop/Google SketchUp for beginners (10 cams)
Repairs Repairs to electronic/electrical equipment. (per hour, 10 cams)
Software Assistance with PC software e.g. MSOffice (10 cams)
Teaching Linux basics -Dave I have been using Linux, a free alternative to being in hock to big companies such as Microsoft for over 10 years. I can teach you how to set up a linux system from scratch as well as solve problems with it. (10 Cams cams)
Training in basic computer skills (Word, Excel, powerpoint) (10 cams)
Troubleshooting computer problems Help and advice on most computer-related problems (not hardware repairs!) - Internet advice and setup service (email, news, web etc) (10 cams)
Use of computer Use of my broadband connection at my home (2 C/hr alone; 10 C/hr assisted cams)

Technical: Printing / Copying

Photocopying Photocopying - small quantities (2 C/hr alone; 10 C/hr assisted cams)
VHS to DVD Transfer Transfer your films from video to DVD. Sterling costs for DVDs/ (10 cams)

Transport: Bike Repair & Loan

Bicycle Loan Ladies bicycle available for short term loan. Ideal if you have visitors. 10 cams per day or 30 cams for a week (10 per day cams)
BIcycle repairs Bicycle repairs, maintenance, advice, etc. (per hour, 10 cams)
Cycle maintenance Cycle maintenance and wheel building
Cycle Repairs (10 cams)
Loan of Ladies Bike Short-term loan only
Raleigh Bicycle A man's Raleigh bicycle for sale. (20 cams cams)

Transport: Lifts & Deliveries

0107 I can transport by car in Cambridge or nearby. outside Cambridge arrangement for petrol or cams in lieu (10 cams cams)
Car driving Drive you or share driving in your car, anywhere!
Car parking space Parking space available for car, Victoria Road
lift 10 camlets per hour for my time plus petro/fuel cost (10 per hour cams)
Lift in car Lifts locally - one person only in passenger seat.
Lift to Heathrow Lifts to Heathrow airport.
Lifts Lifts up to 30 miles (£ petrol + 10 per hour cams)
Lifts Lifts anywhere in Cambridge , surrounding areas or airports
Lifts Lifts in car, locally or to North London (10 cams)
Lifts (10 cams)
Lifts Lifts around town. My car has enough seats for three passengers and lots of space for luggage, furniture or bikes. 10 cams per hour. Last minute texts to see if I'm available are fine. (10 cams an hour cams)
Lifts I can take 3 passengers and can give local lifts or go further afield (10 cams/hour +petrol cams)
lifts & transport I have a Fiat Doblo disability waggon (& blue badge) - happy to do occasional lifts & pick-up's on an adhoc basis. Wheelchair accessible, & safe driver. best to email giving at least a weeks notice: best days are mondays (I juggle care of a parent with a freelance media/creative career!) (10 CAMS P/H & petrol cams)
Lifts by car (10 cams)
Lifts by car Lifts by car (not Heathrow) (sterling plus 10 cams)
Lifts in Cambridge area (10 + petrol cams)
Lifts to Ikea Lifts to or will collect products from Ikea Thurrock (usually go every 2-3 months).
Lifts with my car I am happy to give you a lift anywhere for 10 cams an hour plus petrol in GBP. (10 cams)
Need a lift to a supermarket? Lifts to supermarkets for a big shop.
Small trailer for hire Hire of small car trailer/box in 6' x 4' approx
To and from Stansted Airport Lifts to Stansted Airport Luton Airport, or pick up. Other lifts considered.
Transporting your stuff with my estate car and trailer. I can transport your stuff with my estate car and trailer 10 cams per hour plus petrol mileage cost (10 cams)
Van transportation I have a long wheel base Landrover(van-type) with a full length heavy duty roofrack.Able to transport large items of furniture,crates,building materials etc.Also large internal loadspace. (10 Cams/hour+fuel.. cams)

Tuition: Languages

Chinese lessons (10 cams)
Coaching inEnglish grammar and punctuation (10 cams)
Conversation practice for people learning English - (10 cams)
Dutch conversation, translation (10 cams)
Dutch conversation/lessons Dutch conversation/lessons (10 cams)
Elocution/accent lessons Fine-tune your English - for non-native speakers (10 cams)
English conversation (10 cams)
English language & literature tuition up to A level Tuition in English language/literature/GCSE/A level (by qualified teacher) - - (10 cams)
English lessons English lessons for foreigners
English lessons for foreigners French pronunciation help for any age (10 cams)
English teacher I am a qualified TEFL teacher with a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (1998), a degree in French and linguistics (2000), qualified as a primary teacher (PGCE 2002), with experience teaching English as a Foreign Language in Cambridge, London, Paris, Italy, Iceland, Australia, Israel,etc. 1 on 1 lessons with an emphasis on speaking and listening in authentic contexts. (20 cams)
English teaching Experienced and qualified English teacher to foreign students. (10 cams/hr cams)
English tutoring from experienced teacher I am a multilingual native Spanish and English speaker (with French and Catalan as well), who has taught at independent schools in the UK as well as tutored privately. I can help anyone from complete beginner to University standard, and of any age. I am DBS (CRB) checked and also a Cambridge graduate, with a Diploma in English Literature. (10 Cams/Hr) CB1_
French tutoring from experienced teacher I am a multilingual native Spanish and English speaker who spent much of his childhood in France, and who has taught French at independent schools in the UK as well as tutored privately. I can help anyone from complete beginner to GCSE, and of any age. I am DBS (CRB) checked and also a Cambridge graduate. (10 Cams/Hr cams) CB1_ (10 Cams/Hr cams)
French/English interpreting/empowering e.g. Presentation coaching, fast fluency (10 cams)
German lessons I'm a native speaker and a linguist, and happy to tailor lessons to your needs. I have some experience teaching but I am not a professional teacher. (10 cams cams)
German/English interpreting/empowering e.g. Presentation coaching, fast fluency (10 cams)
help with school homework We are experienced and trained teachers happy to help your child with school homework, reading and writing. (10 cams / hour cams)
Italian conversation (10 cams)
Language assistance Assistance with pronunciation of Italian, French, German (10 cams)
Languages Experienced English as a Foreign language. Exam preparation. All levels adults and children. Fluency and confidence. I am an experienced and qualified native speaker teacher. (10 cams)
Russian tuition Basic Russian lessons (Speaker trained in St Petersburg) (15 cams)
Spanish I am a native speaker with experience teaching in Spain and in UK. I offer Spanish lessons one to one for any level. I have materials but we can adapt the lessons to your needs and focus on Grammar, pronunciation, conversation, writing, or prepare you for an exam. I am available in different times but it is easier for me in the evenings Wednesday to Friday. Weekends I am available all day. (10 cams)
Spanish lessons
Spanish tutoring from experienced teacher I am a multilingual native Spanish and English speaker (with Catalan as well), who has taught at independent schools in the UK as well as tutored privately. I can help anyone from complete beginner to University standard, and of any age. I am DBS (CRB) checked and also a Cambridge graduate. (10 Cams/Hr cams)
Teach a child to read Reading tuition for younger children in central Cambridge (10 cams)
Turkish tuition and translation (10 cams)

Tuition: Other

Helping kids with homework (10 cams)
Bee Keeping - Dave I have kept bees for a number of years now, I can teach the basics of how to keep them, collect swarms and am particularly interested in natural, less intrusive ways of looking after bees. (10 Cams cams)
cello lessons Ever wanted to play the cello? I can offer cello lessons to beginners or near beginners.
Chicken keeping - Ceri I can teach not only about the basics of chicken keeping but also about how to set up a cooperative so that you do not have to be there every single day for your chooks. (10 Cams cams)
Circle dancing
Clarinet/ sax/ piano/ recorder/ music lessons
Computer programming: First steps/help for beginners If you want to try computer programming but don't know where to start, or you have started but need some help. I have been programming in various programming languages since my teens, and also ran a Code Club for Year 5 students for a year. (10 cams cams)
creative writing feedback I now have time to read and give experienced sensitive and constructive feedback on your creative writing. Memoirs, novels, short stories and poetry as well as non-fiction. I have an MA in Creative Wriitng from UEA (10 cams / hour cams)
GCSE and A level coaching, highly qualified and experienced (10 cams)
Guitar tuition (10 cams)
Help with school work (primary) general tuition (10 cams)
Help your child with homework and reading I can give your child confidence in reading and help with homework. Experienced and patient teacher. (10 cams / hour cams)
How To Sew Really Well lessons (10 cams)
Information/advice on Islam and Middle Eastern culture. Can (Various cams)
Juggling I can teach juggling skills, can demonstrate up to Mills' Mess and basic three club juggling. can teach how to progress beyond this. (10 cams)
Maths coaching to GCSE, (10 cams)
Physics tuition Physics to 'A' Level
Piano lessons Beginner to lower intermediate. (10 cams)
Piano lessons: classical/some jazz/blues/theory (10 cams)
Research advice and training by very experienced university researcher
Science Coaching to A Level (10 cams)
Teach You To Play Backgammon Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world. It requires a mixture of luck and strategy to beat your opponent. Very good for your brain as you bear several differing goals in mind at once. (10 cams)
Teaching string figures
The Islamic faith Talks on Islam - a misunderstood faith. Also books, leaflets, discussion.
Writing Retreat in France Join our Writing Retreat in deepest France. Full board accommodation and experienced feedback on your writing. Cams / cash.


Advice on keeping chickens in town I can help you get started (e.g. where to get chickens, chicken food, how to build a coop and run etc)
All kinds of help! Asher (18) currently has some spare time as part of her gap year and would be happy to help you! She is good at cleaning, tidying and decluttering, a lovely babysitter, and happy to help in the garden under instruction. She can even turn her hand to painting or light DIY with supervision! All learning experiences welcome! (10 cams)
Don't move tadpoles! There have been 3 CamLETS adverts in recent years offering or requesting frogspawn or tadpoles. PLEASE DO NOT move frogspawn or tadpoles to other ponds, for the reasons mentioned here:
Events, workshops, facilitation If you'd like help organizing an event or running a workshop or meeting, I may be able to assist. I have approx 8 years' experience of doing this voluntarily for Transition Cambridge. (10 Cams per hour cams)
Holiday Accommodation and Retreat Holiday home in Dordogne France.The Piggery sleeps 2 / 4. Le Verger (sleeps 8). Flat in central Marrakesh (sleeps 2/3) Cams / Cash. (Variable cams)
Holiday accommodation in France & Morocco Holiday in our French country house (sleeps 8), or converted Piggery ( sleeps 2)or flat in Marrakech (sleeps 2). Cams/ cash to discuss. (tbc cams)
House sitting and tasks related If you are going on holiday and need anyone house sit, I am happy to help. 10 cams per day if it is going each day to walk / feed pets or do other tasks. (variable cams)
Online research I enjoy online research and would be happy to help you with research such as, but not limited to: job hunting, house hunting or finding a good price for an item. (per hour 10 cams)
Packaging - boxes and jiffy bags I have an assortment of previously used but perfectly possible to recycle jiffy bags (good portion are A5 size) and small to medium boxes, good for packaging things up if you sell any items on eBay etc. Contact me if you want to come have a rummage for something suitable for your needs. I have lots and would love to see it go to good use. (negotiable cams)